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  1. RCL should DEFINITELY keep cabins set aside for people with LEGITIMATE service dogs. I for one don’t want to be in a cabin that a dog was just in.
  2. Well if they reinstate the doctor’s note these people won’t be sailing anyway.
  3. I did email TA that I’ll wait the 45 days RCL said from date requested then I will do a charge back. Still have $1900 of deposits out there with RCL for B2B October & December, undecided what to do with them.
  4. So I shouldn’t waste my time calling then? My TA is just telling me they’re telling the agency 90 days, don’t think she ever called them directly just for me.
  5. If you booked through TA & you call will RCL give you updates on refund processing? I was under the impression if you booked with a TA RCL would not give any info?
  6. Wonder why Celebrity gives B2B discounts & RCL doesn’t.
  7. I don’t understand also how they are doing refunds. I cancelled my 5/24/20 cruise on 4/16/20 as soon as announcement came out. People on my roll call are getting refunds & I haven’t gotten any communication from RCL. My TA is telling me 90 days
  8. Why do you think it’s a bad thing? Have Anthem booked for 12/7/20.
  9. When I started booking B2B my TA told me no. Will have to ask again. Thank you.
  10. Curious does RCL offer same B2B discount?
  11. We did YC also on Seaside twice & for us best cruise ever. Did NCL Haven & was not worth it, same for RCL Suites. Planning on doing MSC Divina YC next year leaving from NYC.
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