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  1. Correct, it's now 340. In the past some benefits were at 350 but they simplified it.
  2. Are you saying that sales are different depending on whether you booked directly or through a TA?
  3. Yes, the PR firms and the firms themselves. I cite the example of Novavax (NVAX). At one point, they were putting out reports almost on a daily basis. These glowing reports touting wonderful results and partnerships drove the stock from under $5 to well over $150. Meanwhile the executives and Board of Directors gave themselves stock options. The PR blitz drove the price skyward at which point the execs and BOD sold. FYI, the stock is now down to about $110.
  4. The simple act of wearing a mask (if all complied) could reduce the infection rate by up to 80%).
  5. You have to look at the very small print on the "How Many Guests for Your Room" page... Click on the small print which says...See if you qualify for special rates and offers It worked last night for me, but you should still double check with RCCL or your TA.
  6. Last night, I booked Oasis in March for less than $1400 for a Boardwalk balcony. Not that I'll be taking the cruise. I'll L&S it to 2022.
  7. Just opened one of my Ravenswood Zins last night. We always take them home. Why open a good bottle if you can get complimentary wine in the lounge and DR for dinner? Here's my problem. We're down to our final bottle now. Gotta get back to cruising to restock the shelf!
  8. Yes, of course. The amount of deaths in the country could have also been mitigated with earlier action based on what was known!
  9. Thanks for the info. We don't have Showtime, but we do have Acorn! Love Murdoch Mysteries!
  10. Numbers are human beings who have died. None of these deaths are acceptable. more so the ones that could have been prevented.
  11. Yes, there were multiple videos of unhappy looking people.
  12. I thought the credit card OBC was fully refundable. Guess not!
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