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  1. No they do not respond to unfavorable survey. That is why I pick up the phone and call when I have a concern. Please don't waste your time telling me calling does not work because I am proof it does. I complete an unfavorable review on the hotel director and his staff last year while on our b2b. Dropped it in the the box while on board. Did not hear from him while on board. Gave them a few weeks to contact me after getting home. Sent an email and attached a copy of the review (I took a pic with my iPad). At the bottom of the review I stated I would contact NCL if my concerns were not addressed while on board and since they were not I called. I am happy to say the NCL rep gave me a verbal apology and an upgraded on both of our upcoming cruises (b2b) with on board credit.
  2. Yes, there are LBGTQIA get togethers. I have noticed that every NCL ship we have been on has them. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. It's strange you should ask that. Yes I am 😉.
  4. I take a One A Day multi-vitamin, a calcium and vitamin C all over the counter. I plan to declare just to be on the safe side. Should I for go the ziplock with a photo copy of the package and just take original bottles. I buy large bottles which is well over a 30 day supply.
  5. We did b2b both 14 days. It was great! Enjoyed each and every one of the 28 days!
  6. Not in our life time. It just keeps going and going and....
  7. Depends on the ship. On the Spirit 90% was on hangers. The rest folded. On the Epic everything was folded and the missed up a tee shirt belong to my husband. On the Spirit there was no proble with anything laundering any of our clothes. By the way the Epic never acknowledged they ruined the shirt. They folded it and mixed it in with the others. I guess they thought we would not notice.
  8. Maybe it is just us but DH and I have never had a great, to die for meal at Cagneys. Most have been just "OK" and others were down right horrible (something I would not feed to a dog). It is what it is, mass produced food.
  9. Thanks so much Porky. I found the same info soon after posting. We found a place and actually sent an email to which they responded. As soon as they finished with planning we will receive an email and link to make reservations and make payment.
  10. We will spend Christmas in Sydney. Just wondering should we make dinner reservations now? What is there to do on Christmas Day? We actually port on December 22nd and will fly back home on December 26th. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  11. We will send Christmas in Sydney. Just wondering should we make dinner reservations now? What is there to do on Christmas Day? We actually port on December 22nd and will fly back home on December 26th. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  12. We have had both happen to us. Once when the price dropped we were given the choice of a cabin upgrades (mini suite) or on board credit. We took the on board credit. This was on both cruises (b2b). This year (again b2b) when the price dropped we called and asked for an upgrade to a mini suite for both cruises which we received with no problems. Both times it was after final payment. I have discovered no policy is written in stone. It never hurt to ask. All that can be said is yes or no. For us the answers so far have always been YES! I would never ever let anyone on this website or any where else discourage me from asking a question when it comes to my money or the money I have spent. Especially when I have nothing to lose. Happy cruising to all!
  13. My DH and I first cruised with NCL in 2000. Over the last 19 years we have sailed on 13 NCL, 5 Princess, 5 Royal Caribbean, 4 Carnival, and 2 Celebrity cruise. For what ever reason I have rated the food on any of those cruise as 5 star quality. The food on all the cruises was just OK. There were some items that were better on one ship/cruise line than another but nothing I would rave over. My thought is they are preparing meals meals for thousands of people there they cannot get it right for everyone. When I try something that does not tickle my tast buds I move on to something else. I know I am not in a 5 star restaurant and don't expect 5 star quality food. I eat what I like and keep moving. I haven't starved on a cruise yet. Happy cruising to all.
  14. Spanishguy1970 has your family come up with your enough (what your dsc limit is)?
  15. Who knows other than those who make the decisions why there is such a big difference in pricing.
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