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  1. I'd recommend just sticking them into your carry-ons if you're worried they'll get pegged for potentially containing alcohol.
  2. I've used them twice and never had issues with them. I guess I can report back in a few weeks after my Symphony cruise.
  3. Shes stating that if the cruise started in Halifax and ended in Bayonne or vice versa the PVSA wouldn't be involved. They could board in Boston and debark in NJ
  4. 😞 Not there for my Symphony cruise in 47 days. Still $49/day
  5. Got the same for my trip on August 17th Dear rbschultz, We have processed a change to your reservation made using our Cruise Planner based on one of the following scenarios: A change in departure time for your reservation was made by the tour operator; A change has been made to your cruise itinerary or one of the ports visited that required for your reservation to be changed; A change has been made to your arrival and/or departure time for a specific port that required for your reservation to be changed. Special Note: Dear Guest, Please note that due to the installation of a new cast we have had to move some of the dates and times of the scheduled shows. All of your reservations have automatically been moved to the new date and time listed below. If you would like to reschedule, please visit www.royalcaribbean.com or onboard visit our Box Office. Original Showtime: Hairspray! on August 18th at 10:30pm New Showtime: Hairspray! on August 22nd at 10:00pm Reservation Number: 8675309 Cruise: 7 Night Western Caribbean & Perfect Day Ship Name: Symphony Of The Seas Date of Departure: 17-Aug-2019 Departing From: Miami, Florida
  6. I'd probably be there by 5:45, but thats just me being OCD about being early.
  7. As others have said it isn't too early, but you WILL have to do self-disembarkation. My past 2 cruises I have taken 10:20am flights from FLL with disembarkation in Miami and had no issues making it. I get to the disembarkation area very early to make sure I am one of the first people off the ship...no stress involved for me (I wake up early anyways)
  8. This may be the first time I agree with you on these forums. 🙂
  9. Talk about bringing the class you think you deserve to the MDR... yeesh.
  10. Feel free. You certainly will not be alone.
  11. Wear what you're comfortable in. Dress code of "Formal" is now a suggestion as opposed to mandatory.
  12. How was it making reservations for the restaurants once on board with the Unlimited Dining Package? My parents are worried all the times will be gone with the reserve online option.
  13. Or down in Kittery! Enjoy the day in Kennebunkport... food recommendations below Lobster - Nunan's Lobster Hut Fancyish dinner - Bandaloop or Earth Further, Fancyish dinner - Walkers Fried seafood/Lobster roll - Clam Shack Normal Ice Cream - Scoop Deck Fancy Ice Cream - Rococo
  14. I can't believe this is a real thread.... people are complaining that others are using public restrooms to use the restroom. Wow. Just wow. If I have to take a s*** and I'm not in my cabin I'm using the nearest toilet. Don't care how long I can "hold it." Call me disrespectful all you like... its a bathroom and it is meant to be used not admired.
  15. If I had to guess this is a Yeshiva week cruise which also happens to be a Jewish Festival cruise. Yeshiva week happens around that time every year. This past year on NCL there were ~1500 as part of the group. 1 of the MDRs was Kosher all week and reserved for the group. Any large groups traveling together will cause disturbances that many will find aggravating as they're more likely to "act out" with their friends and colleagues than with random strangers. My cruise was not negatively impacted by this group, but I know there were other people on board that complained about the large group. If you're concerned I'd say its best to book another date/ship.
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