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  1. I believe the real question should be will countries insist that all foreign visitors have a covid vaccination certificate.
  2. We feel confident that we will feel safe resuming international travel well before we resume cruising. Nonsense from the CLIA Healthy Sail Panel gives us even less confidence in cruising.
  3. Just one reason why we would not even consider booking a cruise in this environment. Why bother? We will book when we know the ships are actually sailing, the onboard environment is to our liking, and the ports that we want to visit are actually accepting cruise ships. Until then we are not interested in playing the book/rebook/FCC/refund games.
  4. I have never understood this 'control issue'. I do not understand how we have any loss of control by dealing with a TA. From our perspective we actually have more control by dealing with an independent TA who represents many cruise lines and can compare their offerings and their business practices. Really...what is a cruise line rep going to tell me when I ask about a certain cruise ship on in the fleet. Will they tell me that the feedback has not been good and the last few clients who booked described the ship as a dog? I doubt it. Or will they remain silent and let us go ahead and book?
  5. Absolutely. Our feeling exactly. I feel very sorry for the cruise lines, their employees, their investors, and the suppliers etc. who depend on the industry for their business and living. I fear that there is still a long road to go before things are back to a new normal. I suspect that the cruise industry will be among the last of the travel industry players to bounce back.
  6. My guess is that those waiting 90, 120 days or more for a refund would love to hear from HAL!
  7. Ditto. What I do not understand is why it apparently took them so much time to come up with this fud. An intermediate marketing specialist could have done the bulk of it with a little research ( and as much integrity) in half the time. The CLIA is going to protect my interests? Really?
  8. It will be meaningless if they cannot attract enough customers. Phrasing like house crews individually 'where possible' is gobbly gook BS cruise line nonsense. Are we interested in cruise where we have to wear masks? No Are we interested in 7 day cruises? No Are we interested in cruises with few stops, and when the stops are private islands? No Are we interested in cruise line excursions? Absolutely not etc., etc., etc. Do we have any confidence that the cruise lines will actually follow these guidelines to the letter? Absolutely not. This just seems like a big, meaningless PR exercise to me. Intended to give some naive cruisers the warm and fuzzies. Something to put on a glossy brochure, web page, or advert, and forget about. We will not be depending on the Healthy Sail Panel to decide when it is safe for us to cruise. No sale.
  9. No issue whatsoever. We do not anticipate taking another cruise until very late 2022 or 2023. We just adapt and move forward with other plans, other activities. No point in moping around feeling sorry for ourselves. This is a first world problem that has little impact on us.
  10. It does not matter where covid originated. What matters now is how we move forward to control the spread and treat those who are infected until a more permanent solution is found. So far there is a great deal of difference between how different countries have and are reacting to the challenge and what their respective levels of success have been. The numbers tell the story.
  11. Last time I saw an employee count for Carnival Corp. it was 120,000.
  12. No surprise. No cruises, no customers, fewer ships. Plus an extended horizon to cruise resumptions. No different than any other business that is forced to downsize. Certainly a small drop in the bucket compared to world wide downsizing/layoffs that are attributable to the covid situation.
  13. No doubt the mass market lines will continue to retire ships for financial survival as the covid cruise lock down elongates.
  14. Hang tight. I believe that there will be many more cruise cancellations before July 2021, and a good chance more beyond that date.
  15. It will be a mute point if countries insist on covid vaccination certificates in order to be admitted. No different than a visa requirement.
  16. We are not giving a dime to any travel vendor, especially cruise lines, at this point. Absolutely no interest in the FCC mugs game that cruise lines are promoting to box in their customers or waiting months on end for a refund. We will book when and if we are confident that it is safe to do so, when we understand the on board environment, and most likely withing a few weeks of departure.
  17. Fortunately the powers that decide this issue are not relying on CC forums for data and advice on which to base their decision. The bottom line is straightforward. This decision will not be in our sphere of influence. We are bystanders as it were. Fortunately cruising, and the wishes of cruisers and cruise corporations do not influence public health decisions of sovereign nations in Europe to any great extent.
  18. The other challenge for the mass marketers who operate smaller ships is the value and price comparison with premium lines. I suspect when some cruisers added up all the the costs, inclusive and optional, between the two options moving to a premium line was the same price or the price difference was within a range that made it a much better overall value.
  19. We certainly do not feel that we lose anything by dealing with a TA vs the cruise line. Quite the opposite. Over the years we have gained a fair bit. Not only a discounted fare but we have had reliable, independent advice across the spectrum of cruise lines. Not biased adviced from a cruise company employee. We would deal with a good TA even if the price was identical. The other benefit....not having the deal with poorly designed cruise line websites or cruise line CSR's with little or no cruising knowledge or expertise. The buy is strictly a business relationship for us. Not looking for a new best friend. At the end of the day we consider this to be a commodity product. Price, service, delivery.
  20. The challenge with covid is that there was not much knowledge about it. The level of knowledge and the most effective treatments and ways to avoid it changed as our general understanding of the virus and how to treat it progresses. Bottom line....would I trust the musings/ramblings or medical recommendations of any politician over the advice of qualitfied and experienced medical and public health experts, including Dr. Fauci? Never.
  21. It is one thing to have a covid outbreak on land. It is quite another to have one on a cruise ship. Even if we have had the vaccinations, the very last thing we want is to be on a ship that is barred from many ports because of an on board covid outbreak among those not vaccinated or those where the vaccine was not effective. Floating around aimlessly on a cruise ship, with or without the vaccination, is not our idea of a good time.
  22. It is the golden rule. He who has the gold makes the rule. Ultimately it will be up to to cruise lines to make the vaccination rules for their fleets just as it will be for countries to make the rules about who they admit and under what conditions. No doubt there will be people who decide not to vaccinate or for some reason cannot. Their choice. But it will be the choice of the cruise line or the country as to whether to admit them. Given the choice between a cruise line that requires the vaccination and one that does not I know which one I would prefer. We are planning our first post covid (hopefully) international land trip for next fall We are purposely selecting countries on our bucket list that have been been successful in curbing covid infections. Just as we will purposely avoiding countries that have the worst covid performance practices and results. That includes our air routings.
  23. I have never seen the numbers. HAL lost five ships (4 plus Pdam) The percentage of berths lost in the fleet will be less than the percentage of ships. HAL had an aging fleet. Older, smaller ships are apparently more costly to operate and less profitable. It is all about the bottom line. Quite understandable that these HAL ships were retired. One thing for certain, they we among the least profitable otherwise they would still be in the fleet. Carnival Corp was certainly not inclined to cut their best earners.
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