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  1. @CC Help Jenn Are you saying that the problem is" they" just dont want to fix it for some reason- The ONLY problem I see is that the security certificate is out of date/ expired. As I said I have allowed clocks.cruisecritic to open the clocks as I am prepared to take the risk that the site is otherwise secure. I am not aware that it holds any of my information other than the detail fo the next cruise.. Apparently it would cost around US$5 to renew the certificate for 2 years. Just think how many people you would make happy for $5 These are Jims clocks from a few posts up
  2. when in the roll call on the top right of the page it should say something like follow or following. If it says follow then you need to click on that and follow it through. It used to be that if you posted in some post it would auto follow but that has changed recently.
  3. I suggest you search google "whatsinport oslo" also try and find the port authority - they usually have a ship schedule that will indicate which berth your ship is using. HTH
  4. I think it is $5 or so for a 2 year certificate. Cant buy a hat to pass round for that. LOL I am thinking of emailing the website hostmaster to see if they can do anything. The contact on "Whois" seems to be someone at tripadvisor.
  5. I am not familiar with win10 nor apple products - I have tried with IE on Win7 and it appears to work. So, here is the code for your clock https://clocks.cruisecritic.com/countdown.pl?image=Beach-2&name=Stickman1990&date=5-8-2019&text=Hong Kong to Tokyo - 17 days&ship=Crystal Symphony Copy that and post it into a new tab in the browser on IE on win10 and see if you get the certificate message. Click where it says something like "open this (not recommended) and you will (hopefully see your clock) Then go back into this thread and refresh the page and see if your and others clocks appear. I dont know if the "fix" will last if you close the browser - I suspect not. I have so many pages open at once I usually use "Sleep" and the fix still works when I resume. @FLACRUISER99 Think you had it working in edge - perhaps you can give stickman a few clues?
  6. I can see all stickmans clocks - there is no need for him to re create them. @StickMan what browser are you using and what are you working on - Phone Tablet Laptop etc and what OS Mac Windows Android etc.
  7. Yes I tried your way - find the coded link for a clock in your signature right click and select view image then follow through the change security. Dont remember ever seeing them count down "real time" - they just update each time you view, or if you refresh the page.
  8. Well done - once you have applied the fix it should work for all the CC clocks. You dont have to fix it each time. I havent worked through it fully but it might loose the fix if firefox is updated. Still easy enough to do it again. Hopefully CC or the website people at tripadviser will pay the $5 and get the certificate extended. 🙂
  9. Ok First you need to get the link to a clock - you can use mine- https://clocks.cruisecritic.com/countdown.pl?image=vfin&name=Aulanis&date=06-22-2019&text=Baltic Cities-14Days&ship=Marella Explorer Copy the link and post it into your browser ( firefox) click the arrow at the end The browser searches for the website where the picture is held and it should come up with a warning message. . Click on "advanced" (once only) and scroll down. Click on Accept the risk and continue. That works for me. Go back into CC and refresh the page and you should see the clocks.
  10. Just posting to keep the 2 threads together - I see both clocks - the CC one and the one at Natix.net which along with the other Natix ones seems to be just a picture not counting down.
  11. The pics are being blocked by your security - I use firefox and I can tell it overide the security and allow the pics.(clocks) Ghandolph posted just before you did so I just mentioned I could see him on his clock being on Explorer of the seas. Our rivercruise was not mainly germans many canadians and we dont recall a Russian/Ukrainian host. Although nothing like an ocean cruise we enjoyed it a lot. Think the ships may be a bit better now though Viking stopped going for a few years. If you use firefox as a browser I may be able to tell you how to see the clocks I dont know how to do it on other browsers.
  12. There is a larger thread perhaps 5 posts down from this one - There is currently a problem that Jenn is looking into I can see the clocks Minya yours are Queen Vic and Magellan. Ghandalph explorer OTS
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