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  1. Yes, excellent point! RCCL could have handled it much better by setting a date for the change six months in the future. That would allow everyone to have knowledge of what to expect and make informed decisions.
  2. J+L, sincere congratulations on reaching Pinnacle. I believe we met on a cruise many years ago in the CL and enjoyed the time together. Good for you! But, what have we lost (suffered)? We were on Anthem (shortened cruise to 5 days). This was our 5th time on the ship. For the first four, we had access to the fabulous CL, with wonderful vistas from the aft of the ship. This time, we were in the DL which was overcrowded, while the CL was "empty." according to the concierge. Our next cruise is on Majesty. What have we lost? The recent elimination of the Happy Hour event altogether in the VCL. It's not just about the drinks. It's about the opportunity to gather with others and make friendships. No, the Schooner bar or VCL bar don't cut it. They are either noisy or empty, not to mention the lack of "little hot dogs." Yes, indeed, we have indeed lost perks.
  3. Can I assume you are now Pinnacle? If so, completely different story as Pinnacles are indeed at the top of the pyramid, the only ones with access to any lounge on the ship and the only ones (along with suite guests) who have suffered no losses.
  4. That's the general booking number for D+ that connects to sales representatives. Not the best place to voice general concerns or complaints.
  5. We have a cruise on Majesty booked for May. I would have cancelled with this new policy, once again taking away benefits from D+ but had already booked airfare. Seriously, does RCCL understand it is losing the support of its best cruisers who often are the best sales people the company has?
  6. We paid approximately $1700 for this cruise and received back about $700. Taxes, fees, port charges were approximately $600 and all we got back was $6. In addition, the future cruise credit was the exactly the same as the refund, and not 50% as advertised.
  7. Huh? No way was this a "free" cruise. They only refunded 50% of the base fare paid, no refund of taxes or fees whatsoever. The windjammer was business as usual, no changes to self service. The dining room was pretty empty but the service great. Shows were pretty empty with the exception of "We Will Rock You," which was only performed twice.
  8. This should answer some questions. From the latest update... "Also, Crown & Anchor Society members…. you’ll receive your loyalty points for the 8-night cruise you purchased, not the shortened cruise. Yeah!"
  9. So, if the ship is virtually empty, will they allow D+ back in the Concierge Lounge. After all, the stated reason was "overcrowding" which will certainly not be the case!
  10. 50%, 62.5 %... the point is simple... it is NOT A FREE CRUISE. We wasted over 3 hours on Friday driving to/from the port and spent over $60 in tolls. One so-called free day hardly compensates for the hassle and lack of information.
  11. No, it's not a free 5 day cruise. We paid roughly $2,000 and now we are paying $1,000 for a 5 night cruise!
  12. No, it's not 50% off. It's a refund of what we have already PAID for the missed days. Sounds much better than it is.
  13. RCCL - Time to hold a press conference and give an HONEST update about all this. We will understand if you are totally honest and explain. The death of the crewmember adds to the urgency. If you continue to delay it will only make natters worse!
  14. True, but don't be naïve. They are also considering how to deal with the PR disaster this has become and will continue to be. In addition, they are working on the bottom line, playing off the potential profit in sailing on Monday as opposed to what might become a public relations nightmare. The plot thickens and each delay indicates that it's not about the itinerary but the consequences.
  15. Begin boarding at 5PM? There would be numerous logistical problems including porters and staffing the terminal. In addition, how do you make plans for dinner service with some cruisers not getting onboard until 9PM? Forget about tonight and start anew tomorrow. Are you in a hotel? If so, I feel your pain. Plain and simple, this has ben a mess.
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