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  1. We've eaten at Canaletto several times and always enjoyed it. It was actually a pleasant surprise because I guess we weren't expecting much. Personally, for the price I find it a better value than the Pinnacle Grill IMO.
  2. If you attain the next star level during a cruise are the perks automatic or do you need to tell someone and get a new cabin card etc? This will happen to us on our upcoming cruise. (Three* to Four*)
  3. I've been using Uber a lot lately. It's cheap and convenient and the app allows for many different options.
  4. Mine responds promptly but I never hear from him first. IE: promo emails, calls etc. He always does a good job for us and seems to have insight to unadvertised deals and perks.
  5. I did that one time and kicked a poor fellow who was entering the restroom at the time. He was quire elderly and I felt horrible about it. I apologized profusely. I still do it but I'm much more careful now!
  6. I just received this note from my HAL PCC: Hi XXXXX– there are several various promotions going on right now – 2021 Europe has a great special that is throwing the kitchen sink at you - air credit, pre paid grats, beverage packages, ship credits, dine around package, free internet – but these are separate rates, as all the promotions have their own pricing Best Wishes XXXX XXXXX
  7. Was is name Hugh by chance?
  8. It is kind of ridiculous that after a nice dinner and drinks in the MDR with friends that when you come out still chatting lively, you are shushed by a crew member or a sign. It does totally kill the mood (for both groups).
  9. If you buy a "bucket", you get 5 beers for the price of four. Anytime. and yes, you can bring them to your cabin. That is why I always travel with my own bottle opener.
  10. It is intended for both stewards but I guess they are on their honor to split it with each other because most of the time only one person comes in and they take the money.
  11. Signature Suites yes. Always have.
  12. Lido-no, pool-yes. What else are you supposed to put around you when you exit the pool or hot tub? Towels are for drying off and robes are for wearing before you get in and after you are out and done drying off with the pool towels. BTW, HAL provides the same robes in the Cabanas and Retreats.
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