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  1. Thanks for telling me about your cameras. And thanks for continuing your review. I know how much effort it takes to put it all together. How many people used the paddleboards? I would love taking the shore walks. That's one thing you miss on a larger ship since you never get to a shore. I would absolutely love doing one of small-ship cruises, but we would have to hit the lotto first, or stop cruising so often.
  2. Absolutely stunning photographs, Shazzah! I love the viewpoint you got from being so low in the water. You caught the most beautiful reflections. And the colors. I would have trouble picking out my favorite, but the one in Tracy Arm with the glacier in the background and that huge chunk of ice in the foreground has to be right up there. I rarely ask what camera a photographer uses, knowing that it's not the camera but the photographer who makes the picture. But, what camera did you use? 😊
  3. Fabulous! Your pictures are just amazing, and I'm so enjoying following your adventure.
  4. That's definitely Haines. I remember the golf excursion as a choice.
  5. mkkao924, check the excursions HAL has listed for your itinerary. If you're docking in Skagway, there should be way more excursions listed for Skagway. There might be one or two listed for Haines, such as the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari, which they do from both ports.
  6. Here's another photo of part of the Amsterdam library, taken this June. It's a lovely, large library.
  7. We're headed back to Alaska next summer. We just can't seem to stay away. This year we're doing an 11-night itinerary on the NCL Sun -- three glaciers and our two favorite ports, Sitka and Ice Strait Point, along with the "usual." W'e're lucky that we have three airports fairly close to us -- Santa Rosa, Oakland and San Francisco, so we have good choices for nonstop flights. And Southwest is super cheap out of Oakland.
  8. When we cruise to Alaska, we seek out different Alaska ports from the usual Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Cruises that sail from SF, LA or SD spend many of their days just getting to and from Alaska, leaving them with the usual ports. We live 40 miles from the SF port and have never cruised from SF. In fact, we had booked one of the Maasdam's 21-day itineraries for this summer but switched over to the 14-day Seattle RT itinerary because we could visit most of the same ports as the 21-day cruise without all those sea days, for which we would have been paying a very high price. Isn't it great that there's something out there for everyone?
  9. We went on the Amsterdam in June. The ship did go to Tracy Arm, but it did not offer the small boat excursion. There was a Carnival ship ahead of us while we were in Tracy Arm, and it got pretty close to the Sawyer Glacier. We got to see the back of the Legend, but as you can see, we also saw the glacier.
  10. Yes. I believe the company that does this excursion offers it only through the cruise lines. There is another company in Juneau that does it, but it leaves before most cruises arrive at the dock.
  11. The first time we did it, the small boat met up with the ship near the entrance to Tracy Arm. We boarded the small boat from the ship and proceeded up to the Sawyer Glacier. On our second trip to the Sawyer Glacier, we boarded the small boat in Juneau and went to the Glacier and back to Juneau.
  12. We didn't get to Glacier Bay until our third cruise, and we never felt cheated on the first two. We loved Tracy Arm and did take the small boat excursion that gets you closer to the face of the glacier. Our second glacier trip was to Hubbard, which remains my favorite.
  13. I will add that we have never had an item returned shrunken or discolored. Shirts/blouses, dresses, slacks/jeans are returned on hangers, pressed, and underwear and similar items are returned folded. I cannot say enough good things about HAL's laundry service. Every time I find one of those little stuck-on laundry labels, it makes me smile just remembering our cruise.
  14. This is one thing I've noticed on the Gastineau Photo Excursions. The boat goes like a bat out of hell to get to the area where the whales are, then comes to a stop. It becomes a real challenge to get a decent photo, even with few people aboard those boats, with the boat bouncing up and down.
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