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  1. Hi @Linda from London I think you meant to or need to post this in the Roll call for your cruise which I believe is here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2775639-regal-princess-september-9th-southampton-belfast-and-liverpool/page/9/ Enjoy it.
  2. It would be useful if you were to say where you were cruising from and maybe which line you were using and route NY to Southampton will usually be different than Rio to Southampton. Weather is always unpredictable a recent cruise from California set sail to Alaska -55 degF and gales! so no fight for sunbeds 😉 If there is a roll call for your cruise maybe ask in there - some peole do TAs over and over again.
  3. I think that it was updated yesterday?? ( supposedly) Hmm the Princess section says that is their GLOBAL rule and the article they say that covers UK sailings doesnt really clarify anything . ' Who Needs to Be Vaccinated: All passengers, regardless of age. Acceptable Vaccines: Princess will only accept passengers vaccinated fully with either Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Mixed doses are not currently accepted, unless the mixed doses are both mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna). This applies to global sailings. Doses mixed with AstraZeneca are considered unvaccinated.
  4. Aulanis


    Sadly it is a problem for all. On top of that I believe that whatever policy you buy or when you buy it Covid and any other pandemic related claims will not be covered. Before covid it was considered an unexpected event so some claims were valid ( a lot it seemed were not, the insurance cos got off pretty light even tried to not pay business disruption claims as although it was an unexpected event the policy did not say it was covered!!! ) That means that even if .gov say you can cruise airlines & rail say you can travel if 11 months on there is a new covid strain outbreak and your trip falls apart I dont think the insurance will cover anything. One way perhaps to look at it might be to not give up cruises but just to cruise a bit less. A Cruise costs maybe £100 -£200 per person per day so a 5 day cruise for 2 costs £2000. Cruise 5 days less and it would pay your insurance for any number of cruises for 360 days a year for 2 years. I would like to see some figures for what the insurance companies pay out for medical and repatriation claims £10m always seems a lot of cover. You also hear some terrible stories, one where somone tripped and broke their hip in Italy and the ins co insisted that they took ambulances home to the uk which took 3 or 4 days. As a note if anyone has/had an EHIC you should get it replaced with a GHIC https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/healthcare-abroad/apply-for-a-free-uk-global-health-insurance-card-ghic/
  5. Really ,what we really need is to be aligned with the US system of being able to cancel cruises without losing deposits. I have been unable to get a convincing reason why we are not. I get several emails a day selling cruises, imo shouldnt be allowed until gov say we can go on one. -Yes I know I can stop them.;)
  6. Dont think I would risk it and would certainly not go off info posted on a public forum. Not sure where I would ask- TA if using one ? -airline?
  7. I think this may be a bit off topic for this forum as it is cruise related 😉 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57482017 But is fairly interesting. I like the bit where writer says they dont think the lines will be able to live up to their adverts. I dont know that I ever thought they did? Bit about fines in the US for lines asking if you have had a Jab - I think most going on a cruise would want that reassurance.
  8. They are shambolic - cant even follow the CLIA rules - Passenger Bill of Rights "The right to have included on each cruise line’s website a toll-free phone line that can be used for questions or information concerning any aspect of shipboard operations." The 0203 number they quote is not toll-free! If you have access to F*c$ Boo& maybe try on there - most business dont like complaints or problems aired on that media. Also maybe check your account details (if you can get that far in) P&O went weeks/ months with an "unknown" problem and it turned out they changed something and "lost" date of birth on the system which prevented full access.
  9. Its the old Regal Princess: Regal Princess (1991–2007) Pacific Dawn (2007–2020) Satoshi (2020–2021) Ambience (2021–present) Owner: Princess Cruises (1992–2003) Carnival Corporation (2003–2020) Ocean Builders (2020–2021) Ambassador Cruise Line (2021–present)
  10. Hope you all got home safely .... I have finished the itinerary index for our trip which can be found in my signature at the moment. However I am going to try and insert it here. The place names are links to the first post in that place in this thread. The number is the number of the first post. This will enable people to pick out places they may wish to revisit without wading through the entire thread. Hope it works if not I will have to re think it. Of course you have to know its at the end of the thread in order to find it LOL. I will also leave the list in my spreadsheets until I need the space. Feb arr 10 Southampton post1 11 Guernsey 37 12 Corunna 67 13 Lisbon 98 14 Cadiz 118 15 Barcelona 139 16 Villefranche 156 17 Livorno 183 18 Citiavecchia 206 19 Messina 226 20 Corfu 244 21 Venice 256 22 Dubrovnic 296 23 Santorini 320 24 Athens 337 25 Istanbul 349 26 Kusadasi 368 27 Rhodes 382 28 Cairo 395 Mar 1 Valletta 417 2 Naples 434 3 Ajaccio 455 4 Valencia 479 5 Gibraltar 490 6 Madeira 512 7 Barbados 531 8 Antigua 555 9 Tortola 577 10 St Kitts 598 11 St Lucia 620 12 Grenada 638 13 Curacao 653 Arr Mar 14 Cartagena Col. 688 Mar 15 Panama Canal 683 Mar 16 Punta Arenas 699 Mar 17 Huatulco 711 Mar 18 Cabo San Lucas 717 Mar19 San Diego 730 Mar 20 San Francisco 732 Mar 21 Vancouver 741 Mar 22 Juneau 758 Mar 23 Skagway 775 Mar 24 Glaciers 792 Mar 25 Sitka 803 Mar 26 LA 809 Mar 27 Hawaii 818 Mar 28 Equator 826 Mar 29 BoraBora& Papeete 833 Mar 30 Napier NZ 842 Mar 31 Wellington 846 Apr 01 Christchurch/Akaroa 852 Apr 02 Dunedin 860 Apr 03 Fiordland 869 Apr 04 Sidney 883 Apr 05 Brisbane 893 Apr 06 Cairns & Darwin 915 Apr 07 Bali & areas north 921 Apr 08 Hong Kong 931 Apr 09 Singapore 941 Apr 10 Sri Lanka 945 Apr 11 Cochin 950 Apr 12 Goa 957 Apr 13 Mumbai 960 Apr 14 Dubai 965 Apr 15 Oman 975 Apr 16 Aqaba 988 Apr 17 Suez 1003 Apr 18 Israel 1007 Apr 19 Crete 1015 Apr 20 North Africa 1019 Apr 21 Azores 1031 Apr 22 Iceland 1039 Apr 23 Norway North 1049 Apr24 Norway Fiords 1056 Apr 25 South & Oslo 1069 Apr 26 Stockholm 1084 Apr 27 Helsinki 1090 Apr 28 St Petersburg 1103 Apr 29 Tallinn 1126 Apr 30 Baltic S Coast 1137 May 1 Copenhagen 1151 May 2 Amsterdam 1164 May 3 Zeebrugge 1178 May 4 UK E Coast & 1191 May 5 Scotland & Eire 1191 May6 W & S England 1204 May7 Southampton It has gone straggly?? in places but the links appear to work. Will not try to amend it in case it messes up more.
  11. Ha ha - I have some pictures of Zebrugge stayed in Bruge on a land tour many moons ago so had to see what Zeebrugge had to offer. Answer - not a lot- though plenty of beach. There is now even less as the Submarine has been scrapped. Thank you bee-ess for contributing to this, your pictures have been wonderful. We have not really cruised the uk either nor have we visited much by land. Often find on cruises Americans have been to more places in uk than we have. Will look in at the pics though no chance of us doing a seacation. Still the show that evening was very good.
  12. Yes, I think I said before Rhodes is one of the places we were looking to get to, last/this year having watched this a cruise visit isnt going to be enough. We are now following it Ancient asia civilisations , serengeti ,teotihuacan's lost kings. Dont know how we are going to get anything done!!
  13. I have stayed logged in all this time to the 2 tabs I left open. At night I "hibernate" my laptop and the tabs just open next day - no logging in. Having said that although logged in on those tabs I had to log in again to get on here. That could be due to moving from cc.co.uk to cc.com - I believe it is always like that.
  14. If anyone is interested in Greece we are currently watching PBS America on freeview 84 As nothing ?else was on we stumbled upon this- started at 1 35 THis is Greece 2-40 athens 3.55 the peloponnese 500 the cycladic islands 6-15 rhodes We will certainly be looking at this for future viewing
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