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  1. Flying from Porto to Madrid post-cruise in June. Viking has indicated they will modify the included Lisbon to Airport transfer to a Porto to Porto Airport transfer for $60/person. Was wondering: 1) Are taxis or other transportation available very early morning (5:30/6:00 A.M. from Porto dock to Porto airport? 2) If so, cost to get to airport? 3) If so, approximate time to get to airport? Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  2. Will find out for sure tomorrow as we sail tomorrow, but Concierge assigned to us, took personalized order for two bottles of spirits, beer selection, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages. He canceled, at my request, specialty dining reservations I had made and paid for and then rebooked under unlimited specialty dining (prior spent shipboard credit was refunded). By all appearances, we get all amenities associated with the RS. I may be wrong, but I believe the confusion comes in re not getting all “the perks” comes in with respect to bookings which didn’t originally include unlimited internet, premium drink package, etc, (I.e. the four perks often part of the booking,).
  3. Eleven Days. But I have no idea if my "bidding" affected the date of acceptance, but I was pretty indecisive. I was in and out of the Move-Up offer at least half a dozen times, putting in a bid, getting cold feet and cancelling or modifying lower when I began to worry about the overall cost of our wedding/honeymoon, or repeating a bid - sometimes the same, sometimes lower or higher when the thought of surprising my wife to be with a large suite (I was pretty happy with the originally booked CS) took over. My final accepted bid was in the system for three days when it was accepted. I was actually thinking of canceling again when the accepted bid email arrived.
  4. Chemmo, Your user name jumped out at me. You probably get asked about the origin often, but I do hope it refers to the past and you are well, or better yet is wholly unrelated to the topic I am assuming it derives from. I lost my wife 3+ years ago after 14 years of chemotherapy due to stage four breast cancer. It is too big of a "club", that affects too many good people, a club which I would have preferred not to have been a part. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  5. Thanks for the additional advice, really appreciate it. Great suggestions re having an email ready, letting Butler know of special tour requests and getting Luminae menus, will do all three. As for laundry service, it will come in handy. The cruise falls in the middle of a 1) graduation long weekend trip to CA, 2) our wedding on the OR coast, 3) cruise and then 4) a surprise (for her) long weekend in Chicago (recreating our first date/trip together 18 months ago). We were going to be spread thin on clothes. Thanks for your help in making our trip special.
  6. Thank you for the information, it is my first time on Celebrity and first time in a suite. One follow-up question... Is there a way for me to contact the Shoreside Concierge (I wasn't aware there was such a person)? I am not finding contact information on the Celebrity website. We are only 11 days away from our cruise departure date and in a few days, I begin some travel leading right up to the cruise (son's graduation and my wedding). I won't be totally unavailable, but I will likely be harder to reach and have limited time to respond. It would be nice to interact with the Concierge before it gets too hectic. Thanks again for your help. I am really looking forward to Celebrity and the cruise in a suite as part of our honeymoon.
  7. Just got an email indicating we were successful in our "Move-Up" bid, bumping us up from a Celebrity Suite to a Royal Suite. One of the perks in the RS is complimentary unlimited specialty dining. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this perk in the past as to the following: 1) Is it possible to make advance reservations online without being charged? Do we have to wait until we are onboard to avail ourselves of the complimentary unlimited specialty dining? 2) Having made two advance reservations prior to our upgrade, and paid with shipboard credit, is there a way to "change the reservations so they are part of the complimentary perk. Simply canceling and rebooking (if doing so in advance is possible) is problematic as our reservations are on our two sea days, which no longer have availability and I don't want to lose our time slot. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. Thank you VT! Appreciate the details and your review of the event.
  9. chemmo, no apologies needed at all, I appreciate your efforts in trying to help.
  10. chemmo, Thank you for your response, but I don't think I am talking about either one. Perhaps I am wrong, but the Chef's Table and Murano were listed separately under "Speciality Dining" and my event was listed under "Beverage Packages and Experiences". There was no mention of Murano in the event I signed up for. The event I signed up for was one of four "Wine Workshops" available and was listed as a "Food and Wine Pairing Workshop" with the description reading: "Discover the art of the perfect pairing as we show you how the right food and wine can bring out the best flavors in each other. You’ll learn the fundamentals of food and wine chemistry and the way food and wine interact as you sample an array of incredible pairings." Again, maybe I am wrong, but I took this $25 "workshop" to be a separate event, like an onboard class.
  11. Sailing on the Solstice in a couple of weeks. Signed up for the Food and Wine Pairing event along with a couple of excursions and two nights of specialty dining. Our calendar shows the excursions and specialty dining, but the Food and Wine Pairing isn't shown anywhere other than in a list confirming the purchase. For anyone who has done it... 1) When is it held? Is it something we schedule on our own once onboard? 2) How was it? Interesting? Fun? Thanks.
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