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  1. Interesting angle Markeb. Numbers can be misleading if you do not consider how you calculate from a starting baseline.
  2. Pushka, you made a good point in that we do not always know the true infection rate of those who contacted the virus so hopefully the mortality rate is less. However less than the common flu...I think not. I have never seen Any, Any, Any.... did I say any common flu get this much attention from the CDC. That was point I was trying to make 😏
  3. However we do know that 4 people have since died who were on the Diamond Princess Japan certainly has very good medical services. There are also many people who have not been released. Is the fatality rate going to be as high as 2 percent of those who contacted the virus on the ship, let’s hope not. However folks keep comparing this virus to the common flu, but it appears to be much much more lethal. panic...no...highly concerned....absolutely. I am not terrified of the common flu at all
  4. not correct. The flu does not kill 2 to 3 percent of those that come down with flu. In fact the flu kills less than .1 percent . This is a very dangerous virus due to the high mortality rate
  5. Gonna retry in April. Just wasn’t impressed with service and menu our first time. Almost to quiet our first time.
  6. Yep. Just show up. You may wait a little while but you will make your lunch (-:
  7. We cancelled when my wife crushed her shoulder 4 days be cruise. We did get reimbursed since we had insurance. No credits
  8. Wow We still plan to sail for 13 days Seattle-Vancouver in route from Honolulu April 20 but....??? RCl and Celebrity truly have their hands full. I can only imagine what is going on at the home office while they are trying to 1. Reroute and schedule cruises 2. Maintain moral of crew and their families on ships as well as their homes 3. Loss of revenue. Stock market says it all 4. Keep things safe These are all things that are almost out of there control We have 8 week till our cruise. I truly feel for you folks that are traveling much sooner and may be out of ports of concern CC is a huge source of information and even though there can be some debate it has been our best place to get updates on changes. Please all keep posting I know there are those loosing $$$ making changes but hopefully things will work out for a safe trip or a far deal from the cruise line. I just hope things do not compromise RCL s ability to do business it’s a great company just babbling now
  9. Yep to all the above. Just enough of everything
  10. Yes. Temporarily but not sure when or where No, not forever
  11. Well that is good to here they start cruising the west coat by mid April. Still, celebrity is loosing lots, lot, lots of revenue from Feb till hey restart in Mid April. That’s quite the responsible move...not sure every company would do
  12. Hey the positive side. We have no insurance for our cruise so we don’t have to sort that problem out.......
  13. We have a cruise on Eclipse this April and do not know what we’re going to do. I am sure Celebrity, will at some point, make the right decision but frankly they don’t know and the CDC does not know, yep yep yep we don’t know. How can the spread slow down now? I do not believe in any conspiracy crap. Sure the governments can be slow at reporting the spread but they also have to be careful and get the information right. I think they are doing there best. I love cruising, my wife says I would give my right arm to cruise this April. Since they likely cannot stop the spread they need and I am sure they are, focus efforts on vaccines and treatment. Just my humble opinions. Like a butt we all have one. (-:
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