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  1. 1. I do not believe they were “purposely deceitful” - I sure hope not anyways. However, I just don’t think they were 100% transparent. 2. This one is really hard for me to comment on. One passenger was symptomatic (in my opinion) - “any” respiratory ailment in any form would be a huge flag. Should extra precautions be taken? IF I were a passenger, I would have hoped they would of. I was not personally on that cruise; so maybe they did? Were buffets still open for self-serve, or did Celebrity Staff serve out the portions? Were pools closed? was physical distancing encouraged? 3. The risk is huge in my opinion - check out @RuthieC62 post where she was not feeling well (cold like symptoms) while she was on board, but as they were assured nothing was going on (COVID wise) - she didn’t suspect anything. At the airport she declared how she was feeling and was tested and turned out to be positive. How many others who felt off (but not full on set of symptoms) disembarked and returned home to go grocery shopping etc. We would all hope that people are now socially responsible to stay home after a vacation, but that is I believe, overly optimistic. "Two or three or four or ten cases from a cruise ship at this point maybe contributes to the pandemic in a small way but has no overall major impact." “One” person has the potential impact to infect thousands. This has been case-studied by contact tracing and is fact.
  2. Thank you for being a socially responsible person who declared your symptoms at the airport. This was incredibly thoughtful and responsible of you, as many (as we are seeing throughout the news / social media) are not. It is quite unfortunate that you did test positive and now separated from your dear husband. I wish you a very good recovery and that you are reunited soon.
  3. Agreed. “ZERO” chance it’s heading to Vancouver.
  4. “It’s only five ...”; “it’s only 10”, it’s only 100” ...
  5. I suggest reading this article to show how ONE person can infect thousands: https://graphics.reuters.com/CHINA-HEALTH-SOUTHKOREA-CLUSTERS/0100B5G33SB/index.html
  6. “Only” - I suggest reading this article to show how ONE person can infect thousands: https://graphics.reuters.com/CHINA-HEALTH-SOUTHKOREA-CLUSTERS/0100B5G33SB/index.html
  7. the worse part is that people now have scattered to the winds, potentially and very likely infecting hundreds, if not thousands. There is an excellent case study from South Korea regarding “Patient 31” - “one” patient that infected thousands. This is how it works. https://graphics.reuters.com/CHINA-HEALTH-SOUTHKOREA-CLUSTERS/0100B5G33SB/index.html What is very disturbing about the Eclipse is that the Medical Officer brushed this palette as bronchitis / pneumonia during a global pandemic that you would have to be living underneath a boulder not to be aware of the clinical signs of COVID-19. This patient should not have disembarked until testing was done.
  8. Sorry to hear that you both tested positive, but at least you know why you were not feeling well. Sincerely hope your health continues to improve and wishing you both the very best.
  9. First of all - thank you for being socially responsible and self-quarantining for 14 days. You are awesome! Secondly, good to hear that you are on Day 12 with no symptoms and wishing you continued good health and future safe travels.
  10. The departure / arrival ports of the Summit/Silhouette have been mixed up in the data entry. Solstice did leave Auckland and finished in Sydney. Many passengers had to disembark in Dunedin on March 10th due to restrictions in Australia. One of the passengers from NZ who disembarked in Dunedin was COVID positive.
  11. The Government of Canada (Federal Level) specifically calls out the cruise ship with “confirmed" cases. On the Silhouette thread, more info is posted there of a passenger who was symptomatic on the cruise.
  12. Scroll down past the flights and there is a “Cruise” section.
  13. Actually, as a Canadian, I am not embarrassed. The dates may be incorrect - but at least they are notifying the public. This is more than what Celebrity has done.
  14. Sad news 😞 "The man died at Joondalup Health Campus after testing positive to the virus. He was receiving care within an isolation room prior to his death. Health authorities have confirmed the man was a passenger on board the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship.The ship was one of several to dock in Sydney between March 18 and 20. They included the Ruby Princess, which has been responsible for a significant number of coronavirus infections in Australia."
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