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  1. Hi, We are booked on the May 7th, 2021 cruise. I like the earlier cruise as I don't think it will be as crowded in fact I think I had look and we were the only ship in port in some of them which is great.
  2. We did the 8 night Norway Fjords cruise on Reflection out of Dublin this past May. It was awesome. Even though the weather was off the week we went.. We just put on our cold weather rain/snow gear and did not slow us down. We had a blast with the eMobility in Geiranger. In Bergen we has fun with a segway tour. Alesund we hike to the top of Sugar Mountain. If you go to Olden they have two cars to rent in the whole town.. We rented both (had a group of 8 ) and beat out the bus tours. It was awesome we went to two glaciers and the skylift and at the glaciers we were the only people there for over an hour. So worth it to rent the cars and avoid the crowds. Happy Planning you will love it.
  3. My trip for refundable 9 night Alaska cruise has been bouncing between $4900 and $5500 with 4 perks for the last month. NR between $4500-$4900. Then one sale had 3 perks for $4100 non refundable. Still got the Best deal with TA $3700 with 3 perks plus their $300(so 4 perks) and its Refundable. I feel bad for people that just happen to book a cruise one day and never look back.
  4. Hi, The fare I got is also refundable. I used the same TA for a Norwegian Cruise back in May and got an crazy deal then. Not sure what the rules are for posting the name? is there a way for you to message me? The first world of the TA is the same as as what a king wears on his head.. Can i post that.. lol?
  5. Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred would cover you for medical. As long as some part of the cruise was paid for with their credit card.
  6. We are going in 2021 and booked last month. I did not so much care about the price but just wanted to hold 4 rooms next to each other so we can open the balconies and get the cabins we wanted. So, we took a refundable deposit. Then this month I moved it over to a TA who had group space on the cruise I wanted. It was crazy. I went from 4500 with 1 perk to 3700 with 3 perks with Celebrity and $300 from my TA. Got in on a great deal. So, the earlier the better and then just watch. I continue to watch to see if anything will be cheaper.
  7. We are also booked on an Alaska cruise. Our group picked select dinning. With most of the stops departing late there is no way you could do early dinning. Just nice to have the flexibility for select. We did it for our Norweigan Fjords cruise and found it was great.
  8. We choose Eclipse since in May 2021 they are doing a 9 night inside passage. Going to get to see more ports then just the normal 7 night plus it should be coming out of refurbishment right about then.
  9. I would think you can do way under $5000. I just booked 10 day r/t from Vancouver. Balcony with drinks, wifi, tips and $300 OBC for $3700. Going to keep watching it daily for changes but I think that is a good rate for 10 days. I see all the excursions that I am interested in are going to be a lot.
  10. Hi Karen.. from another Karen.. LOL.. Yeah, I am just like you very particular about getting who I want too. While in Norway we had this one stop where they only had two cars to rent out in the whole town. I booked like 18 months out and the guy thought i was crazy. But, I beat all the buses and tours to this one glacier and our group had the whole place to ourselves for almost an hour it was well worth all the time and effort to get what I wanted. Thanks.
  11. Great. How far in advance is normal for Alaska ?
  12. I booked Alaska Eclipse 9 night May 7 2021 with Celebrity in December 1b 4500 with 1 perk. Moved it over to my TA and decided to drop it to no perks $3700 but TA was giving $300. Yesterday, TA was able to get 3 perks plus his $300 for the same $3700 rate refundable deposit. Just went on Celebrity website for the same thing minus the $300 from the TA would cost me $4900. Crazy. I think I got a great deal but will keep checking daily for the next year:).
  13. I also got a group pricing with the TA.. I try Cru first but this other company had a better rate Starts with what a King wear on his head:)
  14. Hi, we are booked with on Alaska May 2021 also. I think we will do the whale watching in Icy Point since there seems to be more to do in Juneau.
  15. Trying to keep up pricing is mad..lol . I have an Alaska Cruise booked for May 2021. I had it booked with Celebrity last month. 1 perk refundable deposit. Moved it over to a TA yesterday for $800 less no perk but $300 OBC. Today, I kept the same price as yesterday but now 3 perks included plus the $300 OBC this is for a refundable deposit. Just looked on Celebrity website its $1200 more for the 3 perks then my TA and no extra $300OBC. Insane. I think the deal I got is great. But, will have to call tomorrow and see with the price is for the non-refundable 4 perks deal is with them.
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