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  1. I can't remember the name of the hotel but it was on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. We still had to Uber to the airport.
  2. We will be in St. Maarten from 8-5. Do we have enough time to visit both Orient and Maho Beaches?
  3. I also got an immediate confirmation of the cancellation. Royal doesn't deny that the money is owed but it's been since February 22nd and every time I call they say another 7-10 business days.
  4. We will be there from 8-5. Will we have time enough to go to Orient Beach and the beach to see the planes?
  5. We did a day pass in FLL. It was a great experience and so much better than looking for something to do while you have your luggage.
  6. Good luck on your refund if you cancel and rebook at a lower cost. I am still waiting on a refund from February 22nd. I have been on the phone with them multiple times and still nothing.
  7. We have sailed with both companies. We enjoy each one for different reasons. The only cruise line that we don't particularly enjoy is Carnival but if the price is right, we will make the best of our cruise and go with them.
  8. Has anyone gone on the adult sandbar excursion? Were the drinks expensive and was it worth it?
  9. Allure for April 21st is $42 per day. We cancelled once and repurchased at this price but still waiting on our refund. It's been a month and supposedly is will be here this week.
  10. What kind of deal did you get? We have stayed there before and loved it.
  11. We are considering the Labadee Sandbar Island Adult Party. Has anyone done this? Are the drinks expensive?
  12. I had to change my husband to my sister this morning. It was a much easier process than I anticipated. All of our show reservations and packages also transferred with one easy call.
  13. For our sailing in April, the current price is $42 per day. We originally paid more but cancelled the package and bought it again at the lower cost.
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