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  1. Have to disagree here. It says a lot for the vaccines if indeed we are allowed to resume cruising because of them. At the same time the effectiveness of the vaccines, for the long term, can only be determined by initially keeping safeguards in place and gradually removing them when properly determined. For us, the rules and restrictions are fine. As long as itineraries are not compromised and the ability to tour, even if only ship's excursions are available, we are a go.
  2. Indeed she did. Fantasies can certainly bring out the best in people.
  3. Nudists and swingers, lifestyles frowned upon by many. That's okay. As long as the participants are consenting adults, my feeling is do whatever makes you feel good and hurts no one. And if it makes for good business, welcome aboard. There is something to be said, whether on land or sea, about the naked body being swaddled in a warm Caribbean breeze and then bathed in a refreshing body of water. An aphrodisiac of sorts, heightened, or not, by the presence of others of the same ilk. It's easy to judge and moralize, but the fact is one does not have to participate. An i
  4. No matter where you go in Norway, the picturesque vistas will overwhelm you with awe. We did a b2b, Norway/Iceland for 19 nights. SPECTACULAR!! Norway is glorious in its immense splendor yet striking in its quaintness of communities. You can't help but feel the Viking lore as you experience the rugged surroundings. It got us to wanting to go back for more. Hoping 7/22 is good for you.
  5. Our county in Florida has a very organized system and seems to know exactly how to make it work. DW and I got our first shots two days ago and will complete the process on 2/9/2021. Only good things to say about the experience. The enormity of this undertaking ensures that all attempts to provide satisfactory administration will not go smoothly. As frustrating as that is to the people who are having issues, eventually all will be well. We here in my hometown are fortunate, we realize that. Considering where the world was eleven months ago and the devastating effects that continue to occur, how
  6. Now two hours removed from Moderna #1 vaccination, I can say that the process was indeed a very smooth, orderly large scale health care operation. Extremely impressed with the way our county has responded to this crisis and it's responsibility to the citizens. As I am writing this, another round of Celebrity cancellations has been brought to my attention. Even more indication that many of us will be all shot-up with no place to go in 2021.
  7. By far, the majority of belly problems on cruise ships occur among the masses whose unfettered, cult like actions are faithfully tied to the practice of "gluttony." Belly problems notwithstanding, to them the process of getting there is worth it. I refuse to be lured in to this vast horde of true gastronomes. Nothing against these good folks. Basically, they are passive and slow-moving except when it is time to feed.
  8. Sorry about the issues regarding your vaccination process but happy to hear about the eventual success. This is an ongoing trial-by-fire all across the country. Because of that, I am willing to give everyone concerned with this huge undertaking lots of leeway in their attempts to render an orderly exercise. Our Florida county is progressing nicely. My DW and I were scheduled for vaccinating on 1/20/21. Just this morning we received an e-mail that we had been moved to 1/12/21 if we wanted the earlier appointment. Obviously, a no-brainer. Based on this, we will be fully shot-up by mi
  9. I do not believe that Viking is ahead of any curve, nor is the expansion of its footprint a clairvoyant prognostication of a post-covid19 cruising world. You would have seen these innovations with or without the current crisis. There is tremendous overlap among all cruise lines as to ports-of-call and itineraries. The occasional changes and variations to the operating systems are always ongoing and are always susceptible to outside influences, thus requiring the need for all cruise line executives to have something in their back pocket. Recovery of the cruise industry, at present,
  10. All mindless twaddleing aside, we are scheduled to participate in the vaccination process later this month, and yes we would get shot-up even if not required by the cruise lines. Despite total incompetence and lack of direction on the state and federal levels, the county in which we dwell will do just fine. Thank goodness the winds of change draw nigh.
  11. Wow! This is one thread, though not the only one, that has degenerated into absolute mindless twaddle. The moderator must be on an extended hiatus.
  12. The first four months of 2021 should give us a good indication of where worldwide cruising is going. As LGW59 mentioned, it depends on your level of comfort. Research cruises in 2022 looking for itineraries that may be eligible for a lift and shift. If nothing strikes your fancy, make a decision early on as to what you will do rather than waiting until the last minute. If you put yourself in a comfortable position where all bases are covered, your stress level will be minimal and your ability to rationalize future decisions will be easier.
  13. Sorry folks, things are going to have to work themselves out. No help coming. The magic 8-ball is not working and right now we're all behind it. The Ouija board spirits are all quarantined, as they are high risk. The only Genie working is a garage door opener. So, get creative and see what you can do.
  14. Have yet to receive official cancellation notice for our April 19, 2021 eleven night cruise, Lisbon to Southampton. Knowing that it will not go, we did a L&S to April 24, 2022 eleven night cruise, Barcelona to Venice. Different itineraries but both are new ports for us with the exception of one stop on each sailing. Did not want the hassle of final payment or cancelling ourselves and being assessed cancellation fees. Fortunately, the Lift & Shift feature is a valuable tool in avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and expense.
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