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  1. Just sharing the sign that was posted by the Virgin Island Taxi Commission at Crown Bay 🐳
  2. Just posted this as a separate thread and not sure if of help to you; but here are Taxi Fare/Routes for Crown Bay Centre, St. Thomas:
  3. FYI - Taxi Fares & Routes from Crown Bay Centre, St. Thomas as posted in January 2020:
  4. March, April, and May - she’s coming back to the West Coast of North America.
  5. Click here to Access the M-Class Spreadsheet. Instructions on how to search the spreadsheet can be found through this Instruction Link. Please copy the below table, paste it into your post, and complete the right column. Please use the standardized responses suggested in the left column when possible and explain the answers in the Problems/Comments section. Please upload photos within your post to avoid broken links and I will add the Post # link to the spreadsheet. Thank you for your contribution! SHIP NAME (Infinity, Summit, Constellation, or Millennium) CABIN # DECK # (2-11) CABIN CLASS & CATEGORY (if available): Inside, Oceanview, Veranda, Concierge, Aqua Class, Suite LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right) or Inside; Forward, Aft (Back) or Midship BED NEAR (Bath, Balcony, Window, N/A) QUIET? (Yes/No/Usually) BALCONY VIEW (Good, Great, Obstructed?) BALCONY SIZE (Standard, Oversized, Other) WIND A PROBLEM (Yes/No/Sometimes) SOOT A PROBLEM (Yes/No/Sometimes) COMMENTS PICTURES (Attach pictures in your review) DATE OF CRUISE AND "REVOLUTION" COMMENTS
  6. It does not state it in writing; it’s a carry over (grandfathered) from when there was no Luminae, Suite guests were invited to dine in BLU on a space available basis.
  7. Secret Tip: if you are on a S-Class ship - go to the Spa Veranda for Sail Aways! amazing view with no crowds! You have to go through the gym and then outside ... location photo below:
  8. Top deck views can be amazing ... #CelebrityMillennium #Alaska 🐳
  9. As well as Cape Horn, South America (weather dependent). General announcement made to entire ship that the Helipad was open for viewing as the Captain parked the ship and did 360 turns for all to enjoy (even the staff!)
  10. His behaviour was felt “top down”. It was not a pleasant experience.
  11. I have sailed in both Suites and in AQ and can understand both points of view, from either side of the fence. Yes, the practice was initiated when Suite guests did not have Luminae; so they were invited to dine in BLU on a space available basis. Should that practice have been stopped with the introduction of Luminae? Yes - I agree. Just like when “complimentary specialty dining” stopped for anyone in Suites less than Royal. Remember back when, as a Sky Suite guest you would receive a complimentary dinner (one per 7N cruise, more if longer)? that went away with the introduction of Luminae and so should the BLU dining. Saying that, I have dined in BLU as a Suite guest (only a space available basis, when it was practically empty) during one trip, when Luminae was a great disappointment (the disappointment only happened during one cruise, the Maitre’D was awful). I can understand your frustration and I agree that the practice should be stopped; however, at the very least if it continues; the “space available basis” should be strictly enforced.
  12. Fingers crossed for Akureyri! we have a Concierge cabin for our May cruise and this would be awesome! maybe I should cross my toes too!
  13. Just off the Summit and although you are looking for negatives, I have none. The ship was beautiful in all her new glory; but the staff made it a platinum star! Top Down the staff are visible, friendly, and interactive - this is felt throughout the ship and the service was stellar. One of my favourite cruises in a long time. Ship is great - staff takes it to infinity and beyond!
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