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  1. Cruise_More_Often

    For photos, do you use your phone or bring a camera?

    Great zoom pictures! Thanks to everyone for sharing.
  2. Cruise_More_Often

    For photos, do you use your phone or bring a camera?

    When you fly, how do you carry all that gear?
  3. Cruise_More_Often

    For photos, do you use your phone or bring a camera?

    Ooops, my bad. It's "Clear Image Zoom," not "optical zoom."
  4. Cruise_More_Often

    For photos, do you use your phone or bring a camera?

    Great photos, purdo. Sounds like that lens is a keeper. We each have new Sony a6000 cameras, but unfortunately we can't afford to buy that excellent lens. We keep weighing using our old Panasonic LX1000 bridge cameras with their 18-400 zoom or going with our new (sharper) a6000 cameras using both of the kit lenses -- 16-50 and 55-200. We change our minds every day. Sunny AZ Girl, check out the optical zoom setting on the a6000. It will get you a bit more zoom without much degrading of your photos. OP, I use my Samsung S8+ camera a lot on cruise, too. I was shocked when looking at our last Alaska cruise pictures to see how many I shot with the cellphone. I don't try to shoot wildlife with it, though.
  5. Cruise_More_Often

    Why shoot RAW and JPG

    Very interesting article, Dave. Thank you for linking to it.
  6. I agree with everyone else on the Vancouver round trip on the Nieuw Amsterdam. We went to Haines last year, and I think you'd enjoy Skagway much more. Plus, the NA is gorgeous.
  7. Cruise_More_Often

    Nugget Falls trail at Mendenhall Footwear

    Thank you! We haven't done that trail but will in June.
  8. Cruise_More_Often

    Boston Cruise Port to Logan Airport

    We had no problem making a 10:30 flight on a Saturday a couple years ago. We booked a limo, and the driver was late getting there, but we still made it with plenty of time to spare. However, as noted above by others, definitely plan to do self-disembarkation.
  9. Cruise_More_Often

    Help Printing Boarding Pass?

    It will be. Congrats on getting the docs printed.
  10. Cruise_More_Often

    Photo review: Alaska 14 day RT from Seattle on Zaandam

    Oh, this is good! We're going to Sitka for the first time in June, so I was really excited to see what you did. Your pictures are gorgeous. I have to admit that I also found your Juneau blog, so I read ahead.
  11. Cruise_More_Often

    Day trips near Anchorage

    I agree with Coral's suggestion to book your last night in Seward and take the early train from Anchorage to Seward, then do one of the Kenai Fjord cruises (we loved ours with Major Marine). Then you can relax overnight and maybe visit the Alaska Sealife Center in the morning before going to the ship.
  12. Cruise_More_Often

    Denali - Wonder Lake in August

    We went in late August a couple of years ago. We had high overcast but no rain and definitely no snow. And, if you're lucky, it will be great leaf-peeping time. The tundra was just turning a gorgeous orange when we were there. We would choose the same time frame for a return trip.
  13. Cruise_More_Often

    Rain Pants

    I've used my LL Bean rain pants two or three times. We've had ours for years. They're wonderful to have if it's nasty out and they're lightweight and packable (in your backpack) in case it's not raining when you leave the ship but probably will later. I already have them out for our June cruise.
  14. Cruise_More_Often

    Sitka - Alaska... Must Sees at this port

    The only reason I knew is that we're going there in June on the Amsterdam. We've been be on five Alaska cruises (I think five), and I've always wanted to see Sitka. We're doing an excursion called Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest, and it will leave enough time afterwards to see some of the places everyone on this thread has recommended.
  15. Cruise_More_Often

    Sitka - Alaska... Must Sees at this port

    This year four HAL ships will dock in Sitka: Eurodam, Oosterdam, Amsterdam and Maasdam.