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  1. We rented a vehicle at all stops on a 2016 7 day POA sailing. The rental companies met us at each dock, took us to the airport rental desk and we were on our way. All rental companies then returned us to the ship in time. The best use was the excursion to Mt Haleakala. We left the ship at least 1 1/2 hours after the bus departed for the sunrise excursion, so we got an additional hour sleep. Drove up the winding road and arrived well before daybreak. We were then able to take our time on the return trip down the mountain and get away from all of the bikes making the trek
  2. While sailing out of Nassau we witnessed a Mother and child left behind by their ship. My son was relaying the story to his school class one day and the teacher says, "The whole ship sailed away?" to which he answered, "No, just the front half". We were berthed stern first, Disney ship next to us was berthed bow first. There is NOTHING to see at Nassau portage regardless of the ship side. Atlantis is East, port building, hair weavers, straw market hats are West.
  3. Scenic has bikes along the Danube for a 30KM trip along the river between 2 portages. It was fun but there was 0 time along the way to see the towns we were pedaling through. Make sure to take coinage for rest rooms along the way or, ladies stand guard at the men's room door and use the men's room free of charge. Scenic did tell other passengers that they would NOT take the bikes out of storage for any other days
  4. depend on whether it pulls in or backs in
  5. We were on Star Princess C749 on Alaska cruise. Was never aware of soot. What we liked most was being able to get away from the crowded areas on ship and see the same sites on our balcony, enjoying a few drinks. There are people on cruises who are not aware of personal space and during the Alaska cruise there were folks who would wedge between your chair and the window you were looking out of. the weather can and does change often so you could be inside while passing through Glacier Bay. The balcony on the aft cabins will provide some protection
  6. 8 oz bottles will not fly through airport security as a carry on item and you might have trouble with customs. We always travel with the individual no-refrigeration needed cups and have never had an issue at airport security or customs. Also take truvia packets since I am type II diabetic and no one has them in restaurants, cruise ships, or hotels
  7. They have to follow US law and they don't leave US water.
  8. Why bother to pack shampoo or conditioner? There are stores at all of the ports, buy it and leave what's left behind. We found that renting a vehicle was better than the excursions. The rental company will pick you up at the port, take you to the lot, and return you to the ship at the end of the day. We rented on Maui, Kauai, Big Island. We stopped at a coffee plantation and the owners told us to go a few miles further down the road to their friend and we received a private tour of a plantation without the hundreds of cruise passengers. We visited Mauna Loa macadamia factory (no cruise people) went to Waimea Canyon (no cruise bus), were able to spend more time at Volcano National Park. Left the ship for sunrise at Mt Heleakala at least an hour after the buses left and made it up to the top in time to see the sunrise. Just remember to check the "all aboard" schedule and you will enjoy your vacation. Make sure to get some shaved ice and when you are in Maui, get a Puka Dog
  9. doverboy


    There is not much to purchase onboard. The "gift shop" is essentially a small trophy case with a few trinkets. You can get Forints at an ATM in Budapest and Euro at any ATM in any other country, or just use your credit/debit card and allow for conversion. there are many digits in a Forint price tag so look twice and you won't get a big surprise such as the one our travel partner got in a scarf shop in Budapest
  10. We cleared customs in US before our initial flight to Munich and I do not remember getting into another customs queue until we went to United Kingdom after our cruise ended. had a short flight from Munich to Budapest and no customs there either.
  11. On a June 2016 cruise to Alaska we saw: Killer Whale following behind the ship as we sailed into Juneau, Plenty of humpbacks and Orcas on a whale watching excursion, Grizzlies in Denali along with mountain sheep and some caribou, wife saw a moose doe and fawn as my ambulance was driving to Wasilla, Eagles are like pidgeons in Alaska. Don't ask about the ambulance
  12. We watched as our flight taxied out of Munich and saw bags from passengers that would be with us on Scenic when we arrived in Budapest. Magically the bags arrived at the ship before we set sail. The river cruises are really not traveling that far and a bag can catch up from one portage to another by bus.
  13. A shot or dram of Johnnie Walker Blue will run between 35-45 each. Have a glass of single malt if you want a nice glass of scotch. JWB is a blend
  14. Are you staying at one of the recommended hotels from your cruise line? If so there should be a meeting room where they collect the passengers staying there, collect their luggage, and shuttle you to the ship. If you booked independently you will have to check with the ship
  15. Get some kind of communication device OR ask him to check in with you when teen activities are done
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