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  1. I was on the Star last month. I paid $119 on the second day to upgrade 250 min plan to unlimited wifi (not premium). I was given the option to upgrade when online. No need to go to the internet desk.
  2. Came across this wedding set up on the Star. I don't have any actual info about the ceremony as I didn't hang around for the actual ceremony.
  3. B8 Cabin 9862 We traded a chair for a lounger.
  4. Didn't Marriott have a breach that exposed passport numbers?
  5. Contact the access desk. They will send you a form to fill out. accessdesk@ncl.com
  6. I used two certs for a cruise I booked on Jan 2.
  7. Call. They might issue a credit to your credit card.
  8. She is going to be missed. She always had great cruising advice!
  9. On Breakaway Nov 18, Escape the Big Top was 9 and 11 day 2 and 12:30 on day 6 (both sea days). Reservations by Spiegel Tent Deck 6.
  10. I enjoyed your blog very much. Your kids are so cute. It really looks like you have a lot of fun on cruises!! We loved sailing out of NOLA and loved the cruise. My sister's first cruise. She is a big football fan. She was one of three Rams fans in the Bliss Lounge and a temporary Saints fan on Thanksgiving. I was doing my favorite thing on the ship - gambling!! Happy Holidays to you too!!
  11. We were on this cruise. We also arrived early and I took a picture of the line forming to check-in. Lo and behold...there you are!
  12. Did you request the stock benefit? 'Cause my stock bene shows up like this.
  13. I had to make final payment for a March 2019 cruise I booked in 2017. I called CAS, they refreshed the screen to add the current promos. As I suspected it would cost me double to add the promo to my booking. I got a really good rate on that cruise and have never been able to re-book it for a better offer.
  14. Too bad you left out that important information on your first post! Gave a lot of us false hope...haha!!
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