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  1. Unfortunately I think the final tally will be 10 or more. This is a vulnerable population and the death rate for older people is higher. That’s why I don’t agree that they should have been kept in the ship. They needed to get people away from each other. Easier said then done. Emergency buildings. They don’t need to be super elaborate places for the healthy. Or on the ship , everyone locked in rooms and food prepackaged from outside. No deck time. But you can’t give them food that the crew could contaminate. the sick all needed to be moved out to proper containment.
  2. On celebrity, a couple we met in Blu said they had bed bugs in their cabin. That room and surrounding were treated and they were moved. I think these can be in limited outbreaks as well. They found the bugs day 2 and said it was resolved for them.
  3. I agree the Neil diamond was bad. People were leaving in droves. He seemed drunk to us. I did not hear any hecklers, but was on the second floor. We did enjoy the euphoria show and the rock bands.
  4. I was on that cruise too, and mostly agree. But main dining anytime was a disaster. I have seen nothing like this on a cruise ship before. Waiting in line while having a reservation with madness at the desk made each night more stressful. People from behind constantly Bypassing the line (who had reservations too) to reach the desk because they had one person there only. Any time a customer had an issue things froze for 5-10 mins. And people had issues because so many groups of 10+. the crew outside of MDR did great. Very little waiting. For some reason the buffet was less crowded at lunch. The lines to get off the ship went fast or did not exist.
  5. The 2tops in aqua are often close to each other. We frequently talk to our table mates. In about half the cruises we pair up with others and share a 4top at some point. The staff at Blu are very flexible. We have done 8 aqua cruises and are on our first celebrity cruise without aqua as I type this. I miss Blu!
  6. I miss the old Qsine. We would go every other cruise or more. Like others LPC is one and done.
  7. The cruise costs more. But I have been on celebrity Christmas week before and the specialty restaurants were not jacked in price on any night except Christmas Eve. This is every day 20-27.
  8. No packages are available. Just $70 pp. and for those saying the menu is special, no it is not. There is a special menu Christmas Eve. That is $109 per person not $79.
  9. It’s worse because of the lack of packages as well. We often get the 4 pack. Doubling the price without warning sucks.
  10. I vastly prefer the old Qsine. The animation for LPC was good but the food was not as good as the old Qsine. I would not go back unless part of a cheap package or deal.
  11. Pretty disappointed. Normally we go to the lawn club grill or Tucson during the cruise. Instead of paying $33 a person a night in a package or $45 not in a package, the only choice is $70 each. I would have gone on a different cruise line for this week if I would have known this in advance. We have been on other Christmas cruises and not experienced that. also, this is not for special days like Christmas, that’s even higher, which I understand.
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