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  1. hit or miss; we recently got the invite for the Oct 3rd Oasis sailing and that was followed up by an invite for an Oct 31st Odyssey sailing. I suspect its based more on trends related to bookings, cancellations, revenue projections.
  2. We did pick the photo package (first time we did) on our recent Allure cruise. You are able to take off your masks when posing. They did set up the back drops in several places through out the cruise and there were photographers that wandered through the dining venues as well.
  3. Same with us on the Allure a couple of weeks back. Eliminates people grabbing serving utensils after taken items off their plates and eating in line. Check off one unpleasant thing about the buffet that I hope to not see come back!
  4. I don't see a WDW transfer available; on our sailing we have only six hours in Port Canaveral - that would make for a very short visit to WDW given the drive times
  5. Just checked on our Oct 3rd Oasis sailing and the Port Canaveral excursions are there - about 8 or so options.
  6. we recently did Izumi Hibachi for lunch on the Allure during a sea day. We did have the UDP and there was no up charge; we even got an extra round of shrimp without asking for it! It was one of our favorite venues on the ship!
  7. We came off the Allure this past Sunday, Aug 22nd and during our cruise - we did not encounter any issues on pool hogging or had capacity issues. We managed to get swimming in every day during the week. And never ran into problems with loungers near the pools either. A note of caution - the cruise was about 25% capacity and probably not a good representative sample of what the future holds
  8. Just got off of Allure on Sunday; no reservation needed for WJ, but they did scan your sea pass card on the way and the way out. Assuming that at some point in the future capacity controls will be put in place
  9. We took ours off when we called it a night; a few times we had to turn around and fetch them from the room when heading out in the morning but no alarms were sounded. We did receive conflict instructions - at check-in the staff there said to take them off in the pools and when showering. But when we were at the pools, the life guards sent us out to put them back on.
  10. We were on the same cruise. Myself (56), wife (48), and son (12). Two worst parts of the trip - were packing on day 7 to have the luggage ready for pick up, and the crowded, hot, tarmac delayed flight home. Check-in was quick. Make sure to keep your test results and vaccine cards handy. We had to fish them out three different times. But were onboard twenty minutes or so after going through the xray machines. First beverage in the Schooner Bar by 1:15 pm No crowding in any of the venues. Never did we have to wait 3 or 4 deep for bar service. There was very often 3 or 4 people at bar. No chair hogging, no crowded elevators, etc. Shows very excellent, food very good, and the staff top notch. Everyone greeted you, asked how you were doing, and did you need anything from them. Cleaning was going on non-stop. Wiping down chairs when you left, cleaning your sea pass card when you had it swiped at the casino, even cleaning the ladders in and out of pools! Most of the dining venues never took our sea passes and just wrote down our cabin numbers. The staff did remind people to wear their masks when in public spaces. But weren't chasing people down or hauling anyone away. The OP hit the title on the head - 'tell them its safe'. Personally we felt safer on the Allure then the flight home ......
  11. I posted a similar note on a thread about folks being denied boarding at Galveston. Just off the Allure on Sunday, Aug 22nd and we noticed a pop-up testing facility being set up in the passenger pick up and drop off area. They were offering quick antigen test and PCR tests with results in a 'few' hours. Sorry, I didn't catch the provider or costs, but clearly someone has figured there will be demand and are providing a service to meet it.
  12. Previously posted that we were in the pro-lanyard camp, and wanted to give a field report. These worked great for us! Easy to scan with barcode readers, checking in to get on/off the ship and when entering or exiting Windjammer. Very easy to pop out, no fumbling with the zip closure and trying fish the card out in the traditional card style holder. Thanks for the tip!
  13. for our recent Allure cruise while eating at Teppanyaki, the wait staff told us before dinner that if you prepaid the $10 surcharge only applied if you asked for the combination (two proteins) choices.
  14. We just got off the Allure, 08/15 - 08/22, and notice that a pop up testing site was opened in the drop off / pick up area. They were offering the quick anti-gen tests and PCR tests with a few hours turn around time. On our cruise, it sounded like 200 passengers +/- were not able to board. Of course that could be for various reasons - insurance requirements, testing documents, etc., but someone has figured out there is a need and supplying a service to fill it. Sorry in advance, but I don't know the costs for the tests or if its there in coordination with Royal.
  15. We just got off the Allure, 08/15 - 08/22, and really enjoyed the UDP. We tend to cook a lot while home, and use our vacations to take things up a notch or two. Being able to use the UDP for lunch, and breakfast at Johnnie Rockets, was very welcome. It is very easy to get 'too much' food along the way, but we didn't get an appetizer and dessert with every meal. We also, learned to ask about portion sizes and ask for less. The staff at Chops split a bowl of the mushroom soup for my son and I. At our second dinner at 150 Central Park, extremely good by the way IMHO, our son asked for only two lobster tails, instead of three and they obliged. Food is very subjective and personal, but we found it enjoyable. We are already planning our dining strategy for our upcoming Oasis of the Seas sailing.
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