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  1. I think mom and dad on the pull out sofa bed is about our only option, and the kids on the split regular bed. Since he told me a rollaway was not an option, I still think I will ask once on ship and see if that can happen.
  2. Because of the age requirement, I didn't think it would work. And we like to eat breakfast in the Pinnacle and that couldn't happen if they were in a separate room.
  3. I had asked for a rollaway and was told that no ship has them available. They told me it was a hazard for one to be in the room.
  4. I was confident that I have never seen a Murphy bed in a Neptune, but wasn't confident on if I have seen an ottoman in the room. So I didn't challenge that answer.
  5. When I got that answer, I questioned him further and asked if just certain Neptune suites had Murphy beds and he confidentiality stated they all did! When I said that I have never seen that, is when he told me about this ottoman bed. I am feeling like I got really bad information from that call.
  6. The odd part is, since I have started researching this, in all of the recent pictures of the NA Neptune suite, I do not see any ottomans in the suites at all. They also indicated that a roll a way bed was not an option.
  7. We will be traveling on the Nieuw Amsterdam in a Neptune suite with our two college age children in several weeks. The kids have made in clear in no uncertain terms they do not want to share the pull out sofa bed. I called the Mariner Society to ask what our options were and was told that the ottoman in the suite folds out into a single bed. I have not been able to locate or find any information or pictures of this. Does anyone have experience with this type of bed? Is it comfortable? I was first told that that all Neptune suites had a Murphy bed and when I questioned that answer that I have never saw that before, they came back with this ottoman bed option instead. I am hoping that I didn't get bad information once again!
  8. Oh my, what a thing to forget! I am glad I am not on that Viking ship!
  9. Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions and the help.
  10. At first we were supposed to land in Vancouver at 9AM and that would have been perfect. But after the cancellation they wanted to put us on a flight that didn't get in until 1:30. Knowing that wouldn't work, the best we could do was land at 11 after a night in Seattle. Right now I view air travel as a necessary evil! I haven't had a flight in the past few years that hasn't been changed or cancelled weeks prior to the trip. Even after the re-booking, our flight from Seatac to YVR was changed to an hour later a week after it was booked!
  11. Thanks for the information! Appreciate knowing what to expect when we arrive at Canada place.
  12. Thank you for your thoughts. I did look and there are actually two ships in port that day and we are leaving the end of May. We typically do arrive a bit later when we get to port as we like to miss as much as the crowds as possible. But with hearing the TA horror stories of three to four hours waits, I was in a bit of panic mode! LOL So if we arrive around the 12:30 - 1 PM and drop off the luggage is there a variety of restaurants close by to have a nice family lunch? Arriving back to port around 2-2:30 for check in and CBP screening we should then avoid the major long lines, correct?
  13. I have sailed before out of a Canada port (Montreal) and had no long lines to get through customs, matter of fact it was a fairly easy process, however I was just chatting with my TA about something else and she started telling me horror stories about check in and customs waiting times of over three hours before you can board the ship when sailing out of Vancouver. Is this normal? I have already had to change my flights into Vancouver since my airline cancelled my original flight and the only thing I could arrange was a flight into Seattle the night before then a morning flight from Seatac to YVR that doesn't get into YVR until just before 11AM. I was okay with the flight change until I heard about the long lines getting through the embarkation. Should I be worried?
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