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  1. There are long lines for the recruitment agencies, and people actually bribe to get a job on the ships. So to make it even more sad: you're helping the ones that earn a lot more than their neighbours who couldn't afford to learn English. The good thing is that while Indonesia and the Philippines provide cheap labor for now, that won't last long. Google "indonesia gnp". In a few years, they'll be thinking twice about spending their most productive years making towel animals when there are serious alternatives. The bad thing is that fares will reflect that.
  2. The US residents which you could hire didn't work those hours. They were looking after kids, selling art, giving a massage or were an officer.
  3. Why is there so much emphasis on washing your hands when answering a call would undo it? Why not replace the hand washing video with one that emphasizes on "eyes, mouth and nose"?
  4. No they say that people think that sanitizers help against Noro. Which is what probably more than 90% of the cruising demographic, smart or not, thinks.
  5. What was most impressive during a tour was the precise order I saw for a kid's facility. Literally "We need 14 cookies such and such". On a ship that has 2500+ pax, where the galley produces thousands and thousands of courses each day like a machine, someone must have taken that order and made sure the kids got a cookie.
  6. Please, explain which disrespect as I have seen none in this entire thread.
  7. They wouldn't care about the hearing aids, they'd care that you're less likely to buy a shorex that has 50 steps. Most ships don't fly the American flag, and I doubt Panama or Malta would care about such discrimination at all. Personally, I think it's absurd to be forced to have a customer you don't want for whatever reason (even it's a cake for a gay couple).
  8. Can you elaborate on that? You were answering to Chenkp75 who asked if for instance a 9 months pregnant woman should have the "right to cruise". While I wouldn't categorize pregnancy as a "disability", isn't it obvious that a ship wouldn't and certainly shouldn't allow her to embark? I think there's no such thing as a "right to cruise" for anyone, like there is no "right to eat at McDonalds". Cruise companies are just that, companies. Free to decide if they want customer X and free to say no to customer Y for whatever reason.
  9. Captain Kate is Captain Kate, not Captain McCue. MS Oosterdam is Oostie. The dining room greeter is the Yum Yum man. And nobody misunderstands when Mr Orlando Ashford is referred to as Orlando, like nobody would misunderstand "Michael" on a pop music forum. Who cares?
  10. While at it, tell them to simply put the important messages on your TV. Good if you missed them, good if you're deaf, and a wide range of other messages that I'd be interested in as well (weather in port, why aren't we sailing yet, when will the pool be re-opened).
  11. Banning ships for polluting the air "one ship exhausts more SO2 than all cars in our city combined!", which does have its merits, is nothing compared to "they're sending nuclear power stations to our port!!" When it comes to nuclear power, coherent reasoning unfortunately comes to a halt.
  12. That's.. not very surprising actually but I never thought about it. Then again, how can you measure the cause when literally everyone is walking around with a phone these days. Does it mean that the "wash your hands" instruction videos will be adapted to include "keep your phone to yourself"?
  13. The thing that I completely missed is that Arison is not a hired CEO who works to earn a decent wage and wants to avoid problems at all costs. That makes it more understandable.
  14. The way you put it, it seems that Carnival management simply doesn't want to know they need to act furiously. I'd expect such a huge company to have tens or hundreds of lawyers. I'd expect major shareholders (pension funds, etc) to be watching carefully. Volkswagen reserved a billion euros for possible claims after "dieselgate". Why would the top management be so easy about this? It seems so much easier to say "do the NCL thing, we can afford it", which can be explained to shareholders. Not doing so is risking their jobs. (And AINAL, risking personal persecution?)
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