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  1. You are as funny as inflamed hemorrhoids. On a positive note, I'm sure you are a really good guy who enjoys a good meal, and steak, same here, we just disagree on the outcome of Chops. Our 1st experience was really good, unfortunately, the other 2 times were less than stellar. Yes, I did bring it to the attention of the server and head waiter and they simply blamed it on the new chef, my response was you are going to lose customers.
  2. Hey Hogbay did someone pee in your Cheerios down under??!! It was on the Grandeur and Rhapsody. Both were huge disappointments for the price paid. My point which may not have been clear enough was to read reviews of Chops on ships you are going to cruise with to see if it's worth the price. We like RCI and have had very good experiences but this was a case of not good food or service.
  3. The last 2 times we ate at Chops was a huge disappointment. Overall food was not worth the price we paid, in fact, had better meals in the MDR. Service was off too. Will be interesting to see after Covid but at this point, it will be a very long time before we go back if ever.
  4. It must have been a glitch as I was able to book it today. Thx!!
  5. Thank you jptoz and Sunshine 3601. Follow on question, now that I'm booked, flying from St Louis to Vancouver is on United Airlines. I tried to reserve seats but it won't let me as it shows economy seating and note states I have to wait until day of the flight to get a seat. Not real happy about that as flying back on Alaska Airlines, I was able to reserve our seats. Of course I can pay for an upgraded seat but don't want to do so unless that is really the only option to guarantee a seat. Have either of you experienced this? Also, if I see a better deal, do I simply cancel my current booking and rebook as long as it's more than 90 days out?
  6. We are cruising Alaska in June 2021. The Air2Sea website just published airfare rates for our travel but I didn't see or find an option to reserve as refundable. I thought I read you could do this but couldn't find the details, I appreciate your help as this will be our 1st time using this method. Thx in advance!!
  7. I've had very good luck asking taxi driver to stop at liquor store before dropping us off at the pier. I give him a small tip and works like a charm.
  8. Looking forward to boarding the Glory out of NOLA on 18 Oct.
  9. We have a 7 day booked for 18 Oct out of NOLA. Flying out of STL so air and hotel are booked. Looking forward to this cruise.
  10. We too haven't had any issues bringing back a couple cans in port. Didn't try a 6 pack and agree, depends on who is at security desk. Cans were not opened when carrying on in port.
  11. DW and I pulled the trigger and bought 100 shares this morning. I think we got a great deal and I'm optimistic, over time, stock will go back up. We bought to enjoy the additional OBC on future sailings.
  12. DW and I sailed on her in a JS out of San Juan, had a great time. Sailed on her again out of Ft Lauderdale in an Inside Promenade. It too was a very good time. Not too big and not too small. We aren't into big ships with lots of bells and whistles but this seemed the right size for us to do plenty of R&R and yet be entertained. Both times had outstanding wait teams in the MDR and room stewards.
  13. We are sailing in mid-Oct and no plans to cancel.............yet. Already booked air reservations and hotel.
  14. Uncle Fester, DW and I were on this cruise too. I was hoping to meet you, perhaps we did but didn't exchange screen names. I thought your review was very good. We had a great wait staff for our MTD and thought overall the food in the MDR was good. We ended up eating breakfast in the MDR every morning which is the 1st time for us since we usually like to sleep in. This was our 1st time as Diamonds and overall really enjoyed it though I never understood why they were so strict about carrying drinks out especially since we were headed to an early dinner. It didn't make much sense since they were fairly liberal about using your seapass card to get drinks elsewhere on the ship during happy hour. I thought our Chops dinner was the worst ever and wasn't happy with the amount we spent vs quality of the food. I gave them a "0" on the RCI survey. Waiter told me they had a new chef, I would have thrown him overboard based on quality. This was our 10th sailing on RCI and I think the overall quality made it the worst for me. I can't quite put my finger on specifics but it just felt that way to me. Our next RCI sailing is on the Radiance in Alaska in 2021. Really looking forward to that one.
  15. Looking forward to see what they provide on Rhapsody in 2 weeks.
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