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  1. Our granddaughter 23 works at a hospital part-time while finishing her last year of college got both shots & I also am concerned for her. Don’t know down the road of what effects it could or could not have on fertility, only time will tell.
  2. Celebrity is offering the classic drink package as a perk now, is the gratuity included with this perk or do they add the 20% gratuity each time you order a drink. If included I would just give a few $$ in cash to bartender.
  3. Guess keeping his job was more important to him then telling what he really thought.
  4. Has anyone done this excursion? Any info appreciated.
  5. I agree with you. We like our privacy sitting on balcony would never book a CP or BW balcony. Would need to keep drapes closed most of time.
  6. When was it cancelled? Still waiting for my FCC for a cruise I cancelled 1/12/21.
  7. Have 4 left in 2021 & another 4 beginning of 2022. Fingers crossed.
  8. I have January 2022 Anthem B2B leaving out of Bayonne, fingers crossed with that one also.
  9. I’m on B2B Oasis in October & have booked specialty restaurants & Coco Cay Beach Club. Not sure though if they will allow B2B so may have to cancel one leg of it. Cancelled my May B2B Oasis already last week.
  10. I agree with you, I definitely don’t consider myself as selfish. Think of it this way - I’m considerate (generous) I’m giving my vaccine to someone who really wants it.
  11. Same here, getting tired of it. Don’t see humor in it also.
  12. Oh no. Then 4 more cruises will be cancelled for 2021. Have B2B January 2022 cruises each 11 nights out of Bayonne hope that’s not in jeopardy now.
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