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  1. Finally, some actual opinionated comments based on the actual Edge experiences of some of her first passengers. Seems a mixed bag, as expected. Also, as expected, the reactions are varied. Some passengers-to-be fret not and remain steadfast in their enthusiastic anticipation. Others seem reinforced by the negative comments that validate their pre-cruise angst. Either way, it makes for interesting banter. I don't know about others out there, but in my opinion IMNiles deserves an Honorary Doctorate for his exceptional dissertation explaining his thoughts. Takes a lot of effort to engage readers with such fluent narrative while at the same time giving equal time to both sides. I am very enthusiastic about our first encounter with the Edge in January. I won't say when because I do not want to be hounded by autograph seekers and groupies. Suffice it to say, I do not believe that Celebrity is targeting any segment of travelers. It's a new idea coming to fruition. Here it is, we hope you like it. Wherever you fall in the scheme of things, we are all Perennials. I have been where you are and you will be where I am. It is a perpetuation of sorts whether there is a name attached or not. Lot's of good things about all generations and whether you like to admit it or not, lots of similarities to go along with he differences.
  2. Okay folks, if I may interject. As compelling as this bed/bath/beyond discussion has been, I truly believe that it is time to put it to rest. We are now beating a dead horse. In fact, we have slaughtered an entire herd of show ponies. There is no doubt that those participating in these– way too many - posts are doing so with fervor and commitment. However, enough is enough. There is no longer any value to the subject thread. Whether or not there has ever been, begs a different forum, just not here. Granted, I have been on the Edge of my seat with every misspelled word, red arrow, red circle, diagram, diaphragm, homey suggestions, sheet thread count, bed direction, balcony measurements, best calming boat location, excitement of guessing which is your cabin, why MC is the color that it is, why corridors are straight rather than switch backed, shuffleboard tourneys, will I be sleeping sideways while sailing backwards, is there a man/woman in my closet, whether or not the captain knows anything about navigation, alcohol content, food coloring, nationality of room steward, eating backwards while sailing forward, peeing in the pool and avoiding detection, bathroom amenities, library cards, pool water volume and sway, and finally, “whew” will the boat float. You get my drift here. For sure, these are all critical items when it comes to any cruise vacation. However, when we are bombarded with so much valuable information, or aimless drivel, depending on your perspective, it is difficult to give credence to the subject matter……just sayin’.
  3. We see Edge postured in her almost completed radiance, a young maiden-to-be of voyages, aspiring to become a regal lady of the world’s oceans. She has had no say as to how she will be presented. She knows nothing of the thoughts and words which are now a preamble to her much anticipated debut. Her acceptance relies on the many skilled craftspeople who, from conception, have created the heart and soul, the very essence of this latest sailing ship. The youngest of several in her Celebrity family, Edge will be granted no pardon. She will be expected to test the waters with all her mettle, transporting her guests with a reserved temperament and a genuine assurance. There will be the inevitable pomp and circumstance at her total reveal, as Edge begins her initial ocean crossing while preparing to collect the first paying passengers. Our many footfalls when boarding Edge will respectfully reflect any pre-conceived notions, ideas and opinions. At the same time, when entering the embodiment of this grand vessel, our eager anticipation, excitement and comfort will be entrusted to her care.
  4. Again, as said many times, thank you and great pictures of the BIG BLUE BOAT. Indeed, so many more reveals are coming forth. Here's what I am seeing. The balcony chairs are extremely comfortable, guaranteed. I hope they are not affixed to the balcony floor. Bluefish Martini in hand, I sometimes like to open wide, turn the chairs around and enjoy the view looking toward my cabin door. Love the bathroom setup. I called X and asked to have a longer extension for the shower head. No problem they said. Being a multi-tasker, I can shower and use the toilet simultaneously. Big time saver when it's crunch time. The outlet box is a great idea. I see it as additional storage for my travel size liquids. Picture of Edge going backwards...cool. My Celebrity source tells me that every seventh Edge cruise will be backwards in it's entirety and the ports visited in reverse to match. I hope that I did not let the cat out of the bag here. I'm certainly glad you folks got me looking for stuff. I like cruisin' outside the box.
  5. Bluefish Martini in hand, I will be watching some hotly contested world championship shuffleboard matches at this venue. Arrive early, no saving seats. Healthy discussion - whether serious, not so much or just plain silly - is necessary in it's various deliveries. It means someone or something got your attention.
  6. Sorry folks, I'm trying to keep up. I'm an old guy with diminishing returns in the memory bank. I know that I won't remember much of the pre-cruise discussion upon boarding this new, quirky ocean vessel that is ugly & beautiful, stark & colorful, innovative yet revolutionary.....all at the same time. Kudos to all of you who have that capacity. My Partial Celebrity Edge Pre-Cruise Checklist: Edge is the name of Ship - Check IV stands for Infinite Veranda not Intravenous feeding - Check I am on deck 7 - Check Pool overflow thingie or damper - Check Davits not divots, unless there's a fairway - Check Small lips on bathroom wall shelving - Check, but better than loose lips, if you know what I mean. Tenders, Lifeboats or Launches - Check, but will I call it by the right name? Four MDR's - Check, but are portions bigger in some than in others? No shade in the pool area, no sun in the ship's kitchens - Check Facing forward, port is left starboard is right - Check, I'll still go the wrong way half the time getting off the elevators. I'm tired now. Need a nap.
  7. I decided to do some close scrutinizing. Indeed one can find things that seem unsatisfactory, not necessarily to everyone but to some people. It's okay. Different strokes for different folks, if you will. What concerns me might not concern you and vice versa. It's all good. Here's what I'm seeing. The telephone cord is too long for it's placement next to the bed. For a sound sleeper with restless leg syndrome, you might just get caught up in that cord, toe dial room service at 3:00am and tie yourself to the bed trying to get free. At the same time, the cord is not long enough. If I want to sit on my infinite balcony drinking a Bluefish Martini, inhaling the fresh sea air and talking to one of you good folks about all these deficiencies, I can't. If the bed is near the bathroom, the picture over the sofa near the balcony is distorted and rendered unattractive by the glare from the daylight. Perhaps this set-up should be for nighttime cruises only. I'm hoping the toilet paper is an over, not an under. No pictures of that yet. I'm assuming it is ambidextrous in it's unraveling. In all the pictures, people are wearing hard hats on the decks. I hope this is not a new requirement that whenever we are outside, we must wear a hard hat. If that's the case, I'll have to bring two bathing suits. A hard hat does not go with a European Speedo. Got to wear board shorts with that. In the cabin pictures, looking toward the door. In some there is a person standing there. Like Air Marshalls, are these folks Sea Marshalls? I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone standing inside my door all night. I'll settle for less safety and more privacy. That's just me. Finally, those large elephant ear thingies ( I called X, that's what they're called), what are they for? Reminds me of props used in some fancy Las Vegas Show Girl shows. Actually, never mind. They might not be too bad after all....just sayin'.
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