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  1. Bit of a flashback but dont think anyone came back to you on this. By tag I am thinking you mean to do something to draw their attention to the post Easy way is to quote one of their previous posts and delete what is not relevant, as I did here, Otherwise you can use @ followed by the screen name as in @Ombud as you type the name a list will dropdown and when you see the one you want you click on it in the list. It will highlight in blue in the post and will send an email to the member mentioned. This is useful if the person does not "follow" the thread you are in. Example -you might be following a Roll Call thread and you might see something that might interest someone you have cruised with before. AS you cannot send a PM you can draw their attention to the item using the @ name thing. You can try it on me if you like its a good one as there are lots beginning with aula and we are at the bottom but as you type the name the others drop off the list. HTH
  2. @Heartfelttraveler I second that query If it is charged as "Princess" then you can dispute the payment. If charged as "Your Agent" you may have a problem as any cash refund will normally go to them so you cant let them Dump you!. Maybe to add another perspective Princess have been saying for months that they are doing refunds by SAIL date so it is maybe surprising they have made any refunds already, for an October sailing. They are still working on March April May . . . . I understand there is a chat line on the PC US site - you could try that. Also if there is an original roll call for your sailing ask in that how others are doing for refunds. You may not be alone.
  3. Are you checking what other have got who were on your cruise. I think it may be in this roll call which covers your as the second part of a btb https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2557460-coral-princess-roll-call-march-5-2020/page/152/
  4. I have seen a few posts on here where that has been mentioned. I think it was also in one of the webinars. I believe it takes around a week to change the date and get it applied.
  5. Something doesnt quite add up here - that would be a 1000 refunds in TOTAL!?
  6. Thanks Steve - didnt expect a quick reply and its not like we will be going anywhere soon! Princess dont offer PVP to UK passengers - they suggest Holiday Extras ( who have been pretty poor in handling queries and refunds) It is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered in the UK by Allianz Global Assistance. The cover they provide is So £5M for medical. If I understand you correctly you are saying that as there is no NHS as such ,in the US people have to buy Medical /healthcare insurance and that will maybe cover whilst out of the US on a cruise. ( Or at least be available as an add on) ? Consequently the US Travel insurance policies do not need to have Millions for the Medical section but are more for the cruise add ons - Missed port Cabin , Cancellation ( by passenger) , lost luggage , delays , lost passport and so on. Of course that may not be what you are saying at all . I will try reading more of the posts on CC re Insurance to try and gain a bigger picture. Many travel insurances in the UK also have a " Cruise add on for those extras" which would be added on to a "Standard"Travel Insurance policy for a land tour or air & hotel package which would also have the medical cover in the £Ms.
  7. I think that will be a first of you do! Please post if they do then we can applaud you on that achievement 😉
  8. No sadly there is not. You can check in your Captains circle account to see if any FCCs have been received. ( I assume you will get some in addition to your cash which will come via your TA) If your next cruise isnt fully paid they may apply the FCC to that. Your TA should have all the figures but probably wont know any more as to dates. It is probably a bit early as I think they were at least trying to keep to sail date and at least 60 days after that I dont think they are giving any priority to NA clients the slight advantage they might have is that they have a freephone number and a chatline on the website. If you havent already see if there is a roll call for your sailing and maybe people are posting in that, if not you post something asking how others are getting on. We were in the same position as you though we were on a cruise that was cancelled which made it more difficult for them to sort out. Our TA was the one that sounds like an ice house and our contact was excellent. Working from home with odd days in the office answered most things we asked within a day or two. I think the people at Princess were doing more than just princess so maybe did Carnival and maybe P&O . Other maybe doing Cunard & HAL - think they are all in the same place in S'hampton. I would give them until 60 days after sailing then start asking if they are working on it - a good opening might be you are wanting to confirm that they have your correct choice, as many have reported they asked for cash and got Fccs and visa versa.
  9. Hooray! , I thought you were going for the 150 day club membership.
  10. Thank you @klfrodo I had not seen the thread you linked to. It seems to pretty much answer my query unless there are other replies suggesting why the UK have quotes in £Ms I did read some articles on repatriation and medical fees and didnt find anything anywhere near the figures, hence the question when I saw the PVP details. Not that we can use it - on the Princess site it suggests a UK Insurance which has figures similar to the ones I posted. I am thinking I might query some of the UK insurers to ask why they think £15m might be required. Our annual policy was a May renewal so as we had nothing booked I didnt renew it so have more time than usual to look a bit more deeply. Until now we have always had 3 maybe 4 cruises booked forward so it has always been easier to just renew.
  11. @iamtrustworthy Hi Steve I find cruise insurance a minefield we are over 70 and have previous and in the UK we have different policies Euro world Ex US & CAN and Worldwide I know you did a recent Q&A session relating to Insurance In the US only but wondered if you you could give a brief opinion on what seems to me to be a bit of an anomaly between the US & Uk on the amount for Medical Emergency & Repatriation. The Princess PVP policy has the following showing as cover for Accident Medical/Sickness Medical Reimbursement if you get sick or hurt on your tripUp to $10,000 each Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation Coverage if you need emergency medical transportation (or shipment of remains in the event of death during the trip) $25,000 Underwritten by Nationwide. I have been looking at policies in the UK and the policies have coverage in a great excess to these figures. examples Classic Cruise Deluxe Cruise Cancellation and cutting your holiday short £6,000 £10,000 Medical emergency and repatriation £10 million Unlimited Basic Comprehensive Medical emergencies and repatriation Up to £5 million Unlimited Cancellation Up to £500 Up to £5,000 Bronze Included£10,000,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover IncludedUp to £10,000 for personal accident cover Silver Included£10,000,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover IncludedUp to £20,000 for personal accident cover Gold Included£15,000,000 emergency medical and repatriation cover IncludedUp to £30,000 for personal accident cover Have you any experience of actual repatriation costs are these nearer to $25000 or £15,000,000 TIA
  12. I haven't heard of anyone getting an email re FCCs I suggest ONLY those who HAVE received an email advising post else we are going to have pages and pages and pages advising non receipt. 🙂
  13. Haha changed the picture as I thought it might not be appreciated by a Canadian 😉 Still we now have two colorful pages.
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