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  1. Agreed! Mrs. Yogimax and I have a policy. Even if we are waiting for friends and there are seats open, we will always welcome whoever gets there first. It's a great way to make new friends. My speculation regarding the hogs is that they are likely on multiple back to back cruises or top cruisers and feel entitled to the same seats every day. This is where the concierge should act. if, however, you have a concierge who is basically tied to his computer or kowtows to a select few, you will be out of luck.
  2. Hmmm.... sunny and hot vs. dark and dreary. Sorry, but I'll go for the sunshine every time, especially during winter. Please check out the deck plans for decks 12 and 4 on Anthem. I think you'll see the CL is about three times as large as the DL.
  3. Huh? "Not a lot of seating" in the CL? Sorry to disagree but it runs the entire width of the deck with plenty of seats by the windows as well as inside. We also went once to the DL and it had maybe 1/4 of the seating of the CL.
  4. As promised, here's an update... YES, the CL (or SL) is still open to Diamond Plus members. This is a relatively large lounge and there was never a problem with seating. It seemed that half of the lounge was filled with Pinnacles, but it was never a problem. The three servers were the best. Mrs. Yogimax especially enjoyed the chocolate martinis. As a side note to those D+ who qualify for the "Meal with an Officer," it was the best lunch we have ever had at one of these... surf and turf with amazing filet mignon and lobster tail! Enjoy! Note to RCCL - Please keep this lounge open to D+
  5. I'm confused. Some sources say there is one... some sources say there is none... Does anyone have a definitive answer? Thanks!
  6. I'm bumping this up since we sail on Friday and hoping the CL is still open to D+
  7. Nope... if we all "get used to it," we will have submitted without a fight. D+ are the backbone of RCCL's revenue. Loyalty matters and we need to speak up to preserve our perks!
  8. Thanks for your feedback. Apparently, the Concierge Club on Vision was also open to D+ a month ago. The change was so recent that the CL sign was still there instead of the new Suite Lounge sign. Tired of seeing so many amenities taken away from D+ while Royal focuses solely on the Suities. (yes, I know that is a made up word!)
  9. Just off Vision where we learned the Concierge Club was no longer available to Diamond Plus. Our next cruise is on Anthem which has an amazing Concierge Lounge. So here's the question. Do Diamond Plus still have access to this lounge or has Royal also taken this amenity away from D+?
  10. So true! Women are still second class citizens. Their pay here in America is roughly 78% of what an equally qualified man would receive. Meanwhile, we have new stories of sexual intimidation and abuse coming out on a regular basis and reaching the very highest levels. These abuses are often covered up and covered over because of issues of money, power and fear. That's why plays like Grease do nothing to solve the problem, but indeed, reinforce it. Sure it's a play set in the 70's, but as you say, the problem still exists and people need to be educated to its potential harm.
  11. My goal was to stimulate thoughtful discussion and am glad to see that many have done just that. Some have disagreed with my position but have explained their reasons logically. Thank you to all who have responded with thoughtfulness!
  12. Not sure about the MDR. We just got off Indy. Giovanni's... no problem whatsoever, but I think they told us "nope" in the MDR.
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