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  1. DW and I really enjoyed our cruise on Grandeur out of Baltimore to the Bahamas last year. Smaller ship but we don't care for ships with all the bells and whistles and thoroughly enjoyed the ship and crew. Service was great all over the ship.
  2. DW and I along with another couple took a tour with Victor Bodden. We really enjoyed plus it was less expensive than the ship's tour. We were able to customize it and it was more personable. No issues of getting back to the ship in time. Tour is highly rated on TripAdvisor. Google Bodden tours then book directly with them on their website.
  3. I've sailed on Majesty and will be sailing on Rhapsody in 2 months. Rhapsody wins for DW and me hands down. Primarily Diamond lounge, much larger WJ area and Ocean view.
  4. My son gave me a gift certificate for Royal that I put towards OBC. Will that show up on the planner?
  5. I did get a decent shore excursion on Rhapsody, Jolly Roger snorkel in Roatan for $70. I normally book directly with the vendor but not this time.
  6. Thanks to you all for great advice.
  7. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea so this will be my first cruise in March with a CPAP machine. Looking for advice as the cabins have limited ac outlets. What do I need to do in advance with RCI to ensure I can use my machine and still have outlets to use. Thx in advance!
  8. Much appreciated for the info on DL, looking forward to it.
  9. Great responses, this answers my question, much appreciated.
  10. DW and I will be Diamonds on our next cruise on the Rhapsody in March. I'm not sure i they have a lounge but question is, what do you normally tip for the free drinks? I know tipping is a wide open subject but would at least like to hear from the experts. Thx!
  11. Too tight for us. I don't want to take an enjoyable cruise then stress out trying to get a flight home with a chance of missing it. On our upcoming cruise in less than 3 weeks, we just decided to stay in a nearby hotel and fly out the following morning. Yes it cost a bit extra but the stress of missing a flight is not worth it. Hope everything lines up in your favor and you get out on time.
  12. Looking forward to trying it again to see how much if any it improved.
  13. DW and I sailed on the Sunshine last November and there were over 40 people signed up for M&M. Including us, only 5 people showed up. They still brought pastries and non-alcoholic drinks. No prizes. Thought we'd at least snag one of those.
  14. Our friends had one on the Adventure and we checked it out. Liked it enough to book it for our Adventurue cruise next month.
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