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  1. There are 4 fare types with EZAir First Class Business Economy Premium Economy I believe the real driver on a fare is the city you leave from. Some places cost more. We are limited for the departure times. We don't want to fly in the middle of the night. I don't like EXAir. Not worth a few $ savings to have a flight changed 2 or 3 times.
  2. No. Ocean Ready is only used with a Medallion ship.
  3. It's early in the season. The Royal is doing her first trip to Alaska. I have heard excellent reviews.
  4. Many times there will be 2 sailings on a popular itinerary with 1 being in the spring (which are higher because of the time of year). One in Oct will always be less than one in March. That's how vacations and seasons go.
  5. There is nothing cheap about Alaskan and Caribbean cruises unless you take a cruise for 3 or 4 days
  6. For those who are concerned with the Medallion and security, I received this reply when asking if a found Medallion would list the cabin number on the look up board. Dear Mrs. Wigandt, I received your recent e-mail. The Ocean Medallion comes engraved around the edge with the guest/’s name and the ship and embarkation date. It would not be able to do any sort of search for more details about a passenger or be used for onboard services or charges without a PIN. If you have added questions the crew aboard will be more than happy to assist and in the unlikely event the medallion is lost or damaged it can be replaced aboard. I hope this information is helpful. We look forward to welcoming you aboard! Best regards, Stephen A. Haase
  7. The apps for the Medallion Ships are. Ocean Ready, Ocean View, Ocean Compass and Play Ocean
  8. The Medallion is is ionky mailed to guests in the US
  9. Cruise points or number of days that the cruise is
  10. You also mentioned gratuities saying 'Just in the last couple of weeks Princess has announced an increase in the daily tips added to your folio.' The gratuities are what increased (not the package itself) from 15 to 18 percent. Nothing increased 40 percent.
  11. Gratuities went from 15 to 18 percent. There was no 40 percent increase. The increase in gratuities includes any drink packages
  12. No they have not. It's early in the season. Nobody knows how full the ship is untill the day they sail. By the looks of our ships manifests, ships have been very full.
  13. There were not tons of cabins. I work at the port and they had over 3000 on board, excluding crew.
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