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  1. Loving your live review and your pictures!! We're cruising in 10 days, and you're getting me so excited. I agree with you about that little catamaran cruise up the Tracy Arm. It is the best excursion ever. Hey, isn't Hanger on the Wharf where the PTZtv camera is located? Keep enjoying yourselves.
  2. There are two different people asking for train advice. For caymancouple, traveling on the regular Alaska Railroad train to Seward, you will board your train at the train depot in downtown Anchorage. For staceylee31, your NCL train will leave from the Anchorage airport. When you get to the airport, there will be signs directing you to the Alaska Railroad depot area. We saw the signs when heading to the rental car area (inside the terminal).
  3. That is the one thing I don't have on my packing list, and I just added it -- twice. Thanks.
  4. Even after more than one. 🙄
  5. Oh my, what a logistical nightmare.
  6. Definitely do this! United changed our flights twice, and the last one was way too early. When I called, they had no trouble putting us on a later flight. They even gave us a choice of later flights.
  7. It is just huge! Here's a link to an excellent article about Hubbard Glacier: https://www.tripsavvy.com/hubbard-glacier-and-yakutat-bay-alaska-4117868. The article mentions that you can see the glacier from a cruise ship more than 30 miles away! We went to Hubbard in early May 2012 and got very close to the glacier. We will be seeing Hubbard again this June, and I was really excited to see it on the itinerary.
  8. We loved Snow City Cafe for breakfast/brunch in Anchorage when we were there last summer. We're going again in June. Also loved the Alpenglow Restaurant in the Grande Denali Lodge in Denali. Food is wonderful; view is truly "grande."
  9. We didn't get to Glacier Bay until our third Alaska cruise. On our first, we took the small boat tour from the ship to Sawyer Glacier and loved it. Our second cruise took us to Hubbard Glacier, which remains my favorite. And, finally, Glacier Bay. So my question to you is: Will this be your only cruise to Alaska? If not, you'll see it eventually. 😀
  10. Those are really nice pictures. I believe stills taken from FZ1000 4K video are 8 megapixels.
  11. The FZ1000 is the original model. The new camera is the FZ1000II. You might want to search for a comparison between the two models. Here is one really helplful review I found: https://www.focuscamera.com/wavelength/panasonic-lumix-fz1000-ii-specs-images/ The new model has is the touch screen. And there's a new feature that might come in handy for shooting whales: ". . . but in short, 4K PHOTO mode automatically takes multiple photos in an instant. The Lumix FZ1000 II has a notable increase in frames per second from the previous model; it jumps from 12fps to 30fps. This feature was made with movement in mind; if you plan on using this camera for action photography (think sporting events or animal photography), 4K PHOTO will grab the perfect shot almost every time." Have fun with your shopping!
  12. If you shoot 4K video with the Panasonic FZ1000, you can review your video in camera and grab a still. There's no need to wait until you get home. Also, that camera can shoot as high as 50 frames per second, as shown in this video (be sure to watch to the very end to see the playing cards fly):
  13. Fabulous! Beautiful! Excellent camera work!
  14. We've had our FZ1000 bridge cameras for a couple of years now, and we absolutely love them. We recently bought a Sony a6000 for each of us because we thought we needed cameras with interchangeable lenses. However, we both like our Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 cameras so much more. They will definitely be coming with us to Alaska. Graham Houghton has some really useful videos on the FZ1000 on YouTube, and he has just completed a great manual for that camera. My husband bought the black and white version on Amazon, and I ordered the color pdf from Graham on his website.
  15. We did one of Gastineau Guiding's photo safari excursions a few years ago, and just this morning we booked another one. I agree, they are good.
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