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  1. The airport is 50km away from the port, so about 1 hour from the port, depending on traffic.
  2. Yes, start the tour at 08.00am. Then , when you arrive at the Acropolis, there will not be a lot of people and there will not be any line at the ticket office. Of course, you can buy the tickets online in any case.
  3. At this time of the year, there is no need to probook tickets. But should you want to check schedules, pricing, etc, there are sites like viva and ferryhopper.
  4. tourist shops and restaurants, yes.
  5. it is a national holiday, so banks are closed. But archaeological sights/ state museums are open and also free for everyone on that day.
  6. Unless you are obese or have problems in your knees, climbing the Acropolis in November is not very hard. The summer heat is what makes it tiring.
  7. I don't remember but it is quite often.
  8. You should expect some rain in October, mainly for Athens. Islands like Mykonos and Santorini are usually more dry than Athens. Also, the islands tend to be a little more chillier than Athens at that time.
  9. As per weather, the only issue would be some rainfall. It is more probable to have rain in Athens in May than in September. Also, the islands will be a little more busy in September in comparison to May (I say this as a good thing).
  10. It's a good, 5 star, big hotel. The area around it is not interesting. It is 2 miles from Syntagma square, so they have a shuttle bus to take you there - of course, you can always get a taxi.
  11. In the tourist areas and especially in Mykonos, Sunday is a normal working day for shops and restaurants. You can just go into a church and participate in the service.
  12. The crowds have to do with the number of cruiseships arriving at the island on that day. But late October will be better than peak summer, of course.
  13. Apart from the Acropolis (which has a number of steps), the rest of the major sights (Temple of Zeus, Old Olympic Stadium, Flea Market, etc) are easy to walk around.
  14. For a resort about 15 miles out of the city, the best is Astir Beach For pools in downtown Athens, the Hilton hotel's. It also has a view to the Acropolis. As per tour companies, you can check with myathenstour .com, they offer a variety of services.
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