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  1. Oh, I got so excited about this excursion, but when I clicked on the link, it told me that "We're sorry, the tour or tour option you are trying to book is sold out and no longer available." I thought it was maybe just unavailable for the day we're going to be in Ketchikan, but I tried several other dates, including a few for later this summer. Awwww.
  2. https://allenmarinetours.com/ketchikan/fjord-wilderness/ Click on the black ribbon at the top of the link to get to their Contact and Reservation page. They suggest you check with your cruise line first. If you cann't get this tour through the cruise line, then contact Allen Marine directly. We have done this tour three times, and Allen Marine does a fabulous job with it.
  3. I agree. Plus, the Whale Watching Quest with Dinner will get you the whale watch you wanted and a really good dinner.
  4. If you can make the picture cruisingrob21 took of the lower promenade larger, you will see someone sitting in a lounge chair. There were plenty of available chairs when we were on Amsterdam in early June, especially since it was so cold not many people used them. Some of the favorites were on the aft of the lower promenade deck, out of the wind and in partial sun.
  5. Stop by the Front Desk and rent an extension cord for the CPAP machine if you need one.
  6. Because the drill simulates what would happen in a real emergency. If the emergency were to take place in a cold area, evacuees could be in a lifeboat for who knows how long, so coats and other warm clothes would be a necessity. The same goes with medications for those evacuees who must have them.
  7. This is hilarious! Did DW think it was a hoot? I'm not sure that would have been my first thought. 🤨
  8. Thanks, AtlantaCruiser72. I love cruising the inside passage, and I'm sure the Misty Fjords will be gorgeous. We've done it twice from small boats. Our cruise to Sitka in early June was my first time there, and I just have to get back some day.
  9. What is it that you like more about the 2020 itinerary? The 2019 has Kodiak and Sitka, both of which we loved on this year's itinerary. We are doing the 2020 itinerary, too, but I would sure like to return to both of those locations. But Vancouver, ahhhhh.
  10. I did this excursion last June. From what I recall, when we got to the location where we put on our life vests and boots, we were told we could leave our backpacks sitting on the benches there while we did the canoe trip over to the glacier. Someone remained behind to protect them. Here's a picture I took of the participants. I can see only two people who decided not to leave their backpacks behind and put them on top of their life vests. I know I left mine, and I just wore my camera around my neck.
  11. This is the excursion we have done twice: https://allenmarinetours.com/ketchikan/fjord-wilderness/, both times through the cruise line. We loved it. I have read complaints from some who thought it was boring, but that would not be us. Such beauty! When we were in the fjords, we stayed outside the entire time.
  12. dchip, did you take that picture from Pier 39? It's beautiful!
  13. Yes, the early train lets you off at the train station in Seward, which is not very far from the port. Last year we walked to the port, but there is a local shuttle that will pick you up from the train station and let you off at the port. We left about 10 minutes ahead of the folks who were waiting for the shuttle, and they beat us there. Also, our luggage was delivered to the port, so we didn't have to worry about schlepping those bags. The NCL contracted train uses a different set of tracks that drop you off right in front of the port. I would keep your 6:45 a.m. reservation and either book one of the Kenai Fjords cruises, go to the Alaska Sea Life Center or mosey around town. The shuttle to town and the Sea Life Center comes to the port fairly regularly.
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