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  1. Rum drinkers must made the required pilgrimage to the Bacardi Distillery In PR although Appleton Estates Rum from Jamaica is much better to drink.
  2. Very good questions asked and excellent answers given! Bravo!!!!
  3. Mask, In my broken German I think it means.:" Greetings! I traveled once to Switzerland. Glacier Express was the best. Unfortunately I have forgotten much of my German. I was stationed in Germany in 70-72 and 74-77. I learned a little German there. German is a difficult language to learn but practice makes perfect. By the way, The Swiss are not really that Formal. 🙂
  4. Gruezti Hambagahle, Ich bin einmal in der Schweiz gereist. Glacier Express war am besten! Leider have ich viel Deutch vergessen. Ich bin 70-72 und 74-77 in Deutschland stationiert. Da habe ich ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt. Deutsche Sprache schwere Sprache aber Uebung macht den Meister! Nebenbei bemerkt, die Leute in der Schweiz sind nicht zu steif. 🙂
  5. Hammo, I am interested in the answer to your question also. Hopefully someone will provide the info you seek.
  6. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the room Snore42!
  7. I truly enjoyed the interesting tour and behind the scenes of the Explorer! Thank you for taking the time to respond to this posting!
  8. Just curious if anybody else has watched this 2 hour video from Chudsey on the Explorer. It was very entertaining and definitely makes me want the Explorer to be my first Regent Cruise!
  9. Having never cruised, I want you to know that your excellent commentary is sure tempting for us that have not taken the plunge. 🙂
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