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  1. Unless someone comes up and testifies that the Captain was drunk, the procedures were not followed, something like that, yes.
  2. All I've seen is a very professional Captain, a very nice offer by Viking, and very grateful passengers. I really don't understand why people are already searching for reasons to sue Viking when there's no reason whatsoever to suspect they did anything wrong!
  3. And then sue? For what? Unexpected moving furniture which the brochure said nothing about? Resemblance to the Titanic?
  4. In that case maybe I'd prefer the corridor.. I do hope this will be a talking subject at a BBQ for your family soon!
  5. "Per latest report from my mom and sis, still in muster stations and many cabins are trashed" Many ways to understand the word "trashed". I think it means that it's a mess but still has a steady bed much better than laying on the ground.
  6. Looking at these pictures.. Why not let these people go back to their rooms after muster drill and head counting? It's not as if they're evacuated within the next hour. The ship is not sinking either. I fully understand that safety goes beyond comfort at any time, but I don't see how safety is helped by having people sleeping in the corridor instead of a bed.
  7. That's true. With rumours about running engines, I'd want to stay on board at this time instead of being evacuated by a helicopter in the middle of the night, in a storm. Even if the engines would break down again and the ship would end up like Costa Concordia, it's still not sinking. I'd rather wait, but I do realize that I'm typing this in my living room.
  8. Don't know if they should have left the port for the safety of the ship, but they didn't need to take the passengers..
  9. In a post a few years ago someone who knows these things showed that the specialty restaurants can't possibly make a profit during the lifetime of a ship, even when full each night. They only exist to increase demand for the ship.
  10. Then please explain what different treatment I got so I can look down on the humble balcony people in retrospect Everyone who can afford to be on X or HAL or similar is already in the tiny proportion of humanity who can even afford a upscale cruise. One may be on the very bottom of the, let's say 3%, someone else could be in the top of the 2% people. But it's about choices, not money. Everyone on the ship can simply not buy a car and move up a level or decide it's not worth the money. Queen Elizabeth is supposed to have said, "Dinner with the Captain? Why should I want to dine with the help?"
  11. If I understand you correctly, everyone should be "in the same boat" when they are on the same ship. I see you point, but very vaguely. 🙂 People who have cruised 200 times will meet the Captain, get medals, and a first timer doesn't know the medals exist. I didn't realize X had a restaurant and a club that was off limits for humble people like me, but I really didn't care. Just because I could book 2 adjacent rooms in "Concierge class" I booked those balconies and to this day I don't really know what I would have missed when booking a "normal" balcony. Some people may not be able to rent an alcove and become jealous. Or spend the money to eat in a specialty restaurant while their neighbours do. Or simply choose not to.. Basically, it's not a school camp where it actually would be divisive if the rich kids got better meals than the poor kids. It's just different people making different choices.
  12. Why would you resent each other? One flew in Business Class, the other has a better beverage card, an one tells about his condo in Manhattan. Anyway, as long as there are insides and balconies, and midships and aft, there will always be a "class system" and I wouldn't know what ships could do about that.
  13. Smoking used to be standard, and not many are complaining about that policy having been changed. I guess the people at HAL did think of that, and that's why it's a trial to see how people will act. Personally I've seen absurd orders being made just because it was free anyway, and I would find it only logical for a cruise line to try to fight that. It has also been the standard on cruises that people behaved themselves and wouldn't order a dish to just see what it looked like. We totally agree that it should have been told to passengers before they booked as they expected otherwise.
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