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  1. I am exploring the possibility of a River Cruise and would love to know what a 24 hour period looks like. I may have some misconceptions. For instance, I have been told that the majority of actual travel time on the ship is is done at night which eliminates the chance to see the shore and its sights. Plus, You are docked during the day for excursions so that it really isn't worth paying extra for a balcony unless you like sitting out there in the dark essentially. If anyone can briefly account what a day/night is like, I would appreciate it.
  2. Wow! Thanks. We will be on 8 in June. Purposely did not get the infinite veranda. Have to have that open space!
  3. We put $200 down for the same thing and have never been able to use it. It negates all the other prom's that are being offered. I was so mad we were at the Future Cruise desk when we found this out.... I think I will hunt up my certificates and try to reclaim the cash value. Not counting on it though. We love booking our next cruise on board the current cruise, but there are some inherent problems and you have to be tenacious in working them out once you get home....and some changes can be time limited so be ware and ask lots of questions. The last cruise we went on we had booked on board and we ended up changing our destination. That part went ok. We didn't loose any of the nice promos, but we had trouble changing the travel company that we wanted to use for even more benefits. It all worked out in the end, but was a BIG hassle and took months to resolve.
  4. We will be on board the Equinox over the July 4th holiday cruising the Caribbean. I realize that not everyone celebrates that day so I am curious to know if the cruise line will acknowledge it and what they typically do. We will have our 3 grandchildren with us....would love for there to be some sort of celebration. Does anyone know?
  5. Other cruise lines already offer this feature at no cost or very, very minimal cost.....I can't imagine that it would not be included in CCL's refurbishing ..... especially with the demand for staying in touch these days. Fingers crossed that it will be fleet wide.
  6. That is wonderful..We pretty much cruise w/ Celebrity as much as possible. It seem to consistently get very good feedback among cruisers more so than the others. Easy to see why. Love RCL and Disney, too. Unfortunately, Disney seems to have out priced itself for our budget. Really wanted to take the Grands on a Disney cruise since we all love Disney. But the bottom line blew me away. I guess we will just stick with going to Disney World when we need a fix.
  7. I am just learning that the Equinox is getting a face lift.....I love the Equinox! Have been on it twice and have had NO complaints about anything (well, maybe just the lack of ability to txt....lol). Can't wait to see the changes this June. I bet that txting (with the app) will be a new addition to their fabulous service and attention to detail. Yeah!
  8. itzfitz.....thank you for the information! That is such great news. We will be on the Edge, June of 2020, with 2 other couples that we routinely cruise with. It will make the trip run so much smoother when we can communicate with each other without having to run all over the ship to find each other. Even the best laid plans of mice and men can change due to unplanned circumstances. I have the app but will explore what I need to do to update . That takes care of June 2020....Now I will keep my fingers crossed for this June on the Equinox for our family cruise.
  9. Equinox in June 2019 and Edge in June 2020
  10. We Love, Love, Love the SV's and book them whenever we can. The VIEW can't be beat! You do run the risk of additional soot from the smoke stacks, but we had a crew member coming by every other day to clean our furniture and deck floor. From what I understand about the Infinite Verandas on the Edge, is that, When you open up the top window on the "balcony" portion, the environmental control (heat and AC) turn off in your room to conserve resources. In extreme weather that could make your cabin uncomfortable until the temps are restored. Has anyone else heard that? We are booked on the Edge in June of 2020 SV. Can not wait.
  11. About a year ago a Celebrity Rep. told me that were working on allowing passengers to txt each other (w/o purchasing the internet package) during their cruise to help make plans and to find each other. Does anyone know what the status of that is? My next cruise is with 9 of us....it would be nice to be able to make plans without running all over the ship.
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