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  1. Of course! But I did not say "Now". I said "Until the first..." Once I had a privilege to talk with a Chief engineer of a great ocean ship. I asked him about the most efficient propulsion system for a mega cruise ship. The answer was: steam engines & nuclear power unit. “I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” Captain Smith Happy cruising!
  2. Meraviglia = Closed space & Crowds. This is something the OP wants to avoid.
  3. Not excited at all. Carnival competitors have been more creative in building their ships of this kind (floating anthills). Carnival is just squeezing more and more cabins in the existing design, reducing public space. IMO they have missed the turn: AIDAprima should have been their new platform between the Breeze and Mardi Gras. Possibly they had to (construction cost, shipyards availability). 😞
  4. Hi tcmagnum, You are going to pay double for what the product is worth, unless you book a Yacht Club cabin on the Seaside. A regular balcony on the Seaside is a good deal (think about $1,700 total). Additionally, you can buy a spa pass (spa + private sun deck), and save some $1,500. The Seaside is a good ship. Stay away from Armonia and Meraviglia. For a smaller/more comfortable cruise ship experience look at HAL/Celebrity. Happy cruising!
  5. The Queen's Room: Main stage: Happy cruising!
  6. Never on the balcony. Never in the main pool area. 1. We start on the forward observation deck (Port - Battery Park). 2. Then we move to the stern (depends on the ship) to enjoy the aft views.
  7. "Premium" is the past of Celebrity. Premium is a small portion that they cater for now: the Suite class. The rest of the product is gradually decaying mass market. Allure or Vista carry more (?) older folks than a mid-size Celebrity ship, and definitely more than any of so-called "luxury" ships. 🙂 7-day cruise on Summit from San Juan in November starts from $680.00 pp 7 days on NCL Breakaway (a much better ship with extra $ features) start from $580.00 7 days on Independence of the Seas (a much better ship - a similar itinerary from San Juan) start from $590.00 pp 8 days on Carnival Horizon start from $700.00 pp (current prices) Do we need to save to cruise on Celebrity? Definitely not (even if the prices are 100-200 more). The Summit has a certain ambiance that is preferred by that particular group of older folks that will board this ship. Many other folks will be seen on the Breakaway, Independence, Horizon, etc. for some other reasons cruisers may have. It's funny, but they might need to save some $ if they want to cruise on the Symphony or the Bliss....
  8. Think of a small Nordstrom and a large Walmart as a single venue, but with a wall in between. A name for the new venue? Nordstrom of course. Their ships will be gradually "revolutionized" (or "edgesized") one after another to conform to that model. They are dreaming of NCL and MSC way of cruising, but NCL top ships feature a higher class product, while MSC has more nerve and fantasy. MSC Seaside product overall is already on par (or above!) with the recently "revolutionized" Equinox. It appears that their oldest ships (Summit, etc.) will be their best ships when the last of the Solstice ships is done with the "revolution". At least their identity will be more clear: nice moderately comfortable mass market ships for retirement cruises. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=655142
  9. Posters were criticized for having no proof of what they stated they saw on the ship. Once the proof is posted, they are criticized for posting the proof. 🙂
  10. Changes? Yes. Now I call her a Wounded Queen. The new cabins mercilessly implanted into public space, the block of the new cabins on top that reduced open deck space made me feel pain as if my body was injured. Greediness of cruise lines has no boundaries. Even the Queen "is not divine, just next in line". The orchestra is 50% smaller than it was 10 years ago. IMO the three things that required re-mastering were MDR food, quality of the shows, and addition of heated tile beds in the spa. It has not happen. Honestly I would prefer Carnival MDR menu. The quality of MDR food vs the opulence of the ship is the largest disproportion in Cunard product. The upper part of the atrium looks like an unfinished work. Positive changes. I like the Winter Garden transformation into the Carinthia Lounge The Buffet is now better organized, but it looks like a foreign object due to its hospital style decor. With all the changes (good, bad, and no changes) the Queen Mary 2 remains the grandest passenger ship in the world.
  11. Class division on cruise ships may or may not be like flying First Class. It may or may not limit cruising experience for 94-95% of passengers. It depends on the ships' design and layout. It's not about Marxism, it's about product quality - something that we should know before we book a cruise. 🙂
  12. Hi, Each ship has its pros and cons. So pros and cons for the Getaway are not the same as for Breakaway or the Bliss. Getaway pros: Spa Promenade decks Specialty dining options Water slides Buffet Shows Single cabin option (on condition that prices are reasonable) Getaway cons: No free "serene sun deck" Narrow cabins Inadequate pools Class division in your face (no access to the font, crowded sun deck for a few thousands of non-Haven guests) MDR food Happy cruising!
  13. Wow! This a post of the month! Truth comes out from the children's mouth. Your child is born as a cruise critic. "Lobsters: yes or no" - is one of the quick tests to instantly reveal the class of the ship. "No lobsters" means "below standards". Happy cruising!
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