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  1. My August final payment date was move to mid-October on all three cruises. I was notified last month.
  2. You are asking people who don’t possibly work for RC to answer your question and who might very well speculate what the answer might be and if by chance someone does know the answer (and that’s a big IF) it is more than likely because they spoke with someone from RC so I am thinking why don’t you just call RC and ask your question. And you are talking about amusing. Really. 🤔
  3. So sorry to hear the lack of service provided by some PCC. Our PCC has been great. He is always on point with returning phone calls and responding to emails. If I spot a drop in price I can contact him on his cell and he will make the adjustment. He actually encouraged me to use his cell if he does not answer the NCL number. Not sure if the cell is his private line or is issued by NCL and I really don’t care as long as I continue to receive great service.
  4. We’ve sailed Carnival, RCL, Celebrity, and NCL. CARNIVAL= Hated it RCL= Enjoyed Celebrity= Disappointing NCL= Favorite These are my opinions based on my experiences. Please don’t waste your time trying to change my opinion. Thanks much and happy cruising to all on whichever cruise line you choose.
  5. I am sure if you contact the cruise line, they will tell you why. They would surely know the correct answer.
  6. Got in on this earlier this month. However, I gave it up this week to get a total of $1100 off my b2b2b upcoming cruises. We are currently Platinum Plus but no where near Ambassador so we took the $1100 immediate saving and gave up the triple points.
  7. Please, let’s not get in vaccine talk. My post did not mention the word vaccine.
  8. No where in my post did I mention vaccine. Please don’t read any more into my post then what I wrote. Thank you.
  9. Just spoke with my NCL CC and he shared with me Norwegian’s test cruise is scheduled for August 1st and he will be on board. It will be seven days and will leave out of Seattle for Alaska. I believe he said there will be a total of three ports. Also, I had him to check the prices of our three upcoming cruises in December. All three have dropped in price saving us $1100 total on all three. Lastly our finally due dates have moved from August to October.
  10. My preference is to cruise on a ship where everyone is fully vaccinated. I have no problem with social distancing as much as possible (not taking a crowded elevator, taking the stairs, eating at a table for two, no sitting in the hot tube with other people…something I didn’t do pre-Covid, wearing a mask, etc. If asked I have no problem showing proof of vaccination. Now let’s see who will be the first to try and argue with me about “MY” preference and what I don’t have a problem with to get back to cruising. News flash…Please don’t waste your time arguing opposite views as if what a
  11. All I needed was one. I used some Cruise Next certificates we had on the other two. I am satisfied. Again good for you being able to get ten. Hopefully you are are satisfied with your 10.
  12. I was actually booking 3 cruises (b2b2b) and was told I could only purchase one use one. If you were able to purchase 10 of the new Cruise First Certificates then good for you. I was told I could only purchase one and could only use one.
  13. I purchased one a month or so ago directly from my CC while booking my cruise. I was told you can only purchase one. He shared with me. I knew nothing about them prior to this.
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