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  1. Was on the Getaway last week and had the “free at sea” drink package...and I wondered if they even bothered to put alcohol in a lot of the drinks. I’m admittedly a lightweight when it comes to alcohol...and either suddenly developed an amazing tolerance for alcohol, or almost every drink was really watered down. Did anyone else feel that way? If I were “paying “ by the drink, I would have been very unhappy with what basically amounted to smoothies and milkshakes. Do they have different “drinks” for the drink package people vs those who are paying by the drink? Personally I was ok with it since I actually remember the whole cruise...
  2. Will be on the Getaway for a 5 day western Caribbean cruise, and I wondered if any restaurants are open for lunch on sea days, besides the MDR and buffet?
  3. I’m trying to get by with just a carry on, and wonder how strictly they enforce the no flip flops rule for dinner? I’m guessing if the rest of me looks pretty presentable they won’t toss me out...but wondered what others experience has been? We plan 2 specialty dinners..teppanyaki and moderno...in the MDR the rest. If it makes a difference we will be on the Getaway...
  4. Will we get an email letting us know our flights/edocs are ready? Or do we need to keep checking the app?
  5. Seems like the OP asked to pay the “special “ rate even tho it had expired. The spa tried to accommodate him (which they did not have to do) Then he was interrupted several times due to a language barrier with his sister...who I assume was requesting his assistance. They offered her a translator (again they sound like they were trying to accommodate) Asking for a refund because his sister was requesting his assistance several times, interrupting his massage, is hardly NCLs fault.
  6. We are on the same cruise and no, we have not gotten edocs yet either. So looks like we are all in the same boat....no pun intended 😁
  7. We were told no. Flights can’t be changed. That being said...has anyone gone to the airport early and checked to see if they could get on an earlier flight if there are seats available?
  8. I know NCL has stopped using plastic straws. Do they have paper ones available or would I have to bring my own?
  9. Taking the 5 day Getaway cruise out of New Orleans in December. The perks shows 2 specialty dinners but I can’t tell if it’s per person or per room? Do I just make reservations and let the restaurant know I’m using my perks or do I have to indicate that when I make reservations somehow? It’s under 90 days so we want to get everything locked in ASAP.....
  10. While I do have the drink package, I am kind of a lightweight... what are your favorite non-alcoholic beverages? I’m sure I’ll drink my share of alcoholic ones, but don’t want to be limited to only water, ice tea and lemonade....
  11. Yuppers. On Royal Caribbean a few years back. Waited and waited for one piece of luggage. Finally at around 9pm I went to customer service to see what the hold up was. Gal at the desk gave me a really skeptical look, asked if I had brought alcohol in the suitcase. Nope. (Knew for a fact I didn’t...) gal gives me another skeptical look, and I see my very distinctive suitcase in the corner. Pointed it out to her. She has me come open it. And inside was a card, no idea what it said since she took it, read it, and zipped the suitcase up and said to go ahead and take it. Obviously it had been cleared, but there I was at 9:30pm dragging my big ass suitcase the length of the ship... wish they had offered to bring it for me. But it made a good story anyhow. Do with I had been able to read the card tho....
  12. It also seems to me that people who have a less than awesome trip will join CC just to complain and never show back up on CC again. I don’t pay too much attention to those. People who have an enjoyable trip rarely post reviews unless there is something really special to say. (True of reviews of anything, actually) I’ve read reviews (not NCL) where one woman complains about having to go to the muster drill, when she had just lay down for a nap. Others where people were upset that they were not able to use certain amenities because it rained. People who give a poor review for a shore excursion because it was canceled due to weather. Just go with an expectation that it will be wonderful. Laugh off any inconveniences.
  13. Our cruise in December stops at Cozumel and Progreso and I definitely want to do an excursion to Mayan ruins. NCL doesn’t have it’s progreso excursions posted yet, but I am wondering which port would be better for ruins? I don’t want to spend hours on a bus getting there. So that’s a factor. Suggestions?
  14. Same thing here. 2 of us are apparently going through Charlotte, and I’m going through Chicago. They said they didn’t “link” our reservations (we have 2 cabins with another joining us from a different state) my sister asked if they could fix this and was told they could...but they would have to cancel and rebook us. And lose the free airfare. Nope. Well travel separately thanks. But the gal did say it was entirely likely we’ll end up on the same flight. Just depends on what is cheapest 30 days out. Hopefully it works for you.
  15. On the Getaway in December out of New Orleans. 3 of us are leaving out of Grand Rapids Michigan. One out of Austin Texas. On the app it has me connecting GRR through Chicago. And the other 2 connecting through Charlotte. Since the Austin passenger is on my reservation perhaps that’s to coordinate arrival times? Would they be that considerate? Does NCL use any specific airline? Looks like my options (well, not that I have an option lol)would be United or AA. Through Charlotte it’s only AA. I’m hoping we are all on AA so we 3 can fly back together. We show the 3 from GRR all come back through Chicago. Does anyone know if NCL is allowed to book less than a 45 min layover? Since the app shows our connecting cities is it is it safe to assume they have our flights booked already? Or can they randomly change them in the next 4 months? None of this really changes anything serious but I’m curious what others experience has been?
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