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  1. I tried to use my casino reward today that expires on March 01,2020 and our cruise consultant said no, because the cruise fare was 30% off. Frustrated...
  2. I seem to remember that the SDP limit was increased to $35 an entree. It increased when they raised the menu prices.
  3. We had the above menu on the Joy in October we had this menu on the Joy in October of this year.
  4. You can book online with cruise next certs. No need to call them or use a TA unless the TA is going to give you an extra bonus.
  5. Make sure to tell your Uber or Lyft driver to take you to the World Cruise Center in SAN PEDRO off of Swinford St., not Long Beach. Not everyone cares to remember where each cruise line sails from
  6. We always take the train to Termini station in Rome and the take the Leonardo express to the airport. Easy if you are used to train travel. I want to say maybe around €20 a person total. I know it’s not very much, it’s been a little more than a year since we were in Italy.
  7. Just got off the Dawn today. Saw several doors decorated and never saw any mention in the freestyle daily.
  8. Not necessarily true. My husband and I have a 2 bedroom concierge suite booked and it’s booking availability was never shielded from us nor did we ever have a 3rd or 4th on our mock booking. Just the 2 of us.
  9. There is a list available to the people who check bags and you will get the correct color affixed when you check your luggage in. It’s happened to us, just tell the porter you don’t know your cabin number as you were upgraded.
  10. Happy Hour Prohibition’s charge is for the alcohol. It is not free nor it is a dinner show. My hubby does not drink and he was given the option to have non alcohol drinks, but the price was the same. Think of it as a cover charge. It is 3 or 4 drinks that are served during the show. You drink package does not apply at this venue.
  11. That is nice that Princess puts that info out. NCL has never given me guidance to get a VISA for travel to a foreign port. I hold a US passport. Any questions I would have would be answered via the US State Dept or the foreign countries’ consulate. Has always been my responsibility to have visa in hand before travel. Does NZ or Aus not have a foreign travel ministry or some other entity that citizens could obtain the required info?
  12. And then, after the MDR you can hit the buffet! Two dinners? No problem. Nobody is going to say, “ but you already ate at....” you can eat all day long if you would like.
  13. Or you can take the train into Rome. Take it to Termini station. Train travel is very cheap in Italy. The ride is like 45 mins. You can walk it from the cruise terminal entrance or take a taxi to train station. We walked it as did many others. Hubby just checked and the fare was $17. Buy tickets in the machine, remember to validate train ticket before you board. You can also take the train from Termini station in Rome to the airport. It’s called the Leonardo express. So much easier than trying to round up a car service.
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