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  1. I had trouble yesterday and went to a recent email RCI sent me about "specials" on the cruise planner. I think it was the one about internet. Anyway, I clicked the link in the email and went straight to my cruise planner without even having to sign in. Try that the next time you get a glitch by trying to get the cruise planner from the RCI home page.
  2. We have one cruise scheduled for November 2021 and one scheduled for April 2022. We will see if either one happens. We had a November 2020 and April 2021 cruise cancelled. We just shifted the nonrefundable deposit to later cruises. Better than losing our $500. I guess we will sail eventually.
  3. I feel like this is the way it is on land, so if I can be on a ship, I would be accepting of restrictions. Anything to go somewhere. I spend a lot of time on my balcony, so ,unless the waves are wearing masks, that wouldn't be any different. We usually eat in specialty restaurants and the main dining room, but being served in the buffet would be fine. Tables spaced apart would actually be nice. I don't like being too scrunched. All the open restaurants around here look exactly like the video. It does seem funny to see entertainers with masks, but that the way it is.
  4. We moved a November 13th Anthem cruise to April 11, 2021. The first RCI rep said we couldn't and would lose our deposit if we didn't pay the full price by August 13th. My husband hung up and called again. The next rep said we could and had no transferring our deposit and prepaid tips and gratuities to the April cruise. My advice: if you don't like the results from one rep, hang up and try again. You never know what you may get.
  5. My husband and I have gotten the flu shot every year for many years, and we will be the first in line to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Anything to get life back to normal. My husband is high risk if he gets the virus, so a safe vaccine will be welcome news for us.
  6. We noticed the change in fares on the website. We noticed the drop when we looked at the information for the specific sailing. We thought maybe the virus scare would affect prices. Some sailings are lower, some have gone up. Anyway, because fares fluctuate almost weekly, we decided to act right away since $700 is a huge savings for us. We wanted the same room. When we finally got through, we told the rep our reservation number and we got the discount. The non-refundable deposit still applied. It was very easy. If you want the same room and the published prices have dropped RCI will honor the price drop as long as it is before final payment. It pays to keep checking.
  7. We heard the message about not sailing within 2 weeks and thought, "No telling how long they will be putting out that message" so we just waited on the phone over an hour until we got someone. It took all of 5 minutes to get the discount on our cruise because we weren't changing rooms. Some people have waited over an hour and others have gotten through in 2 minutes. I don't know why there is such a variety of time when trying to get through. There is a special number for calls related to coronavirus posted on the RCI website.
  8. We just saved $700 on our Anthem cruise in November this year out of Bayonne. With the health situation changing daily, it is hard to predict if we will be able to go, but at least we have a cheaper room while we wait to see what happens. This is for a balcony room for two people. It did take a long time to get a rep on the phone!
  9. My husband and I are planning a possible cruise on Freedom of the Seas on October 14, 2021 out of Cape Bayonne. The ocean view balcony rooms on starboard side deck 6 on the "hump" are all available. Rooms such as 6340 and surrounding. I have a couple of questions: These are near the stairs and above the promenade on deck 5. Will there be too much noise? Since the cruise is in the middle of October, would we enjoy a balcony anyway? We have been on this itinerary before but at the end of August. We love the ports and a balcony, but we are not sure under these circumstances if one is necessary. The hump rooms are suppose to be a nice location however.
  10. Your daughter could not be any cuter. The monkeys would probably make me cry too! We just went on the Harmony in December and had a great time.
  11. My husband has congestive heart failure and has a hard time breathing when he walks too far. He found out there is a bookstore in the main section of Portland, and I couldn't keep up with him trying to walk to it. (Yes, he is passionate about books!) So if he can walk around Portland without trouble, you will be able also. I found it to be a quaint, beautiful town. He had no trouble in Bar Harbor either because he was seeking a good lobster tail which he got at Geddy's. Have fun!!!
  12. My husband and I are going on the Anthem in November for our 30th anniversary. We just got off the Harmony and loved it, but I have wanted to try this class of ship. From your pictures and commentary, it seems we will not be disappointed and will have a wonderful celebration. Two70 sounds like a venue we will enjoy!
  13. I thought it had many more inappropriate hand gestures than the movie. I agree the cast was talented, but the Harmony show would have been much better if the extra gestures which were not needed were left out. I don't feel the movie version was quite as suggestive.
  14. We were there last week. The air temperature was 80, so just right for sitting under the umbrella. Chill Beach water was a little cool, but easy to adjust to. The pool was way too cold for us. We got in up to our knees and got right out. The whole island is very nice though.
  15. Sorry to hear about Ruza. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved fur child. She had a good life living with people who loved her and enjoyed her so much.
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