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  1. 12:00 EST - now received, but could not enter DH # or forward to him - it is linked to my email address, only. Will see in January, if he gets the points as well.
  2. Our May 2021 Eclipse cruise was cancelled and we had the offer to rebook anytime during the 2021 season. We rebooked for September 2021 (end of season), as I am most hopeful that with the majority (~ 75% Canadians vaccinated) and a very good percentage of people vaccinated outside of Canada having the jab - the second half - end of Alaskan season will be a go (fingers crossed!!) 🐳
  3. From Ontario, Canada and at 9:30 EST, have not received the email. Hope one is delivered 🙂
  4. Thank you for the correction in terminology. Cheers 🌻
  5. British Columbia’s plan within this article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/covid19-vaccine-rollout-plans-canada-1.5836262 I cannot see that by May everyone in BC will be vaccinated - the plan is apparently 50% by June 2021 and 100% by Dec 2021 for Canada. Then again, this environment is changing rapidly, so will see what happens. Immunization begins with front-line workers and residents/staff of LTC facilities (as it should be).
  6. Our May 2021 Alaskan Cruise was one of the many that were cancelled. We successfully “lifted and shifted” to September 2021 - no questions asked. Kept our low rate (vs. the higher prevailing rate) and was given 100 OBC as compensation for inconvenience. We’re comfortable with the result as we were doubt that May would be a go for Alaska due to current environmental conditions.
  7. Re: October Social Media Activity I have been participating in PUP since inception and the #Dreaming Social Media post was the first not to be credited to our accounts. I called Captain’s Club this morning and had to email the engagement centre with a screen shot of our participation. Seems like a widespread issue after reading CC today that many of us did not receive the points for that activity. H.
  8. Yes! and I found it interesting to read more about the APEX. I cannot believe that prior to PUPs, I was 38 points away from Elite Plus. After this quiz ... “15” ... I would rather be sailing, but having fun with these activities that “keep me in touch” with Celebrity while was are land-locked. 🌻
  9. With the Galapagos webinar and now the latest PUP social media posting, we have happily earned along the way twenty (20) captain’s club points. That’s a 10 night cruise in an OV cabin!
  10. We enjoyed the webinar and as I am on webex meetings daily, can understand the tech issues. There were “thousands” of us that signed on and that’s a tech nightmare. Considering the amount of us who did sign on, I’m amazed that it worked so well. My video was ahead in time than DH’s video, so while he was waiting, I was finishing. I hope they do more of these. I had goose pimples thinking of sailing again!
  11. I received the 30 PUP (3 captains club) points - exactly what I was expecting 🌻 for August activities that I participated in (Happy Hour and a Survey). Getting closer!!! H.
  12. I really enjoyed learning more about the NEW ports of call offered by Celebrity. We do have been to the Med several times and have repeated a few places in Greece and Italy. These new ports are exciting! and by doing the quiz I learned more about them and that Celebrity is changing it up with additional ports that many of us have never been to. BRING IT ON! (love it!)
  13. On the left is the button to view the ports, on the right - the button to take the quiz.
  14. I agree! I actually found these ports quite interesting to learn about. I have been to Italy and Greece via Celebrity Cruises; but have not experienced the ports of call mentioned in the quiz. I really enjoyed learning about them and happily did the quiz. I cannot believe that people are griping about learning a little bit more of what Celebrity offers AND earning 2 “free” captain club points for very little effort. 2 points is equivalent to staying one night in an Oceanview (or Inside) cabin. Quite generous of Celebrity in my humble opinion 🌻 I guess some people just wan
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