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  1. So let me guess how many times you give them equal to what they automatically would be paid... My guess............. Never! Try to enjoy your future cruises.
  2. In general, football (soccer) seems to be a favorite sport that is broadcast. I would be surprised if it is not shown onboard.
  3. Some may also remember that there was a time when they gave gifts (e.g. RC note pads) to everyone who attended. That has stopped.
  4. Sorry, but you said, "Wear whatever you feel comfortable in," after saying "some people dressed like slobs." Obviously they were very "comfortable" in their attire.
  5. Disagree... dressing like a "slob" is not acceptable!
  6. Get there 45 minutes before the show starts and sit as close to the front as you can.
  7. My comment... "what was that all about?"
  8. Not sure when and where this photo was taken, but on Navigator a few weeks ago he was two doors down from us in an ordinary balcony cabin.
  9. How can I stop CC from sending an email every time someone posts a response? It's getting annoying!
  10. Looks like 8 of the 13 are on the smallest ships in the fleet where there are fewer suites. What do you think the trend is as only larger ships are being built? It's obvious that RCCL is marketing to suite guests and ignoring the loyalty of D+
  11. You are welcome, from one cat lover to another!
  12. Many have different thoughts about this. We love the lounges because that is where we make new friends. We can sit and socialize all we want. As a matter of fact, as I think about it, just about all of the folks we still correspond with, resulted from meeting in the lounge.
  13. Many, if not most, of the ships in the fleet have already eliminated the Concierge Lounge. When others go into dry dock they are converting them into suite lounges. Sadly, this is another hit to Diamond Plus members. Instead of sharing the CL with Pinnacles, we are now driven to share the overcrowded Diamond Lounges. The rumor for years was that RCCL would ban Diamonds from their lounge and force them to use their 3 free drinks in other venues, but that has not happened.
  14. That's precisely why we try to avoid those who boast and brag in the lounges, pinnacles or otherwise. There is nothing more boring than listening to folks who detail their last ten cruises and then boast about their next ten! When we are in the CL (soon to be extinct), we want to talk to folks who have other interests!
  15. Agreed! Mrs. Yogimax and I have a policy. Even if we are waiting for friends and there are seats open, we will always welcome whoever gets there first. It's a great way to make new friends. My speculation regarding the hogs is that they are likely on multiple back to back cruises or top cruisers and feel entitled to the same seats every day. This is where the concierge should act. if, however, you have a concierge who is basically tied to his computer or kowtows to a select few, you will be out of luck.
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