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  1. Lynn in NC we we should meet 🇬🇷
  2. Any news or updates? We are sailing on April 23rd, our first time on Ponant.
  3. Ours arrived too ! Nicely done. This is our first Ponant, and the second sailing of Le Bougainville- looking forward to seeing it!
  4. Lynn, we are booked on the 2nd sailing Athens round trip! We’ve been on 34 Seadreams, 2 Seabourns (before they became carnival) so this will be all new to us !
  5. Mr Avery: Your post here finally makes sense to me. It’s a LOT more daunting than just replacing an engine. Hubby has been in the engine room twice - SD1 and SD2. He’s been trying to explain to me how complicated an operation this would be, I guess I just could not digest it until now. This makes me quite sad, and I wonder what the fate will be. Does Lloyd’s of London have any say so or is this up to the owner ?
  6. Love it and such a positive post, but let’s get real. I mean REAL. She’s a great yacht, we clearly are smitten with the crew, I mean we ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ them, and the Chef, OMG, and geez everyone on board - well please - we can send men to the moon lickity split, but can’t modify this gal to get all of us around on the Earths magnificent waters ? I pray 🙏 someone genius comes up with a solution.
  7. Awwww, this is so sad. I adore everything about seadream. The staff, chef, food, size of the yacht- she’s like a second home. But dang! Get those engines fixed ! Stop throwing $$$ to accommodate us when there is an engine problem and just replace the damn things. Okay, I’ve vented. Merry Christmas
  8. Talked to both the Purser on SD 2 and the managment team in Oslo and Miami. They will not comingle funds by taking donations on board or anywhere, which makes sense. I have emailed Sudesh to see about a Go Fund me Page as we have several friends who want to make donation but do not feel comfortable with wire - too much info going out. Will advise here as soon as I know.
  9. Hello Whoever said they made a donation via the the Purser, please let us know. We just returned from a fabulous trip and were told this had not been done and was not possible. We are working on an alternative. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Frud this is an excerpt from a gentleman who gave a donation to Nicolav family while on board. I am also sending you the email from Jamie There is lots of confusion!!! But everyone has great intentions Please share with the Purser as we have only 2 more days [emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Ladies & Gentleman: We are heading to Seadream on July 10th. My husband and I will be taking our donation check to either drop off to Brenda the concierge on board or further give it to our tour person in Dubrovnik to deposit right in Croatia. As a former banker I don’t want to risk an international wire with all the security risks and of course the extra fee. If any of you want to send the checks you want to donate my way by July 9th, I am happy to deliver there. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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