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  1. good luck and God Bless to Captain Ane.. the Staff... Crew and Passengers on the last leg of this journey and a big thank you to Panama for helping them out-- both the Zaandam and Rotterdam-- and making this transit be done as fast as possible.. kudos to them 🙂
  2. hahahaha.. I am.. or at least I have been .. one must adapt.. stay well ..
  3. hay Copper... for us old east coast NY gendarmes this is like a flashback doing an all nite 'midnite tour'-- I'll be out 30 years this July-- wherry wherry scary 🙂
  4. looks like the Zaandam is just about in Gatun Lake.. no traffic in the New Locks at Gatun-- one ship just exiting
  5. the Zaandam sure has the pedal to the metal.. smokin' ...glad they are doing the right thing.. another God-Speed moment .. done 8 round-trips thru the Canal .. definitely faster than the speed of light..🙂
  6. I will guess on this.. should be able to see the Zaandam underway pretty soon from the Pedro Miquel Locks webcam as it makes its way toward the Centennial Bridge https://multimedia.panama-canal.com/Webcams/cerro-luisa.html
  7. will the USCG ship do an escort of the Zaandam thru the 'cut' toward Gatun Lake.. we shall see
  8. there is a US Coast Guard Ship right in front of the Zaandam under the Centennial Bridge
  9. Zaandam in Cocoli Locks... Rotterdam enroute approaching Bridge of the Americas
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