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  1. The thing is, the vaccine isn't even 100% effective so there will always be some risk. Just like a Noro-virus, a collision or even an iceberg. If we wait for anything to be 100% risk free, we will never leave our houses.
  2. Hey, its a legitimate question. CNN doesn't run the Daily Death Counter incessantly non-stop like they did prior to January so how do I know?
  3. 2380 Americans die every day from heart disease.
  4. Are Americans still dying of Covid? You don't hear much about that anymore...
  5. JT was our very first CD. He used to have a phrase that we still say today. Every morning after giving highlights of the days events he would end with "It's your cruise, do all of it or do none of it"
  6. We've been to several "All Inclusive" resorts in the DR. They were all very nice and we had a great time.
  7. You have a good attitude. Sorry to hear about your heart attack.
  8. I think the "Buy what you know" quote actually refers to "Buy what you understand". He meant shy away from investments you don't know much about until you do.
  9. I think they are definitely going to want you to rebook a new cruise.
  10. Or, instead of just two seatings for dinner in the MDR, maybe three? Or four?
  11. What makes you think they can't take care of themselves? You ever hear of the phrase "Tend to your own knitting"?
  12. There was a fundraising effort a few months ago to hire a lobbyist to champion this cause. It looks like it may have paid off.
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