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  1. From Crystal's website: Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Crystal does not impose any limitations onalcohol brought onboard; alcohol brought on may be consumed in all public areas and staterooms, with no corkage fee. Purchasing alcohol in port to bring onboard: It's allowed and may be consumed onboard without restriction.Aug 21, 2018 purchase duty free and enjoy
  2. Thank you for the memories brought forth by your review. My 3 kids were separated by the teen club and the non-teen club. I laughed a belly laugh when my then 9 year old went through the MDR dressed as a pirate on a scavenger hunt. She and I had a secret that when I rescued her from the club we would find our way back to our stern suite via the buffet and stop for soft serve each night. Mom never knew until later. My 2 teens would have rather been at the teen club than stuck with mom and dad anywhere on the ship. We rented a car at each port and saw more than any cruise excursion could possibly cover. Volcano National park, Macadamia nut factory, Waimea Canyon, a private tour of coffee plantations, Puka dogs on Poipu beach, just to mention a few places. they are now all in their 20's and I wish I could take them all back there someday. But you only get to celebrate your 20th anniversary once
  3. I don't have a copy of it but as I remember it was snow crab, king crab, corn on the cob, potatoes, shrimp. We went 2X during our 7 day Alaska cruise opting out of formal night. It was more food than we could finish in one sitting and far less crowded
  4. doverboy


    As river cruises get more popular and people book months in advance and departure dates are sold out prices have been increasing. This is due to a smaller fleet available even with new ships entering the inventory. Remember that many river boats hold less than 200 people vs an ocean cruise which can hold thousands with larger ships being built
  5. Was not a surge protector type. Was a package deal sold by a travel accessory store
  6. We purchased a package which had adapters for every conceivable configuration and had no issues. Remember to unplug when you are done. We left one plugged in and it fried during the day
  7. have you ever tried to pick up a 50lb suitcase? Where are you going and how long is the cruise that you think you need more than 50lbs of clothing?
  8. Our Scenic Danube in 2016 was to arrive in Nuremberg in the morning. The night before the door to one of the locks was stuck and we sailed back down river to the last port. Buses were waiting in the morning for the 3 hour trip to Nuremberg. River travel is not very predictable at times and booking a flight schedule that tight is asking for a problem
  9. Layover for us at Munich to Budapest seemed to fly by. No customs to worry about as we were going to leave Germany. There seemed barely enough time to shop or eat before we were queued for departure. Bags were there when we landed in Budapest. Arrived Munich 12:45 Left for Budapest 2:50
  10. We cruised Danube in August 2016 and paid for a private tour, Tours By Locals, to take us to Berchtesgaden, which included a brief tour through Salzberg. Local guide knew everybody so was able to get us through crowds and through lines without a hitch. I guess we ate at his friends restaurant since there was an open table for the 4 of us. Who knows, who cares? He filled us in on the construction of the EAGLES NEST pointing out things that were being passed by from other tour groups. He had contacted Scenic beforehand to find out where the boat would be at the end of the day. We made it back as the gang plank was being raised due to road construction
  11. Okay, so the BIG sign at the riding school says"No Photography" and the ushers seem to be running back and forth to tell people that photography is NOT allowed. My wife rode for years in 3 day and dressage. She was NOT going to miss an opportunity to see and photograph the riders during the morning session. Be discreet or you will be asked to leave. It was pretty neat to hear about how the horses were used in battle and see the exercises. We did the Riding School and had time in the afternoon to walk through the town center, have lunch with friends, and find the bus for the return to the ship
  12. I didn't realize I didn't belong on my trip since I am far from the top 1%. The CEO of the American Red Cross certainly fits that description however, at $500,000 per anum. I will pay mine forward
  13. I traveled the Danube in 2016 and spent time post cruise in Europe and London. I attempted to turn in all of my loose accumulated change and currency at Heathrow but was told that after the service fee was taken into account, there wasn't much to do other than place it all in a collection box in the terminal. We always bring some foreign currency home for our kids and it seemed like a stupid idea to leave it in a charity box in Heathrow. I recently connected with someone headed on a future Danube cruise and I am sending the left over currency to him. It isn't a lot but it will be enough for a tip or 2 or a couple of cups of coffee in an airport. This got me to thinking "What If" we all did something similar? There were 130 =/- passengers on my ship, there were lots of ships that passed us on the same itinerary, there are countless contributors to Cruise Critic boards, "What If" we all paid it forward with the collected loose change? In the future you could pick someone out from the CC board or a roll call and send them something that holds little value sitting in a drawer, and they could pass it on after their vacation. It would not be about the value of the amount forwarded, just returning the currency to the country of origin.
  14. We sailed on the Amber in 2016 with friends. We took one side of the ship and their stateroom was on the other side of the hallway. Rooms 226 and 227, BA category, so I guess that put us in the Sapphire Deck. Believe me when I tell you that you don't spend much time in your cabin other than to sleep and change clothes. The "common" areas of the ship are terrific and never crowded. The cabins we had were roomy enough for us and the balcony was my morning place before my wife awoke. Butler brought a carafe of coffee and sweet rolls every morning before 7 and I enjoyed that before heading to the restaurant for breakfast. You will have 1 full day of sailing and we spent that on the sun deck counting how many trips the server made while taking care of the folks upstairs. She was terrific and I did not see anyone waiting long to be serviced. The lounge could get a bit hectic in the AM with people lined up to use the coffee/espresso machine. Or you could sit at a table and be waited on (recommend).
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