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  1. Let's face it, the cruising community in general are those who will have priority access to the vaccines. I hope provision will be made to equally supply the less fortunate folks who don't have the same access we have and who have suffered much more in the way of hospitalizations and death from the pandemic.
  2. Not true. Avalon and Viking ships are almost identical in size.
  3. Our first river cruise was on Avalon, next two on Viking. Very little difference between the two lines but we decided Viking was a smidgen better. One small difference, which you may appreciate. Avalon includes complimentary wines at dinner, but Viking at lunch and dinner.
  4. Ephesus was one place I would have loved to stay longer. We were on a tour and it was simply too little time.
  5. Ephesus is an amazing visit. Walking through the ruins was spectacular, especially the library.
  6. My 111 day retirement cruise would also include Jerusalem as well as Prague, Venice, Beijing, Singapore, Kaohsiung, Istanbul, and a whole lot more. Of course, a couple would involve a train ride from the ship.
  7. Those "idiots" aren't just worrying about cruising, they are worried about coronavirus spreading agai, and hospital beds filling up. I trust the CDC a whole lot more than the wannabe experts who are in denial.
  8. Of course we like to cruise. The status level is just the icing on the cake!
  9. Petra is amazing! We were fortunate to go there twice while leading tours of the Holy Land. The Treasury is at the end of a spectacular ride or walk through the Siq Canyon. If you enjoy Indiana Jones, watch the latter part of the "The Last Crusade." Just make sure to "Choose wisely!"
  10. Here's the problem... You get off an airplane and three days later test positive for COVID. That will not be traced back to the flight. We simply don't know the true statistics of COVID caught on an airplane or in an airport.
  11. It's interesting how some cats love a belly rub while others with lash out in self defense.
  12. Olive made our decision easy. She adopted us, hanging out in the backyard and begging for food. Of course, here in NYC she will be strictly a house cat. Too dangerous out there.
  13. Here's a little trick.. They will often have the blue cheese at lunch. Bucky can take a soup bowl, fill it up and have as much as he wants.
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