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  1. Yes please let me know! Hoping you at least received some decent on board credits via your TA- you should have 🙂 Best of luck with the exchange rate!
  2. I’ve posted something similar in another thread. We were in a similar position on another Med itinerary this summer, as we had also booked an OV category but noticed that Crystal yesterday introduced a VG option for only $100 more. The challenge however was that our crystal society savings won’t stick, and our agent contacted crystal to confirm- they won’t combine society savings with this VG promo for whatever reason. In the end it’s about a $300 jump per person for VG but we’re still going to do it. On board credits are still applicable. Regarding cabin assignment, crystal on our last sailing assigned our cabin 2 weeks prior on the nose. We received a double upgrade (which didn’t seem like anything meaningful as it was still forward, but on a higher deck). I don’t think you’ll go wrong with any of the Verandah state rooms over an OV. Let me know if you hear otherwise re the society savings in combination with the VG sale.
  3. Crystal introduced slightly lower pricing on our Med itinerary but the sale is a bit strange- they won’t combine it with Crystal Society savings. We had booked OV but moved to a Verandah for ~$400/pp which I thought was worth it. We’ve never sailed in an OV category but the Verandah pricing at the time of booking seemed really high. My sense is that cruise lines will become increasingly promotional due to an overall decline and concern around global travel. Not certain what mainland China customers represent on Crystal global itins but this must be hurting them as well.
  4. Thanks, Keith, as always for your wisdom! We’re just trying to find another excuse to go on Crystal! I like the idea of making our own sea days!
  5. This is great feedback! Much appreciated. Like you, we were kind of thinking it would be nice not to be rushed in Barcelona- we could eat on the ship the first night but then go out and about in the city for drinks etc. I’m also thinking that most people will leave the ship the following day to tour, so it could be nice to enjoy the ship that day!
  6. Hello Fellow CC Members: As a former (one time), Crystal Cruiser, I wanted to get everyone’s input on an itinerary we are contemplating for this summer. Crystal Serenity is sailing Barcelona to Monte Carlo (7 nt), but the first night is an overnight in Barcelona, which is basically 2 days in port before the ship departs. This itinerary also does not have a day at sea. Ports of call include Valencia, Mallorca, Marseille, Port Vendres, Cannes and ends in Monte Carlo. I’m a little apprehensive based on the delayed departure, and the lack of sea days, but the timing and ports of call would work well for us. Thank you in advance for your input!
  7. That’s great to hear, appreciate the feedback! I think we are going to stay in 8025. When looking at the exterior of Serenity, it appears that this cabin has a split railing where half is the bar design, and the other half is closed in on the lower half (like the rest of the forward balconies).
  8. Thanks so much, Keith, for your insights on state room location. We'll have to weigh our options here and see if a mid ship is still available.
  9. We have been assigned 8025 (Balcony Guarantee) which is listed as a B3 Cabin. It appears to be more mid ship vs. the very front of the ship, but would you recommend that we try to move more mid ship (including even upgrading room types if possible?) We noticed that this is the last cabin on the "bump out", which means that the railing will be solid. Should we keep the cabin for the larger balcony space? We are doing a summer Med. itinerary, so not too many concerns being forward as seas tend to be calmer in this region/season. Thanks in advance- we are new to Crystal and appreciate the input!
  10. I raise the question, because if you look at the ship externally, it shows these balconies don’t have the traditional railing so if you’re sitting down or in the room you can’t really see the water?
  11. All All, We are new to Crystal and will be sailing on our first itinerary in September in The Med.! We are reserved in a forward balcony, Deck 8, but have noticed that we’re one of the last balconies before the balconies get smaller (Room 8025). Does anyone have experiences with 8025, or balconies that have a “larger” size toward the front of this ship? Having now looked at the exterior of the ship, I’m a bit concerned that our view will be blocked. Appreciate any recommendations in advance!
  12. We have an upcoming 7 night (technically 8 day) itinerary. Looks like from the comment above 7 “days” or less does not have a BTO evening? Does that include 7 night itineraries? I was really looking forward to a potential supper club dining experience. Assume if there’s no BTO evening, they won’t offer this on our itinerary?
  13. Thank you, Keith, for your prompt reply! We have booked a "guarantee balcony stateroom", so who knows what we'll end up with, but I was just curios about the deck 10 staterooms. Really appreciate all of your contributions to the Crystal boards- it's been incredibly helpful as a first time Crystal cruiser. We're so excited about our first sailing on Serenity this summer!! Please keep the photos of the ship (particularly the updated areas) coming!
  14. Are the standard staterooms on Deck 10 finished in the upgraded "penthouse" motifs with new bathrooms etc.? Thanks!
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