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  1. It certainly is not me. I just got banned from sailing on any celebrity or Royal branded ship for contravention of their guest conduct policy and I’m not even on a ship. It seems they do not like my Who is aboard thread and reaching out to staff members dating back over a decade.
  2. I have just been notified by Celebrity cruises that I have contravened company policy by reaching out to staff to determine who is onboard. After a number of staff complaints, according to the contact, my wife and I have been banned from sailing on any royal branded cruise ship.
  3. Most likely captain Nestoroudis. Captain Kate is on until September 30. Captain George and Bethany Moorhouse is the CD.
  4. I hope they fired the person who made the decision that angered so many people. No, wait. he was put in charge of ice cream on board and the waffle cones were removed to help pay for the movies... that and the removal of prizes from trivia... Penny wise, pound foolish for those old enough to understand the proverb. Someone has to pay for those little useless chairs in the retreat.
  5. For those of us who spend weeks on board, a movie is a wonderful alternative to the repeat of the juggler or the production shows. By the way, those people who enjoy a free scoop of gelato, the waffle cones have been raffled off to pay for the movies. Gotta save those pennies somewhere. Movies may also be necessary to replace the lack of a library on board... sorry, some of you don't cruise to enjoy a book...😉
  6. OK That's one glass too many.... you're slurring your words... 😉
  7. I'm not sure, depending on the alignment of the stars and the glass of wine I just consumed but...were the free movies available only on S-Class ships and not on M-class? Since we book back to back cruises a month or so in a row, the free "newly released" movies were a nice option to watching the same "production" show every week. In the day that so many people stream stuff, is this just not Celebrity's way to get people to buy the internet package if they wish to indulge their movie cravings? Is this not the same reason that libraries were removed in the latest ov
  8. Royal Caribbean Reports Record Second Quarter Earnings and a hike in dividends... This is a for profit company... Who gives a crap about diminishing customer experiences... 😉
  9. Celebrity removed them several years ago and replaced them with amateur hour.... 😉
  10. No but my guess is the guy will be promoted to a less critical department. We are among those cruisers who had their Silhouette Jan 31, 2020 cruise cancelled (for a needed drydock), picked the Dec 1 and 13th B2B cruise and now we have the "Silly Shuffle".
  11. If it is anything trivial that upsets us, it's the activities staff that won't change the questions form one voyage to the next. Two years ago we were on Eclipse for 6 weeks and the two ladies had different questions every day, morning, afternoon and pub trivia in the evening. Best trivia experience ever. (One is now a CD). Both of them would patrol the floor to make sure no-one was using electronic assistance. We find that if papers are exchanged, everyone is honest.
  12. Many years ago we were at a table of 6 near the Captain's Table (Aft near the windows on Century) with our friends, another frequent cruising couple. The (male) strangers at our table was telling us all about his cruising experience (he was wearing a lowest tier HAL pin) and seemed to be an authority on every subject. The following night 4 of us as top cruisers on this sailing were invited to the Captain's table. The guy saw us on either side of the captain and got up and left his wife sitting by herself at our table. I asked another table if they would be willing to invite the lady since
  13. According to a friend onboard Equinox right now, players will no longer receive a prize if they win the daily quiz. Last week winners received a deck of cards but that has now been discontinued. Modern luxury has claimed another victory over an activity that does not generate revenue. Cut, cut, cut is the mantra.
  14. There is one regular comedian whose only routine seems to involve ridicule of late comers. We will walk out when that happens even though others seem to enjoy his act. I once read about an author who believed in: " Humour without malice" Ventriloquist Dummies have the funniest lines....
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