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  1. I guess what I am hoping for is to have 4 FCC's used for 1 room. This may be wishful thinking. I will call next week when calm down some.
  2. Before I call NCL I thought I would ask here first. We had 2 cabins booked(4 people total) that were cancelled this month that we got FCC's for. Now in November the same 4 people have a 2 bedroom suite booked on the Joy. Do you think that we will be able to use all of the FCC's for the cancelled cruise towards our November cruise?
  3. I learned to trade options about 15 years ago by buying a few contracts at a time until I got the hang of it. I did not want to play for "fun" in case I missed something big. I made roughly 100 times my starting number in about 6 months, then lost 75% of that in 2 days. Not hard but it does take constant attention especially on the short term contracts. Lets just say that I usually bring right around 5 figures to gamble with on my cruises, so I made out very well. FYI the $57 per is off some.
  4. I made my first options trade in over 10 years this morning. Bought the March 20th 12.50 when it was at 10.34 and sold it when it hit 13.07. I also took my casino money for my cancelled cruise and gambled. In a couple of hours I made enough for a nice haven cruise. Problem is now I am stuck to my computer screen looking for more home runs.
  5. Yes, the food and beverage manager or director. He saw that I was upset with his answer and offered me wine and strawberries to be sent to my room. I declined. I just wish that there was not the deception. Like others have said, put it in the T&C and charge for extras(which is fine) or do not bring it up that you will be charged for extras and potentially ruin a nice meal.
  6. I think we can all agree here that the extra money for extra apps or sides is not an issue. The real problem here is that most people(myself at the top of the list) do not want to argue or even bring up the fact about the terms and conditions about not being charged. This is the last thing that I want to have to bother with or even worry about when I am going to dinner on vacation. I want my server to be part of an enjoyable dining experience. The way things are now just cheapens the experience. I was the one in September that was actually charged extra for an app. I was told only one and that I would be charged for any extras. I just said OK, like I always do(and have never been charged if I do order extra) and when the bill came I just payed it as it was my anniversary dinner with my wife. The next day though I let the F&B director have it as I showed my displeasure. I was told in a light hearted way that if someone states the T&C that they are never charged. This enraged me even more. So basically I was told in not so many words that the staff are trained to "steal" as much money as they can from the guests who do not bring up the T&C. It is these little things that have people more and more upset with NCL everyday.
  7. Does antone know with the deletion of Moderno and La Cucina on the Encore which restaurants are replacing them for the 2nd dinner(the first being Cagneys or Le Bistro)?
  8. OP. Here is an idea. Do not chase points or comps. Play to win if you can. Betting small is almost always a losing proposition. Why not try and play the $5 machines at max or the $25 machines at max therefore wagering $25-125 per spin. That may seem crazy to some people but think about it. If you can survive long enough by staying even or close to it you will hit the 2400 points in no time(100 spins at $125 per is 2500 points). Now even better if you hit a few good spins(not even jackpots) early on say the heck with the points and comps. Just take the winnings and buy all of the comps and the next cruise outright. I have been doing this for years with blackjack and craps on cruises. I hit and run on the tables. I will buy in with 1-3 thousand and if I can win even 25% I will lock up the win and play on house money for the session. Sometimes I will play for hours and sometimes for less than 5 minutes. My comps have been suffering the last few years as I do not put the long hours in anymore. On the plus side though over the last 10 cruises I have a total win of over 43,000 so an average of $4300 per cruise. I have learned to not try and get every chip in the rack when I play, which will usually lead to a loss. On my last cruise I played seriously for a total of less than 40 minutes and won almost 6K. I played blackjack another 5-6 hours with friends at a $6 table(BTW the worst blackjack game for making money because of the 6:5 odds) drinking and having fun the whole time, this was not gambling but entertainment. I actually even ended up winning about $40 also.
  9. I just called and got the 2nd room with no issues. Sometimes I just shake my head with the answers I get from the simplest questions at times from CAS. Thanks again
  10. Thanks guys. I thought i was getting bad info. I will call again.
  11. In the past I have always been able to book a 2nd room if another couple was traveling with us. At first it was a 20% discount which dropped to 10%. I just tried to book a 2nd room and was told that that was no longer available. Has anyone else been unable to book the 2nd room lately? It is getting harder and harder with CAS lately for the simplest things it seems. Maybe it has to do with my comp. I am only getting comped balconies and mini suites now instead of the haven like before. Before I call back and speak with someone else I would like hear from others. Thanks as always
  12. After researching more I see that the H5's are changing to HE's and HF's after September 2020. The HE's are being listed as larger cabins. It does not say though what is bigger, the room itself, balcony or both. I wish I could find pictures of 18132 as it does look to be the largest non handicapped and the only HE on deck 18.
  13. Are the Joy and Bliss identical in design?
  14. Has anyone stayed in room 18132 on the Joy. It looks much bigger than the other H5 rooms except for the handicapped H5. Also are there any problems with the room that anyone knows of(noise, traffic, etc). Thanks a lot in advance
  15. i have been searching but cant find it. Does any one have a link?
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