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  1. 1) Prefer Bliss because of the smoking/non-smoking casino areas. So much to do. 2) Getaway - boring ship. i love cruising and vacationing but the Getaway was the worst with things to do and just NO FUN!!!!!
  2. I stayed in a Haven Spa on the Getaway under the Gym. It wasn't good in the mornings. I would NEVER stay beneath the gym again.
  3. I tried to change the cruise length and it didn't allow me to. Definitely can't take that long of a cruise.
  4. We book outright. I don't like having someone else decides for me where I'm staying.
  5. I've taken a my little Joy Mangano My Little Steamer on every cruise and never had an issue.
  6. We were in the H6 on the Bliss in December. Loved our butler. Ordered Breakfast 3 mornings and did not put the breakfast order on the door the night before. Frankly, we don't eat breakfast every morning. So, we don't know the night before if we even want breakfast. I Explained that to our butler and he said no problem just call in the morning. Definitely a long walk to the elevators but it helps with reducing the weight gain.
  7. Haven Aft Haven Forward Haven Penthouse Courtyard Haven Spa if nothing else is available.
  8. We have stayed in a Haven Penthouse, Haven Spa, Haven Aft and Haven Forward. We like the spa the least because the room is too small and the Thermal Spa have the same folks that love to hog the lounges and I honestly dont have the patience for folks with that mindset. We absolutely love the separate rooms in both the Forward and the AFT, I can watch movies early in the morning without disturbing my spouse. We also like having choices. We can go to the Haven area and relax and have drinks delivered or go hang out in the regular area of the ship. We also love the free room service for breakfast. We stayed in a Mini-Suite after being in the Haven and when we ordered room service for breakfast what a wake-up call(sad). My husband said never again. We are not pool people but I love going to the Haven area to read and people watch. It has never been overrun and I can read peacefully if I choose. We'll never sail non-Haven again. We cruise for the ship so that's another reason the Haven is important to us. It's about the experience and our fellow cruisers. We love people. For me all those things justify paying for the Haven.
  9. Love your review. Nicely written. Happy that you had a nice cruise.
  10. I think because of the Bidding system the prices won't go down much on the higher category cabins. Maybe in the past but I don't see that happening anymore.
  11. i have been looking at this sailing and the breakaway. Today I checked and the Escape to Bermuda is now only a 5 Days cruise. Did this change recently or was it always 5 days and I just wasn't paying attention?
  12. Nope didn't work. We tried it a couple of times when it was just us on the elevator.
  13. I went on the BreakAway and I wouldn't take a 7 year old. But that's my personal opinion and others may feel differently.
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