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  1. We usually cruise over Christmas, and I believe someone with us who asked was told they usually take the decorations down the first home port day after New Years.
  2. Just got my 1st Fairy contact as well. Offer to go from my OV to a balcony...for $625. It was easy to turn down.
  3. I think it depends on the trip too..the ones for our Christmas cruise hasn't sold out at all yet, it opened in February, while it seems like some cruises people say it sells out immediately. Keep watching, you'll also see a lot of people say they find theirs randomly in the middle of the night, or super early in the morning.
  4. I don't cut any winter flight that close, usually they have been ok, but we have had delays due to storms. I would also go in a day early.
  5. We are also going to be on the Ecstasy for Christmas this year. Hopefully the dry dock gets her spruced up.
  6. Thank you, I think I'm looking at JAX and the Ecstasy right now. And I did not know the Fantasy class did not have the Family Harbor, that's helpful. And while I'm not wedded to Carnival, I think for this group and it being everyone's first time, the Carnival atmosphere and Fantasy class ship size will be perfect. They're all already being nervous and worried that they won't be "up to par" with the other people on the cruise. No matter what I've said or the videos I've sent them, they seem to have visions of raised pinkys, and formal wear every night! I will be calling a TA (or 4) today, and seeing what I can come up with.
  7. Thank you, that's a cool idea about checking out the videos. We will all be coming from Washington state to Florida for departure. (Of course, they all want to fly into Orlando, and go to Daytona Beach for a day or two) And when I invited them all, I gave them all the info I could think of on what they would be responsible for, and what they could choose to add extra (such as Cheers or specialty restaurants) as well as making a big group chat so everyone could ask questions and I can keep them updated.
  8. The only things they are responsible for is their flight cost and their spending money. I have invited them on this cruise under those conditions. I'm handling the booking, they're handling the showing up. But thank you for the advice to use a TA! After much more reading, it seems to be the way to go.
  9. I have been put in charge of booking for a group for 12/2020, since I am the only one who has ever cruised before. So I have some questions and could use some advice from people with experience booking groups. They would prefer to go to the Bahamas, so that's a consideration in picking a ship/itinerary. Should I use a TA or PVP, right now I don't have either. I've heard you can get better perks using a TA, then again I've heard a PVP is better if issues arise. We will need at least 4 cabins, with 2 adults in each and three of the cabins will also have a child in them. If I go with Family Harbor, can the childless cabin be in there too? And we may be adding more people and cabins. (I am clueless about Family Harbor, it was recommended by a friend) I was planning on mixing the adults around a bit for the Cheers program, we have 4 drinkers, and 4 non-drinkers, or will that be too much hassle to get that many extra room keys? And finally, I prefer the Fantasy class ships, as I like the size and ease of getting around. The people who are going with us, while they are hard-working, family people, they are also pretty hardcore bikers. This will be the most exotic vacation any of them will have ever had, and I want to make sure they have a fun time. Should I stick to Fantasy class, or go with something else? Most of their dining will probably not be in the MDR after I told them there is a bit of a dress code, and they will appreciate a bit more of the "party" atmosphere, sitting on deck with beers, listening to music, and people watching. I don't see the need for much in the way of a bunch of specialty restaurants, either. Maybe one night as a group. Any advice appreciated, I just want to give them all the best time ever.
  10. It's funny, the FTTF for our Christmas cruise has not yet sold out. It's been open since February. Still says more than 10 left. Seems like some go quicker than others, I guess.
  11. Average daytime temps in December are around 80 degrees, with evenings around 65. December through April is their busiest time of year, so I should think it would be ok.
  12. I'm more worried about the color puce. Shifty color with a weird name.
  13. I have always cruised the week before Christmas or the week of. If you sail the week before, the ship will be decorated and it does seem to be less crowded than the week of, as it always seems to be lots of people local to the port who are using it as a getaway before the big holiday. There seems to be less kids, as the families usually cruise the week of or after depending on how Christmas break falls, and the week of Christmas you see a lot more big family groups using it as a big Christmas celebration.
  14. I specifically bought it this time because I am taking 3 first timers with me and there is a tender port. I want to make sure they get all the time in they can, so it was worth the extra. Usually I get it if I happen to see it, but I don't stalk it waiting for one to open up. I'm surprised it hasn't sold out yet for our cruise over Christmas, usually goes pretty quickly.
  15. For a 1/2", I would think he should be fine. Just don't catch their attention. Just tell him to stand up straight and proud, and I bet he'll have that half inch of height.
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