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  1. If the reservation made for you just happens to be on a "Gala Night", you can get a lobster tail thrown in for free...We did the one time it happened to us.
  2. I I wonder if it will still be "Women and children first"
  3. Never ask anyone else what they paid for their cruise, it will just cause hard feelings for one party or the other...assuming everybody even tells the truth. Be happy with what you paid and just go enjoy yourself.
  4. My guess is that if you book it now, you will be glad you did!
  5. I too have seen moldy strawberries, albeit, on a different HAL ship.
  6. I was lost. Eventually, I figured out that you can just take the aft elevators from your cabin deck up to the Lido deck and they let you out right by the doors to the hot tubs. No need to horrify any delicate souls in the Lido Buffet.
  7. HeHe. Rest assured, the robe covered up everything that need covering up!
  8. On my very first cruise, I inadvertently walked through the Lido in my bathrobe looking for the aft hot tubs. I hadn't yet figured out how to use the aft elevators for that. Just sayin'
  9. That's true. I always pack a small bottle opener in my luggage for opening bottles while I'm in the cabin.
  10. We've done this also. Everything worked out ok but I was stressed for months before hand. The prices for hotels in and flights to FLL are getting outrageous in the spring now so it is tempting to come in on the Red-Eye the day of and save on airfare and a hotel charge. The increased airfare and hotel charges are adding well over $1000 to our cruise in Februrary but at least we don't have the stress of pushing it to the last minute.
  11. Great, here we go with the "Jones Act" thing again.
  12. Rest assured, if they sell you a ticket, you can go. If they won't, well, that's your answer. Either way, you don't need to sweat "Am I violating the PVSA?" It's not your problem, it's the cruise line's problem.
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