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  1. totally appreciate those that have shared their weather experience especially for the upcoming April crossing without being snarky. In the current day of you tube and vlogs you see folks dressed in anything from shorts to coats with visions of palm trees and pineapple plantations. Despite not having a crystal ball it is helpful know from a fellow cruiser 'hey you may want to pack a rain coat, and you may not be using that pool on deck etc'. Looking forward to future comments as I try to pack that bag for 15 days of unknown weather. 😎
  2. And now the reality sets in! Thrilled with the times/layovers etc; now to work on upgrades from coach for the return trip from Rome. I have minimal status w/ America, was hoping for Delta, oh well! My price was $299/person so couldn't beat the price Return Departure City: Chicago O'Hare, ORD Destination: Transatlantic so not round trip, LaGuardia outbound, Rome return Airline used: American Number of Connections: Outbound 1 (ORD to PIT/PIT to LGA) Inbound 1 (FCO to PHL/PHL to ORD) Inbound Flight Times: 7:10 am/Noon; Outbound Flight Times: 11:50AM/7:50PM Did you pay for a Deviation: NO Number of days Prior to Departure flights were ticketed: 67 days
  3. great info! after the starboard eastern comment and sunshine, realized am on port side for an eastern crossing and I love my sunshine, even a little. May consider moving my room
  4. Katie H am on the same cruise, awaiting the docs also and using the flight option w/ NCL so really have no clue when we will arrive but I wonder if you arrive in NYC at an early time/am/mid day is it worth it or can you drop you bags and tour the city since the depart time is so late I recall other trips we have given the porter our bags outside the terminal; that may be an option to just hope into a car and go where we want prior to the check in process or is it even a thought or allowed to check in and then get off the ship and get back on before departure any thoughts from others appreciated!
  5. I will remain nameless...my husband and I took turns ordering 2 at a time; after hours I traded cards with my adult daughter; she went out with the friends she made on board that were her age group, I turned in for the night with her card and we traded back in the am. Felt nervous the first day or so but the poolside service was so terrible, it didn't matter to me anymore. She did order a few drinks with dinner and we just paid the drink price
  6. Jost van Dyke one of the best beaches I have ever been on, went on the early AM (if I recall like 730 departure) but the time got you out of the direct hot sun mid day and you had and enough time after to hang out in the port if you wanted to Downside to the early am time if not a lot of food options that early..got a little hangry LOL
  7. following interesting that someone on a TA got their confirmation 153 days out...I am on the same trip, told my DH to make the final payment so I can try to upgrade my return trip from Rome
  8. following too! was on a few yrs ago as well and interested in the updates!
  9. was there April 2019 gorgeous beach, pristine sugar. Walked off the ladder into less than knee deep water with assistance but it was a calm day Went on the early trip, dragged the family out of bed if I recall 730am, up side by the time we left if was getting crowded with other boats docking and pretty hot in the mid day sun and it allowed us to bum around town afterwards Down side we were starving when we arrived, no one fed us anything on the way over. Restaurants on the beach didn't open for about 1 plus hours, my husband went on a 'field trip' with one of the guides to 'town' and did get some coffee. By the time a place did open up, tacos were delicious but very pricy. Also there was a minimum amt if you used a credit card, poor people we were near only wanted 2 beers but had to spend a few more bucks to meet the minimum request. If you want to hang out and just relax, it is a great excursion, one of the prettiest beaches I have been on...sugar
  10. we cruised the Caribbean last year during Easter, thought it would be mobbed w/ kids but I was pleasantly surprised. Traveled with my 22 yr old and 15 yr old, they both found groups to hang out with. 1st day or 2 at sea at the poolside it did get a little crazy, young 20 something's over indulging on unlimited drinks driven by not a lot of bar staff but the behavior died down by day 3. We were not in Mexico, did St Thomas, Bahama and Tortola and had a really great time and would travel during that time again but out choice was defiantly driven by my 15yr old school schedule
  11. agree, the convenience is great, try what you want or what sounds good on a menu ad you may fins a new favorite. As far as the frat party, did have that atmosphere day 1 and 2 we were at sea, especially near the pool, those people lost steam and got tired! Vey noticeable change the 3rd day to the end of the trip
  12. you will never go back to a port view or an inside cabin, extra space even on a regular balcony room is great. We kick those ready for dinner to the balcony so the rest of the family can get ready. The best for early morning reading when the rest of the peeps are snoozing since they were out late. Your room service coffee in your PJ's, a book and the sea, no better way to start your day!
  13. mugtech curious of the drydock comment...do you know something I don't know? I am booked on the TA in April re the topic was on the getaway a few yrs ago, my biggest complaint we had marginal customer service from the room steward and in some restaurants but was convinced to sail again with Norwegian and they redeemed themselves the next time. Agree that folks will complain vs rave about their trip
  14. Same as above, going out of New York in April so flying Chicago to NY, Rome to Chicago. Yes, 299.00 seemed too good to be true so I called Norwegian direct to book and the entire package was explained to me. Didn't get non stops but understand will have the ability to upgrade as we get closer to the date
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