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  1. Again - appreciate response. Always good to hear of other's experiences
  2. Appreciate the responses. Know we have thought way too hard on this one. At this point - just moving forward with the trip and plan on consulting and then more than likely getting the recommended shots. As GOARMY says, the trip is too much of an opportunity to miss. Thanks again for taking the time to help out.
  3. I know the subject has been discussed many times and some don't want to hear it again, But that is because they have "been there done that". Re the yellow fever shot - as Flossie states - a lot of "different" info floating around. We would be interested in knowing age of those that did receive the shot we are mid-70's - in good health) and were there any side effects.
  4. Appreciate your feedback. We are in the "older" category - mid-70's, but - our Dr. suggested we get the shot. As you already know, a lot of different opinions out there. We are both in good health and normally don't have an adverse reaction to shots, so......
  5. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts/experiences with the YF shots. This is something we have been researching
  6. Appreciate responses. Suspect you are correct in that the tour operator would be the one providing - if at all. Looking forward to the trip
  7. Read a couple of places that "boots" are provided for excursions in the river basin area. Anyone with experience in this area?
  8. We sailed Paul Gauguin several years ago for our anniversary. 14 day cruise through French Polynesia- loved it. Highly recommended
  9. To be more specific - am booked on Bali to Shanghai cruise in 2020. Will be departing from Charlotte, NC. Have opted for air deviation program but would like to know the "typical" routing that Regent provides for this booking
  10. Guess I needed to be more specific but frankly, just looking for some basic info. Appreciate all of you taking the time to post something. I will dig more into my particular concerns
  11. Has anyone flown from east coast of US to Bali? Any info would be appreciated
  12. Read a lot of responses to your question and the short answer is, you can have just about anything delivered to your stateroom. We just returned from a 28 day cruise and found the cabin stewards very accommodating - you do not have to have butler service. We asked that the welcome champagne be replaced with a bottle of Riesling and it was done - and a new bottle when that one got low. Also asked for a specific type of beer to replace the stocked brands - they kept me well supplied.
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