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  1. My spouse and I went on a Disney cruise several years ago. It was a lot of fun, and we were travelling with friends who had kids. The biggest drawback for us was the schedule. We like to stay up late and sleep in when we're on vacation. They closed the buffet at 10:30am to reset for lunch and had no food options for late risers other than floppy pizza and tasteless burgers. The bars also closed early. It may have been midnight, but it felt like 10pm. The drinks in the Cadillac bar however, were amazing! Our bartender was fantastic. It was pricey, so we generally pick other cruise lines that mesh better with our schedule. I'm not saying I wouldn't try again though.
  2. The dresses are pretty cute. I also like the blue stripe T-shirt & pants. I'm looking forward to seeing better pictures of the entire line of uniforms.
  3. I'm sorry your friend had that experience. It's a shame that Royal Caribbean doesn't have a way to accommodate the names people want to use. I recommend writing a letter and seeing what kind of response you get. Hopefully they will make changes for future cruises.
  4. I'm not a fan of bitter (aka hoppy) beers. I like it when the hops used give it a good floral flavor. I'm curious why they didn't just go with a red. Although I'm guessing it's because the CA style heavy on the hops beer is currently the thing.
  5. It all looks like a proper spa to me. All the spa pictures I see show various little tubs and pools. How do you know one of them doesn't include jets?
  6. Why on earth would you expect prices beneath land-based operations? I would expect them to be the same as a big city, like they are on most other cruise lines.
  7. Sounds lovely. If only I were ready to shell out the bucks for a suite.
  8. I was more interested with Cuba on the itinerary. I am however, still very interested, but at this point I want to wait until they have a second ship. I'm hoping the prices will come down and they'll have some longer itineraries.
  9. I'm definitely interested in seeing where this goes. However, since I wanted to cruise with Virgin because they're different, the end of Cuba cruises is not a deal breaker. It's just very disappointing.
  10. It does not contain personal information. It contains a code, or a registration number, if you prefer. When you approach a reader on the ship, the reader connects that number with the file in the database. So on land, far from any readers connected to the company's database; no one will know anything about you, even if they read the code off the device.
  11. I'm excited by it. I think the scholarship is a great opportunity for young women.
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