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  1. A lot of people still know the difference between being a fun and interesting table mate or being the worst stereotype cruise passenger you care to use as an example - but the good guys are falling behind. Unfortunately, the odds of being exposed to people that don't care about anyone around them or sadly were never taught how to act properly in public is increasing. Seems the lowest denominator is becoming the norm. In an attempt to change the odds in our favor my wife and I choose ships that carry no more than about 600 guests. At dinner we make it a point to choose a table for two because [unlike some cruise passengers these days] we like to look neat and tidy at dinner, keep politics and religion out of dinner and cruise ship conversation and would rather not have some caveman family take charge of the meal. That said, we might meet up with the 'caveman' and his family in one of the ships pubs later and laugh ourselves to tears but dinner on a cruise ship for me is all about my wife and me. Selfish? Yup, but to coin a phrase used often on CC "we paid for it".
  2. Hardly a nit pick. I try to learn at least one thing every day. Today was one of those days. Thanks!
  3. "We were center stage a few rows back". I'm guessing you missed buses 1 or 2 to get what sounds to me like some of the best seats in the house. Wish we'd sat next to you :).
  4. Not meaning to take away anything from the artists that worked so hard to give all their guest an evening to remember I would have more enjoyed spending my time checking out the venue rather than watching a performance. The venue was architecturally remarkable and hailing a taxi to get my wife and me back to the ship would not have been difficult or expensive had such an option been made available. Understandably two empty seats on a coach that was full when leaving the ship becomes a logistical nightmare for the staff when that coach gets ready to return - so we followed the rules :halo:. A staff member from the ships tour desk said in kind of a snippy manor that we could have moved around and stood through the performance if we had wanted. I told her that I could fly if I had wings if I had wanted to but she found no humor in my response :rolleyes:.
  5. Just returned from our first Azamara cruise aboard Journey (Lisbon to Barcelona). My wife and I were directed to travel on coach #1 for our 'Evening' because we'd spent a few dollars more on our accommodations than some of the other guests. Our 'exclusivity' allowed us to enjoy being seated on the house right side of the stage for a performance that pretty much demanded being viewed from the front of house. Yes, if you've bought a suite maybe you should expect a bit of exclusivity but had we booked a suite (we were in V1 accommodations on deck 8) we would have been just as angry as many of the guest we spoke with at the end of the performance. Next time I'll get on coach number 4 - 8 thank you. All their seats were perfectly located where you could actually see the entire performance - front of house. Bus 1 and 2 was a joke.
  6. I know ship departure times for visited ports are available somewhere in the already booked portion of the Azamara website (I wrote them down at one time :confused:) but I'm either having a 'senior moment' or it's time for a new eyeglass prescription because I can't seem to find the information today. One of the fun things a late evening port departure allows is the option of eating ashore in a local restaurant which can be great fun. I'm trying to figure out the evenings where the ship leaves at what would be considered 'regular time' so we can book space (on one of those evenings) in one of the specialty restaurants. We purchased the optional three specialty dinner package. Booking the first night is a no brainier but I want to book our two others nights at check in.
  7. Magnum60

    17" Laptop

    What Don said (y)
  8. Magnum60

    17" Laptop

    I used to have an older laptop with an easily removable hard drive. Are such laptops still available? The hard drive from any laptop will easily fit in a cabin safe but let's face it, a cabin safe is designed to keep amateurs away from your valuables not skilled professional thief's searching for sensitive propitiatory company information. If our professions make any of us the target of such a thief that thief would look at a hotel or cruise ship room safe as nothing more than a mere irritant. I doubt the OP, 'bbqoug', or likely any of us following this post will be stalked by such a thief but concerns for cyber security these days are real. Don't let your concerns for your laptop mess up your trip. Hide your laptop out of view in your cabin and do what we're supposed to do on a cruise - enjoy yourself :D The exception would be if your ship is named SS Watergate :eek: I wouldn't worry too much :D
  9. I remember shooting skeet from the fan tale of ships many years ago but I also remember many years later shooting 'imitation' skeet while at sea too. The name of the ship where I tried 'imitation' skeet escapes me but it might have been the Royal Viking Sea? Imitation skeet used an exact replica 12 gauge shotgun that was tethered to a portable electronics package. The electronics made the gun recoil (just like the real thing) when you squeezed the trigger. To make it seem even more real the recoil was accompanied by a loudspeaker synthesized shotgun blast. All that left the barrel was a relatively wide electronic laser beam that you aimed at reflective bio degradable pigeons launched from the ships rail. Your score was recorded and displayed on the electronics scoreboard for all to see. These days it's probably not too wise to hand a loaded [real] shotgun to anyone on a cruise ship or to pollute the oceans with non biodegradable misses - but - I sure had a lot of fun working my way down to one of the worst scores on the ship.
  10. Magnum60

    17" Laptop

    [quote= Can't imagine lugging a 17 inch laptop on a business trip, safe or no safe. While theft is always a possibility not many people traveling on an upscale cruise ship with access to your cabin would have any real interest in a 17 inch laptop - a slick smart phone maybe - but a big clunky laptop, I doubt it. Like others have said, just put it in a dresser drawer when you're out and about. If you need some added piece of mind store it where some travelers store their laundry - in a piece of luggage that's under your bed. If you're not a big fan of crawling around when it's laptop time, store it under the life vests in your closet. Just remember it's there when it's time to go home :eek::eek:
  11. Magnum60

    Evening Chic

    This thread has sunk to, "let's move along folks, nothing to see here". See ya :)
  12. Magnum60

    Evening Chic

    [quote name=Host Grandma. Blue jeans are now acceptable in Azamara’s dress code so long as they are not torn or distressed. “bare feet' date=' tank tops, baseball caps, bathing suits, shorts, and torn/distressed jeans are not allowed in the dining room or specialty restaurants” We've come a long way since the days of transatlantic steam ships when ladies, well at least the ones traveling in First Class, would [often] do as many as 5 - 6 costume changes a day and men would dress for dinner wearing tails and gloves. I'm certainly not advocating that we return to those days but I remember when people dressed to travel by plane or when they went to a ball game. Nothing fancy, just spiffed up enough to show that they had taken the time to look a bit nicer than when doing chores at home. I know I'll always be beating a dead dog when discussing minimum dress codes. It's pretty obvious that dress codes on ships will continue to relax just as they did with airlines. That said, I'll never forget sailing aboard the Queen Mary as a wide eyed ten year old boy seeing all those well dressed ladies and gentlemen walking into the dinning room :* That was quite a sight :)
  13. Magnum60

    Evening Chic

    On quiet cruises with lots of sea days (such as the relocation cruise from the Mediterranean to the Middle East) people seem to dress up more than on ‘busy’ cruises where people are off the ship every day, often coming back late in the afternoon or in the early evening. With all respect Grandma Cruising, if a guest that had been on shore shopping, sightseeing or partaking in a long or short organized tour hadn't budgeted the few minutes it takes to 'freshen up' (a shower comes to mind) and change into appropriate clothing for dinner I wouldn't want them to be seated next to you or me at dinner. Few [if any] tours run so late that a guest would be late for dinner. Need more time getting ready for dinner? While it's sometimes difficult :rolleyes:, one could always skip that last cocktail they were enjoying at the pool bar :eek::eek: If you are late arriving at your table because you wanted to look nice at dinner [after one of those difficult non sea days] all that need be said is, 'Sorry I'm late but I needed a few extra minutes to get ready for dinner this evening'. My bet is that you're tablemates will understand and nod approvingly.
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