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  1. Nikkor 18-300 is a very nice range. I find the start at 150 mm a wee bit of a pain when I want to do landscapes! I have to switch out to my 18-140 for the lower range.
  2. You should get lovely shots with the D3400. For years I used the 70-300 mm lens (and I still have it!) with a 1.4 teleconverter ring; but then the Sigma Contemporary Lens (150-600 mm) came along and it was a gift from DH ... I have used it since. The 150 mm tends to be too close for landscape photos; so I carry with me my 18-140 mm lens for those. They switch out easy enough. I would love to upgrade the Sigman to an actual Nikkor lens ... but that is in a distant future 😉
  3. We saw her in the afternoon (late) and also the next morning. We also saw a bull moose walking along the coastal trail - clearing the path as he went along - LOL! Cyclists and walkers were “most respectful” of the bull, moseying along the walking trail. Apparently, Anchorage has a resident population of 1000 moose; so keep your eyes open! especially in the morning and late afternoon/early evening 🙂
  4. I will be updating this trip report from bow to stern once I return home to Canada. I just didn't have enough time in the day to do it live - but a full report coming by month's end! Today, finally checked off "moose" from my Alaskan wildlife list 🙂 Photos taken in Potter Marsh, Anchorage (Post Cruise)
  5. Thank you for your kind words. I use a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma Telephoto (600 mm) lens.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. I use a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma Telephoto (600 mm) lens.
  7. A few photos from our "Adventure Bound" Tracy Arm Fjord excursion. If you have a long day in Juneau, like we did - highly recommend. It's 10 hours of awesomeness!
  8. Hello! we have had brilliant weather all week. We packed "layers" and wore layers throughout the week. Several layers in the morning, peeling them off by the afternoon. Excursions on the water? windbreakers were our best friends. Thick, heavy clothes are not the answer - but multiple layers are to break the wind chill.
  9. Four words ... "Playful Humpback Whale Calf" Three words ... "Icy Strait Point" ... Two words ... "Perfect Day" ... One word ... "Gratitude" Highly recommend "Icy Strait Whale Adventures" - awesome company. Office gave our cruise critic roll call a 10% discount and THEN our own excursion (11 people on boat) apart from other passengers. Amazing, perfect day.
  10. Port of Vancouver was a logistical nightmare. Very long queues and not well organized. Blame was placed on three ships in port, but gosh! that shouldn't be anything new for the cruise industry and especially for cruises to Alaska. Saying that, sail away was magnificent out of the Port of Vancouver! Right now, 4 ships in Ketchikan. We were the first to arrive, then the Carnival Legend, then the Solstice, and tendering is a Princess ship.
  11. We had the all clear at 7 (shortly after 7) to disembark. All aboard is at 2:30 PM. Short day in Ketchikan, but looking forward to it. I was up at 5 AM for the very beautiful sail in. Sun is out, blue skies, calm waters - all worth getting out of bed for. Watching the coast, all I could hear were the calls of eagles. Saw at least 1/2 dozen, sailing into port. Here is a quick pic - will share more later.
  12. In lieu of starting a new thread, if you are interested in following our Northern Glacier Alaska cruise adventure, I am writing a trip report of same live (ish). The ish is reality for me, I cannot write on the fly all the time; but will try my best throughout this cruise. Below is the link to my "Trip Report" in the ports of call area, for Alaska. Heather (hvbaskey)
  13. I plan to report back later, as first I want to jot down my thoughts about the entire embarkation day and sailing into the first night. But! for now ... I will leave you with this from Night #1 ...
  14. Getting ready and waiting for the shuttle to the airport!!! YYZ - YVR bound ... WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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