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  1. We are looking at booking our first Silversea cruise next year, just wondering what the Vista Suites are like on the Muse or Whisper, which are the itinerarys we are looking at doing Can see there is no balcony, which is fine with us, and they are a bit smaller in size but has anyone got any experience, good or bad. Reviews on the internet are hard to find, plenty on Veranda suits but very little on the Vistas.
  2. Well im in the planning stage of my retirement cruise in just under 18 months (June 2021) We know which voyage we want but holding back on booking until we see how things go over the next month, the early booking bonus has just been extended until the end of April and the included air fares is currently on offer until the end of March, and although a risk, im pretty sure SS wont be over run with people wanting to make bookings right now! By all accounts, all cruise lines have seen a dramatic fall in advance bookings and a significant rise in cancellations. Silversea do have a price guarantee, so if we booked and paid, we would be covered should the prices get lowered, and if bookings are really drying up im sure we will see some further incentives offered to make bookings. For now, we won’t be booking anything, although checking the website daily to see if any big incentives get offered, in which case a rethink may happen. Good luck to Lois R and Archipeligo, both that your cruises all go ahead and a happy retirement follows.........
  3. We are looking at booking a 2021 cruise with Viking, given the current situation with the Coronavirus and some cruise lines already slashing fares, does any know if Viking has any kind of policy for those already pre booked? Or is the price set in stone once you book and the pay deposit. Some cruise lines seem to be more amenable than others to matching new (fares if lower) then others, be it with OBC or a reduction in the final payment.
  4. I’m also interested in this, have been reading reviews that some (or maybe all) of the S2 Sky suites on deck 12 are noisy, being just below the buffet restaurant, its putting me off a bit, S1 is not available then its big jump to the premium suites, so we may even go down a grade to Aqua if the S2 have issues with noise problems. Any advice or experience for a quiet S2, Maybe the rooms furthers away from the AFT? As the bad noise reviews seem to be from suites closer to the AFT.
  5. And that’s fair enough, but mixed reports as to how much assistance people are getting re scheduling flights back home when it’s the port of disembarkation/embarkation! Sure it’s not the Cruise lines fault though. And a very difficult situation for them with thousands affected, but with this a real possibility on cruises right now, would you be happy to book one this year?
  6. There have been some good offers around or about to expire and we had in mind to book a Septemeber Japan cruise or perhaps a trans Pacific from Alaska to Tokyo, but before we book our next cruise im holding off now until we see what happens with this Coronavirus, Cruise ships do seem to be in the spotlight and the Cruise company’s are not doing themselves any favours when either changing itinerys, some only offering credit for cruises cancelled rather than refunds, then there is all the hassle of maybe having to re arrange travel plans if itinerys change. More importantly I hope we see a slowdown or stop in the spread of Coronavirus, and a vaccine and travel around the globe to get back to normal, but also wouldn’t surprise me if bookings around the globe are drying up, we may see some great incentives to book a cruise in the coming months. And lets not forget the staff who work on the ships, having recently been on the Majestic Princess when this news broke, Staff on there were very nervous both about there job security and the ship is due to go to back to Asia very shortly.
  7. We have been looking at booking a SS cruise for 2021 and saw this offer (along with economy flights or discounted Biz), and told if we book, then we have to do so by the end of Feb which is fine, but then also told we need to pay in full to get these discounts and inclusions by the SS office in Sydney! but i also noticed that cruises only 5 or 6 months away, they have the same offer! So is this type of offer a regular thing? Happy to pay a deposit, but with 18 months before departure not sure im happy paying the whole amount that far out should we decide to book.
  8. We are looking at maybe booking an Aqua class stateroom on the Solstice, having only ever been with Celebrity once back in 2015 in an oceonview, just had a couple of questions in regard to Aqua. With dining in Blu, do you need to specify your table preference and dinning time as you do in the MDR, we actually like to share so always go for a table of 6 or 8 at a fixed time with the same people for the duration, can you do this in Blu? How busy does the Persian Garden get, from looking at youtube it does not look very big, also is this the same as the relaxation room/lounge that you also get entry to if in Aqua? If not how busy does that get..... Lastly for those that have been Aqua and other category’s, is it worth the extra money to book Aqua compared to say a standard balcony stateroom? Aside for Blu and the Spa lounge access what other advantages/perks/benefits are there.
  9. Yes i saw this yesterday, bit late for us as the cruise we are on is only a little over a month away and sold out, but did look very good value, compared a few cruises and the differnce between the value fare and all inclusive for a 13 or 14 night cruise was around $400, that makes the beverage package about $30 a day, plus you get the internet as well. Tell me about it! Its a nightly ritual for my wife, about 25 mins, compard to me who is undressed, in and out of the shower, teeth brushed and in bed in under 5 mins😁
  10. Curious as to how buying the 5 for 4 beer works, aside from the obvious bit! Lets say I buy this in the afternoon by the pool and drink 2, do I then physically have to take the bucket with me when I leave, keep them in my room etc, or can I leave them at the bar for the following day, transfer them to another bar, say the crooners bar for drinking in the evening? And if not can I take my bucket to other bars around the ship, would just leave in fridge in room and fetch when we went somewhere else. Very mixed on getting the beverage package, more from a consumption point of view, seems to make it worthwhile you really need to drink a lot or share, which I know you cant do, and anyway my wife doesn’t drink, so a 5 for 4 bucket a day would be enough for me, im not a big wine drinker so the 2 i can bring on board will be enough, same with coffee, 1 a day at breakfast is all I ever have, do like a cocktail but think I would need to be drinking at least 4 or 5 a day to make the package worthwhile and not sure I could do that for 14 days on the trot…. Do like a night cap, but more often than not im carrying that to the cabin and drink while reading as my wife gets ready for bed (why does it take woman so looooooooog??), so could pre order a 375ml bottle for the room and arrange ice in the fridge, prices are quite reasonable i thought.
  11. Well i never knew that, thanks for the heads up! does beg the question as to why they have cruises if this is a very real risk? Quite a few cruise lines as well! Expect they can move out of the path of the typhoon but be pretty rough seas and missed ports all the same.
  12. Very envious, we were on the QE in May for 10 nights to Alaska from Vancouver, lovely ship all round, particularly liked the Commodore club in the evening and on Sea days the Sauna which is free in the mens change rooms at the gym is maybe the best Sauna on any ship, floor to ceiling glass looking out to sea, looking at a Japan Cruise on her in September/October next year. Been on 7 Cruises and would rate QE the best we have been on, also liked Sea Princess, so that would be runner up! Celebrity Solstice gets third..... Majestic Princess in next up for us be interesting to see how she rates, although think it wont be on the same level as QE. Enjoy the rest of the journey, hopefully calmer seas ahead!
  13. I see there is some kind of speciality juice bar (Ocean Terrace) on Majestic Princess, anyone know if this is included in the Premium Beverage package? or any of the other beverage packages available. Read the package T&C but it makes no mention of if its included or not, freshly squeezed juice is but i dont think thats the same as the juice bar???
  14. I called Princess about the premium Beverage package, if you book via your cruise personalizer then there is no refund of the differnce if it turns out to be cheaper when on board, as i pointed out that in my booking i could only book it at $92-79 but the T&C said it was $86-99? So i asked would the price be $86-99 in January next year when the cruise we have booked sails and i book when we board? "It maybe it may not be" came the reply. Not very helpfull 🤬
  15. Just curious as you have lost me! 26 bottles @ $10 a bottle is $260, corckage on each is $15, so add another $390, total is $650, what are the $1123 and $1131 figures????
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