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  1. It's my experience that people who use the hand sanitizers ALSO wash their hands with soap and water quite frequently. The idea is to stay as clean as possible.
  2. Noro Virus is HIGHLY contagious, that means that you get it from others and give it to others.
  3. I'm not sure about your sense or your security but hand sanitizers DO kill bacteria and there is nothing "false" about that.
  4. Common sense says that using hand sanitizer is better than using nothing at all. It kills 99% of the germs that are already ON YOUR OWN hands. In this way, you help not giving the germs that are ALREADY on your hands, to others.
  5. Oh no, you said "real eggs". How long will it be before you are reminded that egg mix is "real eggs"?
  6. My guess is that your diligence has resulted in very few if any ship board illnesses being contracted?
  7. Technicaly...yes. Don't be surprised if you do see children in there.
  8. If the women have to remove their high heels, I think the horse should have to remove his shoes too.
  9. Sometimes the lines in the Lido are long...and sometimes they are not. It's just the way it is. Barging in front of others who have been standing there longer than you have is just plain rude.
  10. Too bad they can't use the Navigator app to "bluetooth" (or similar) the sound to your mobile device and then you could use headphones while you watch the outdoor movie.
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