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  1. I found the same problem. I can’t even get it to show me a big airport (Atlanta) only 4 hours away, but they do show me Miami...13 hours away.
  2. I too suffered from overly loud volume. One day I noticed the guys in the Princess Orchestra wore ear plugs when performing. I asked one guy about it...he always uses earplugs. So...I went to Amazon and ordered ear plugs specifically designed for loud music frequency range. I pop them in before the “noise” starts. Wonderful...I hear things at a more natural level plus...I can still hear my wife yacking in my ear. I now consider them as my most important item when packing for a cruise.
  3. Thanks to all. I think I now understand the new system.
  4. I need some help. My question is about whether or not Platinums get a discount on internet access with new Medallion system. We used to get 250 free minutes. Anything with Medallion? Here’s where I need help. I’ve searched many times but can’t find the answer. Could one of you experts help me and show me the query or search terms that will take me to the answer? I know the info is available... but I can’t figure out the right search terms. Maybe a quick primer on searching? Thanks in advance.
  5. Also...many more ports than shorter trips. That means port fees and taxes.
  6. A bit expensive, but the absolute best photos I’ve ever seen. First time in 40 years a photographer was able to capture my wife in a picture that did not appear posed.
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