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  1. Yes you can order drinks at all restaurants.
  2. I have cruised on both. In my opinion (key words) the food is nothing to rave about. Banquet quality at best.
  3. Tipping is based on the individual service one receives. On one cruise we had the worst cabin steward. The worst we have ever had in all our years of cruising. His attitude was just horrible. He never introduced himself. Never greeted us. He always had a frown on his face. Reported that soft drinks and other items were removed from the refrigerator and they we were charged for them at the end of the cruise and hell no we did not pay. My husband is a very generous tipper but that was one time I put my foot down and said no way. This is opinion. Please respect it.
  4. I don’t understand the mentality of the so call chair hog and those that bake themselves in the sun. I personally don’t sunbathe. Blessed to have a beautiful natural even tan. 😉 This is my personal opinion, please respect it.
  5. Since we booked out b2b2b prices have dropped three time on all three for a total savings of $2357. I called a friend about this last drop and they were able to save $2297 and keep the air even though it was no long offered. Hopefully there is one more drop before final payment. If there is a price drop after final payment I will ask for on board credit.
  6. No way would we spend that kind of money on any kind of drink package. Then again my DH does not drink at all and I have a glass of wine or a daiquiri a a few times a year. On New Year Eve we have sparkling grape juice. We are not coffee drinkers and have sodas every blue moon. Water is our go to drink.
  7. Please share the name(s) of a cruise line that charges extra for cleaning cabins. Better yet what cruise line have you paid extra to clean your cabin.
  8. We booked our own flights and pay for and use NCL transfer from the airport to the cruise port.
  9. I have to agree. I book our flights. Would never allow any cruise line to book a flight for me without allowing me to have input. Not worth it.
  10. DH always tips $5 per bag along with a big Thank You!
  11. We have cruised with a few cruise lines (NCL, RCC, Celebrity, Carnival, and Princess) and in my opinion the food on all of them is nothing to write home about. What is tasty to one person is not necessarily tasty to another. It is all banquet quality food even in the specialty restaurants. Like all banquet food it is a little hit and a lot of miss in my opinion. Please respect my opinion and my taste buds.
  12. Hubby and I are blessed. Our medical insurance covers us oversea. It is a benefit added in 2019 at no extra cost. We have a list of doctors (what they specialize in) hospitals and clinics where ever we travel that we can down load. Pharmacy benefits are also included. What a peace of mind.
  13. We too are have doubt if we will sail out of San Juan In December.
  14. We have never had a problem booking the NCL transfer to the cruise port and we alway come in at least a day early. Our NCL-CC gives us the time and location we should meet the NCL rep in the airport as soon as we book. We just did it for our cruise out of NY and yes it is a lot cheaper. He has never did a mock flight booking.
  15. For my upcoming cruise my CC stated NCL recommends testing 48 hours before boarding. Has it changed back to 72 hours? We are sailing out of NY.
  16. Thanks…I wanted to make sure this was not something for NCL. Enjoy your cruise.
  17. Just curious. Why would you need to get a rapid antigen test in San Juan?
  18. A few years ago we did a B2B. The first leg had well under 20 children. We didn’t even know children were on board. It was heaven. The second leg well over 500. It was hell.
  19. Oh hell no! Don’t let them jerk you around like that. This goes beyond the Guest Relationship Supervisor. In my mind you need to contact someone who sits around the big mahogany table. I have done so for matter far less than this and yes I got what I paid for.
  20. Kudos to NCL for standing its ground by putting passenger safety first. B2B2B cruises where everyone is vaccinated and no children is a dream come true for me. 🥳
  21. Price has dropped twice on our cruises as well. Hopefully there will be a third. On the second price drop we also got double points.
  22. Prices have dropped twice on all three of our cruises.
  23. My August final payment date was move to mid-October on all three cruises. I was notified last month.
  24. You are asking people who don’t possibly work for RC to answer your question and who might very well speculate what the answer might be and if by chance someone does know the answer (and that’s a big IF) it is more than likely because they spoke with someone from RC so I am thinking why don’t you just call RC and ask your question. And you are talking about amusing. Really. 🤔
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