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  1. Our friends had one on the Adventure and we checked it out. Liked it enough to book it for our Adventurue cruise next month.
  2. Looking forward to our cruise on the Rhapsody, we will be first time Diamond members
  3. Thx for the heads up, I did save $60 on Rhapsody cruise. Every little bit helps.
  4. I appreciate the post. Sailing on her in Oct 2020. We normally sail on RCI but liked the change to Carnival. Appealing on Carnival is food and more food venues. After awhile food over and over on same cruise line tends to get old. Retired ow, so itinerary and price are driving factors.
  5. Hats off to Carnival. Once I sent in the formal photo they credited the cruise within 5 days of requesting credit. Impressive and am grateful.
  6. I had this happen once before but I was able to get it corrected at customer service desk without any issues but this happened before we disembarked. Hoping the number Bob gave you results in getting it resolved in your favor.
  7. It was actually the Tropicale, I had my wires crossed when I posted and realized it when I found our official photo. All these years I thought it was the Carnivale but it turned out to be the Tropicale. My apologies to all on this post.
  8. No I didn't think to save them back then but what you posted does look familiar. We are still looking though old boxes of pictures/slides and who knows, something may pop up and surprise us.
  9. Thank you again, I'm more optimistic now. I'll let you know what happens.
  10. All I have been able to find is the formal photo with ship name but no dates. Hoping that will be enough.
  11. DW and I took our first cruise on Carnival almost 28 years ago. Had kids and affordability of cruises was not an option. I'm retired now and we cruise 2-3 times a year. We sailed on Carnival last November and had a good time so would like to build up loyalty points. Challenge is we have next to nothing to show we cruised on Carnival for 7 nights bin 1991. We did find a formal photo of us and it has the ship's name on the bottom left corner with a alphanumeric number on bottom right. Any chance this might prove we sailed to get credit? Interested in hearing feedback especially if you sailed that long ago, how if any did you get credit? BTW, I did request credit, waiting to hear back from Carnival. No way to attach a photo on the initial request. Thx!
  12. Sounds like the same hurricane we dodged.
  13. We have been pretty lucky as the roll calls on the ships we've sailed have been pretty active. It's been a good source to find hotels, shuttles, places to eat and shop pre-cruise.
  14. My DW is terrified at the thought of cruising during hurricane season but we go any way and once on board she is fine. The challenge as mentioned earlier is hoping the embarkation port is open and planes can fly into nearby port. We had a close call when going out of Galveston and flying into Houston. The stars lined up at the last moment and we were able to get in and out without any issues.
  15. DW and I prefer our alone time at dinner to enjoy each others company. We do like having breakfast in the MDR and sitting with others to learn where they are from and their previous cruise experiences.
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