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  1. I don't think the FCC offer was a bad thing. I took it and was able to pay in full a panama canal cruise in late 2021. Yes, it's a gamble if cruising will be happening, but I feel it's a fairly safe bet. Now if the offer would have been FCC for 12 months, I would have certainly taken the cash instead.
  2. There is 0 reason to think that you won't get your refund. The company is solvent and is in no danger of going out of business in the near future. I took the FCC from my cancelled Alaska cruise and did get some random refunds within a few weeks (no clue what they were for). The full refunds will take longer since there are so many of them. Everyone thinks that it's as easy as pushing a button...but they have to go through all of them, remove the default FCC and apply a refund, their systems just aren't designed for that, and we know that NCL's IT department probably isn't good enough to build out a system.
  3. I know. I do like being able to use OBC to pre-purchase things on other lines. I don't miss it as much on NCL since I normally don't have any OBC.
  4. Sorry, NCL's OBC really means OBC.
  5. Not sure what your question is. By default you will get the FCC, hence the email. If you wish to pursue a refund, go online and fill out the refund form during the dates that NCL gave you.
  6. I guess what is the point here? NCL is offering you something that you could use for a future cruise. Per their terms and conditions they could just keep all of your money and send you on your way. You can not like it, but you are also free to spend your money elsewhere. Posting here isn't going to make NCL change their mine. I haven't checked, but are the other major cruise lines offering a "cash" refund after final payment right now?
  7. Nothing recently...the beginning of this thread is 2 years old.
  8. I agree, you don't know what will happen. I'm normally all about the destinations when cruising, and that gets you around to a lot of different ports. Now if you were comparing transatlantics, I would take the Breakaway over the Dawn.
  9. I'd personally do the Dawn, even though it's not my favorite ship. Those are some great ports. I haven't been on the Getaway, but the Dawn is older, it feels a lot more cramped on days where you can't go out on deck. This is one of the ships that the Spinnaker forward lounge was taken out, and it makes a difference....but I don't think the Getaway has one either.
  10. The official stance is that you have to book a cruise before you can request an extension. There are stories where NCL has proactively offered extensions, or reactivated expired certificates. I would assume that will be the case, but you can never count on it unless it actually happens.
  11. I emailed Cruise Next a few weeks ago as I had 2 certs expiring next year, and no time to take a cruise. They stated that once you book a cruise, you can "request" that they extent the certs for up to one year, and have them applied to that cruise. It did work for me, I booked a late 2022 cruise and my travel agent was able to call in and have the certs extended and applied to that cruise.
  12. Yes, you can request to fly in up to 2 days prior. They will charge you $25 per person.
  13. Question is, does your TA have specific cancellation penalties that may possibly override what NCL's are? I have seem some that have them.
  14. The company is doing fine. I'm hoping that your recovery goes well.....and if you decide to cruise in the future you will purchase insurance. All cruise lines have the same policies so you will get pretty much the same experience anywhere. Not to mention, imagine what could have happened if you had a medical issue in a remote country with no insurance.
  15. I suppose people are bored these days not being able to cruise...might as well stir things up here.
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