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  1. Thank you for the video - looks a very nice room and I would definitely be happy there.
  2. Excellent photo's - thanks for sharing.
  3. There does seem a fair few reports of poor service and food - particularly on Sirena. Lets hope these "unhappy staff" are not expecting any "tips".
  4. Loved the space that the HAL Neptune Suite provides. However, for me, that's where the quality of the "HAL experience" ended. The food and service were poor and not even close to that I experienced on Riviera - but as LHT28 said, "only you can decide".
  5. To someone from the UK it sounds as silly as the rule on tipping someone you have already tipped for a service you have not received - sorry, as they say "just poking the bear".
  6. lol - it is - should always check the spelling before submitting the post
  7. Been on HAL once - loved the Neptune suit, very large balcony, excellent for our Norway trip. However, the food, service and other passengers behaviour was truly awfully - never again.
  8. I was on Riviera in March 2019 for 10 days. My first Oceania experience and while it was not perfect, in my humble opinion, it was pretty close. Certainly, as good as any of my trips with Regent (well maybe not as good as Explorer but that was outstanding). Overall, a great ship, with excellent food and service - definitely no need to be concerned. Hope you have a great cruise.
  9. Stayed at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in March 2019 - free shuttle bus to the airport, leaving every 30mins and only a 10 min ride. Booked via Dayuse.com - excellent service and value, highly recommended.
  10. You are a star - Been waiting for ages for some photo's of the refurbishment - Thank you.
  11. Great post - nice to finally some video of the changes.
  12. If you are planning on doing your own thing, then the simple answer is probably no - but that's just my humble opinion. Some of the others who visited during the same trip probably found it ok. However, the vast majority of the people I spoke too, would not want to repeat the experience.
  13. Would also be very interested in how the ship is looking post-refurbishment - is there any CC members on the current cruise who could enlighten us? It would be most appreciated.
  14. You are right, I do not get it - but with respect, I do not think you do either. While you might think you are in "American Culture" you are not - just look at the flag the ship is flying. Indeed, I have been on numerous cruises where there are more non Americans but you guys still want to carry on as if you are in the USA - that's fine, do as you wish but please do not dictate what others must do. We are not being cheap but merely expect something for our tips. If I book and pay for 5 star service then that's what I expect as the norm - better than that and I am happy to tip. However, the real issue is that staff should be paid a fair wage but while American travellers feel the need to tip no matter what, and often on top of the set gratuities, this will never happen. Take one of the previous posters who had the drinks package (which incudes gratuities) but still tips each server 18% - not because of the good service, but because its the custom. As I said before, it might be your culture but it is not everyone's - and sorry, tips are never mandatory. Think about it, what you are saying is that if the service is extremely poor, you still are going to give a tip - from an English view (well mine anyway) that's crazy.
  15. This is often repeated but is certainly not missed by us non-American travellers. However, while it is American culture, it certainly is not every countries culture. When I am in the USA, I do feel that I should follow the "norm", but with the greatest respect, we non American travellers do not always take kindly to be told that we need to tip because it is American culture when outside the USA - in simple terms, you cannot force the world to be American. Indeed, we must remember that it is not in the majority of the crews countries culture either. As I have said in the "thread", I am happy to tip for good/excellent service and would not remove them for even ok service. However, I would not reward poor service, and while I am happy to raise issues regarding poor service with management, they tend to take more of an interest once you start reducing the gratuities.
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