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  1. Oh, I'll enjoy it, just like I'll enjoy cruising in the future. Do I believe that all, or even most, of the cruise lines will go completely out of business as some might feel? No. Could it happen? Of course. I'm neither an expert in any medical field nor in any business field but I'm enough of an optimist that I believe that things will return to what we used to think of as normal sooner than later. Sure do hope so, as I'd like to go on another cruise before too long. 🙂
  2. Carnival usually starts boarding between 11 and 11:30 but it depends on a couple of things, the main one of which is when the ship goes to "zero count" which is when the last debarking passenger actually leaves the ship. Another factor is whether the ship is considered to be contagious with something. This last condition is a rare situation and I wouldn't worry about that. Tom
  3. On a bit of a different subject, the Hale Koa on Wai Kiki has been closed due to the corona virus. I doubt if anybody is planning on going there anytime soon, but thought I'd mention it anyway. Tom
  4. Wrong!! The dividend was paid, effective 13 Mar, toward the end of last week. Tom
  5. The earliest you'll be off the ship and through customs will be 7:15-7:30. Tom
  6. Don't worry about rushing out and trying to get to Pier 91 as soon as possible because you will just be waiting at the terminal building if you get there before they have cleared the building to accept embarking passengers which won't happen until around 10am or so at the earliest. There is only 1 ship at Pier 91 on Tuesday's and it won't be very crowded at all. I have attached a text file to this message that gives an explanation of the various methods of getting from SeaTac to Pier 91 and how to contact the various company's. Let me know if you need more info. (I have not updated the prices with any changes that may be current by the start of the 2020 cruise season but they should be within a couple of $$'s of this year's prices. Tom Transportation from SeaTac to Pier 91.txt
  7. The ship will probably dock by 6:00 or 6:30 but by the time you get off the ship, through Customs and onto an Uber or Taxi, it is going to be at least 7:30. and could easily be 8:00am. Then you've got to get through Seattle and to SeaTac airport. Could you make a 10:15 flight? It would not be impossible, but it would be very improbable and, to my way of thinking, not worth the hassle of having to count on having no problems anywhere along the line. I would highly suggest the later 12:15 flight or check for a less expensive flight the next day and spend a relaxing day at the DoubleTree Hotel or one of the others by SeaTac airport! Tom
  8. Try calling when they open their call line first thing in the morning (5am Pacific Time). After spending a large amount of time (over an hour) my wife got up the next morning and called in at that time and spoke to a nice lady after about 5-10 minutes. I'm sure that Princess would be very happy not to have such busy lines handling the problems they're having. Tom
  9. It's call being honest and having integrity. Tom
  10. That is not the case. Carnival does not offer on-board-credit. They do offer reduced rates for active and retired US and Canadian military but nothing for veterans who are not retired. To quote the statement that they say on the Carnival website: "We salute our military with reduced rates!" Tom
  11. Not true. I saw a few passengers turn in health questionnaires at the pier in Seattle. All were seen by the ships doctors who made the decisions whether the passengers were allowed to cruise or not. But I would agree that probably most people would, shall we say, stretch the truth. Tom
  12. Depends on how many stockholders actually cruise on Carnival Corp. owned lines. I would suspect that the number of cruisers owning CCL stock relative to the total number of CCL stock owners is probably relatively small. Maybe not, though. Tom
  13. Nope, 60 days is the limit or until final payment date unless they've changed things in the last few days. Tom
  14. I hope you meant "gangway" and not "gangplank"! Or is that in case your cruise gets hijacked by pirates? 😂 Sorry, couldn't resist that. Tom
  15. You sent this to the wrong person. I have no problems with the medallion at all and am perfectly happy with Princess. Your comment should have gone to scottca075 ! Tom
  16. If the medallion is such a tremendous imposition on you and everything is so bad on Princess, why do you still cruise on the line? Why not sail on a different line altogether? Tom
  17. Yes, there is the green light, I had forgotten about that, but I've been on 2 medallion cruises and I've never had my door unlock until I've been right by the door and usually not until I've held the medallion up to or onto the panel. Don't know why the difference between the "action distance" varies so much and whether it varies so greatly by ship, by location on each ship or on some other reason. Maybe it even varies by time and/or workload on each system. Oh well..... Thanks for the input, though, enjoyed reading it. Tom
  18. Since the program is paid for by the Port of Seattle to make up for any inconvenience due to the huge construction program at SeaTac Airport I would very much doubt it. You might want to contact the Port of San Diego to see if there is any similar project there. Tom
  19. Under normal conditions it is the ship that determines the boarding time, but not always. Tom
  20. As the previous message said, it's automatic. You can get it at Pass. Svc. if it's under $25 and if it's mailed, I've gotten it as quickly as 2 weeks but have had it take as long as 6-8 weeks. I suspect the wide range of time to get the refund is probably due to work load at Bottom Line Technologies. An example of the envelope that it comes in is attached so you'll know what to look for in the mail. TomVet OBC refund envelope.pdf
  21. Holland-America does their muster drill on deck also. Tom
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