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  1. My friend was able to use his FCC even after final payment but he had to escalate it to another department, not the regular booking CSR. They ended up crediting his credit card the amount of the FCC they applied.
  2. Or, as I have read, you had 4 in a cabin and they would rather upgrade a cabin of 2 than 4 (at least into the Haven).
  3. Do you still get the chance to bid if you book at GTY cabin? And why do they call it "Mid-Ship Mini-Suite with Balcony Guarantee" -- don't all Minisuites have balconies?
  4. Room configurations are weird -- not a fan. MDR was terrible -- almost had us not cruise NCL (Epic was our first cruise). TBH - haven't sailed EPic for a long time but if I did again, I'd be booking specialty dining. Loved the slides!
  5. Thanks for the info. I checked and my Xmas Escape 2019 cruise went down $200 (MC GTY cabin), plus instead of 2 perks, and $50 excursion credit, I get the internet.
  6. Booked a MC (GTY) cabin for Dec 2019 and I could downgrade to a BF (GTY) for $400 less -- should I save some money? I hear the only difference between Minisuite and Balcony is a bigger washroom -- is it really just that? Better chance for a bid upgrade in a minisuite?
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Fishywood -- do you mean to use this "Port Of Miami Shuttle For Cruise Ships" as the Miami drop off location? Because it does not show up as the airport rental car.
  8. I'm flying into FLL mid-afternoon and thought I'd rent a car to drive to Miami and then next morning drop it a Miami airport. Is there a shuttle from the Airport to the Miami cruise port?
  9. Money is money. I call every time...speaking of which, I will check again today!
  10. I don't know if it is just me (always seems like it, doesn't it) but when I go to the RCCL's website, it defaults to the USA site. I try to switch the location to Canada but it still defaults to USA. A workaround that "sometimes" works is to google search, "booking RCCL in CDN funds" but not each time. Is this only me? Does anyone know of a fix?
  11. I think the movies on the TV are free for Haven but it's been a while...so that might have changed.
  12. For total package YC but especially the value/cost compared to what the Haven wants. Haven -- dinner wins, though variety does not change, I found food quality and service much better than the YC. YC dinner service, though they tried hard was a miss -- slow, mixed up orders, not consistent (this is petty but some nights we got bread, other nights not, some times there would be a bread knife set up other nights not, funny thing was the nights we had bread, usually, no bread knife, etc... if they can't even get that right...) Everywhere else, service within the YC was great -- Topsail lounge, Pool deck, butlers -- they were awesome. View from the Topsail lounge was awesome. Going back to YC in August -- waiting for Haven to lower in price.
  13. You can but you need to buy the internet package to do that. The premium package can have 4 on at one time (6 GB) and the standard package allows 2 (3 GB).
  14. Thank you for the review...I was wondering why there weren't any new reviews of the YC. We are going to the Seaside next Saturday. Was the gelato and chocolate martinis included for the YC? Anything we should not miss? Any hints?
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