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  1. I’m the one who should be insulted. After all, I wrote the worst, most disliked post in CC history, at least according to you. Also, probably made it to the top of a certain list we all have, or very close to it. I’m not insulted. You got rankled, ain’t no thang, you’ll get over it. Probably already did. Our definitions of loyalty differ and our thoughts on the way it should be viewed and rewarded vary even more. You’re more of a tangible cruiser. You want the material things, to be offered like badges of honor for all to enjoy. Strictly measured monetarily and based on your accumulated expenditures over the years. There is nothing the matter with that. Shucks, if offered to me I’m definitely taking advantage. Personally, I’m more of an intangible kind of guy. I want a consistently enjoyable overall product for my money. That’s all that Celebrity Cruise Lines owes me, and until I feel that is no longer the case, my money is on X. Papa, you and “cruisers like me” (your words) have better things to feel than to feel insulted. If the occasional strong disagreement is not for you, there are measures you can take to voice your displeasure. I will feel no aspersion whatsoever.
  2. I asked this question in another thread over a year ago, pre-covid. Not too many responses.Too many folks feeling entitled and therefore incapable of a dignified retort. If the cruising cost included room and board only with everything else a la carte and no perks or rewards, would you still be cruising today? My thought, and I am being conservative, 50% of you good folks would not. The extraneous needs far outweigh the actual journey.
  3. I can't answer your question. But I can offer a response. I believe that some cruisers are quick to pounce when afforded the opportunity by what they perceive as a reverse mutiny, if you will. As a loyal cruiser It is very easy, and quite selfish, to feel slighted, disrespected and no longer appreciated. Never mind the hard times, just make sure you give me everything I deserve once things get going again. You've had it tough, no cruises in many months, how is X going to make up for that? How dare them to take away my perks and my earned rewards. I say, how dare you, the cruiser, to assume that Celebrity owes you anything. Take what is offered for what it costs and pay extra for what you want above and beyond. Be thankful it's there. It's been hard times for everyone and if you cannot accept things the way they are, for now, find another way to spend your money.
  4. I've got to say, Dubrovnik might be my favorite stop on this beautiful voyage. How fitting that the fading luster of a gorgeous Adriatic sky bids you a glorious adieu from a journey well taken.
  5. Post #18 by RedOaks is very well stated. Indeed, the choices for cruise travel are many and do present opportunities to all who prefer this method of travel. Matters not your life style, your social preferences or your economic status. Somewhere out there a ship's manifest could have our names on it. Just up to us to find the right fit. We are seasoned cruisers and prefer what the X brand offers. In keeping with the OP's theme, once Celebrity releases the European schedule for 2023 we will plan two or three cruises that offer itineraries attractive to us. Within that theme and to make a point regarding the pricing comments, I will say this. If Celebrity and Royal and whoever else offer cruises with the same itinerary, our choice will be Celebrity. Price differences are not a consideration. We are good with spending more money if that is the way it works out. Why? Because that is what works for us. We have certainly gotten our fair share of deals and perks over the years. Sometimes not, but that's okay too. So, if X has priced your name off of its ship's manifests, plenty of other places to go. That's a good thing.
  6. And, you do not have to lug luggage from point A to B to C, etc. You lug it once, airport to cruise port. Also, I'm thinking you don't want to pay more than one transport fee. Could be wrong.
  7. If all goes as scheduled, you land at 7:40. Off the plane to baggage claim, grab your luggage and now it's 8:15. Unless you just have to do something, why not hang out at the airport? AC, food and all the comforts of home. An 11:30 check-in time at the port means you grab a taxi, Uber or Lyft at 11:00. At the port between 11:15 and 11:30. Personally, that would be my choice. Kind of like waiting for a connecting flight.
  8. NICE!! Maybe it would have been better had I not gotten there so early. Oh well, perhaps a cup of Greek coffee and some Bougatsa will do. Looking forward to your take on Olea.
  9. Once again, enjoying your comments, photos and style. Per your initial post to start this thread, I did some online browsing around Zakynthos. Absolutely gorgeous! When we are finally able to book a Greek Isles cruise and not have it canceled, a few days in 'Z' town, post-cruise, is certainly a possibility. Can you divulge the name of your hotel at this time or must I wait for your arrival? The fact that I am sitting at home, means the earlier I get there the better.
  10. Thank you, SNJ. Always enjoy the comedy clubs on all lines when available. Will definitely stand on line one night although I much prefer having reservations.
  11. Perhaps I have missed it in previous threads. Are reservations required/necessary for the Punchliner Comedy Club? If so, made at guest relations, comedy club itself, online? Can you make them prior to boarding? Carnival customer service cannot answer the question satisfactorily so I'm coming to you. Certainly not important and only at your convenience. Thanks.
  12. Jim, what a great b2b Caribbean itinerary to get you started once again. We have been to all of the islands, both cruising and land stays. Doing your first leg in January 2022 on the "NOX" and will re-visit, if we can, some of our favorite spots. Looking forward to your takes on the various islands as well as Equinox coverage. Hopefully you will have access to most, if not all ports. Fair winds, calm seas and only the best of times. Twenty-one days doin' the Equinox Boogie!
  13. Whether it's quill to parchment, pen(cil) to paper or plastic keystroke to plastic keyboard, any effort, or lack thereof to scribble thoughts on a napkin will in no way be intended to adversely affect an otherwise healthy muscle.
  14. Realtime visuals in exemplary splendor, with a smattering of commentary at just the right time. Excellent work, and play, twangster. We have not cruised on a Carnival ship in a long time. Our age has forced our loyalty to be given to another. A better fit for both. However, we are returning to CCL to renew old acquaintances through a new friend, if only for a one time visit. Mardi Gras lives thirty-minutes away and we are going to pay her a visit in December. Made that decision before all the vlogs and blogs and hoopla. Thanks to you, and Kmom in an earlier thread, our experience will seem familiar, but not to the point of diminishing the enthusiasm and the newness of it all. Thanks.
  15. That is quite the faux-pas by Celebrity, doc, and it speaks to the continuing foibles still existent within a system that should be quite tight by now. There are necessary precautions and requirements that cruise passengers must adhere to and abide by in order to get on a boat. No problems with that. The problem is when additional, unnecessary steps and threatened interactions become a part of that process. Don't like to see other challenges befall anyone within the normal required scheme of things, especially when they are through no fault of ones own. Perhaps that kink in the X process chain grates a little louder these days when it involves a member of the medical profession who is in touch with this Covid19 aberration every day. I'm assuming your Wisconsin address did not give you easy access to the cruise port, unless Millennium boarded passengers on Lake Michigan. Additional worries about travel and subsequent efforts, possibly all for naught. Doc, I hope you and DW had fun. Maybe even more fun than if everything had gone super smooth. Only you know that.
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