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  1. It's my belief that the people posting here have a love of cruising,which we share in common. Snarkiness does not seem appropriate. I too want to avoid the drive across alligator alley. But none of us are in control of that. Time will tell!
  2. Graham Kelliher has dibs on Cd job on Millie. U shud be so lucky to have him. If they can get him away from his house in Zimbabwe.
  3. Sorry but BH is not the parent company of the airlines,just an investor. OBTW--years ago we could use airline tickets across lines!
  4. Ease of accounting frequently inhibits good business practice. Yes i can take 100% of my cancelled cruise in cash, or 125% in credit!
  5. I'm hoping someone from management will see this and apply reason. What if i take my FC in cash and use on a carnival or NCL line--they would lose altogether.
  6. I find the RC/Celeb policy of only being able to use FC on the line the credit came from to be too restrictive. If they would allow use across the lines- it would make it easier to use for us customers, and decrease the possibility of having to pay us in cash. They money comes into and out of the same pocket in the end anyway, so why pretend !
  7. Wondering if anyone has tried to use A Royal credit from one of the cancelled cruises for a later celebrity cruise. Official policy says no, but are they making exceptions-
  8. I see senior balcony as low as $689. Not sure what u are looking at
  9. And so it continues. Missing cruises, playing games with price, perks, refundable vs. non-ref. On the ones that I see showing up, there still is an FV category? Maybe after the new year they will get their act together?
  10. Still a mess! Maybe by new year they will have it fixed? Have to question their business acumen- not good not to be able to take orders from potential customers.
  11. Oops- now gone again-"Easy come -easy go"
  12. It's not much to see anyway. No where near as big as Prudential makes it out to be!
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