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  1. Hi - Does the letter say where you have to go, is there a list, or if you have the letter can you book anywhere?
  2. Anyone seen anything from or asked Princess about private excursions or just being able to get off a ship other than on a "ship trip" I appreciate that a lot depends on what the & CLIA say and what the ports visited say but I find Princess are pretty poor at telling us what is going on. We only book based on destinations and like to do our own thing. Even prior to Covid found ship trips to be expensive and restrictive. MSC during their early cruise efforts did address this a bit by selling a parcel of 3 trips for (I think) €99, which although may have been
  3. As it was Kent where the new variant started I guess they would maybe throw more resources at it to try and slow it down in the area it was spreading fastest.
  4. @lindalulabel OK you need to take a careful look at the Cunard website. I dont like the way they say "on hold" "extended its pause" to me it looks like your cruise is cancelled 😞 see here https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories?otprrf=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F If you read down that after Palethorpe it says how does it affect me ....... And there is also Questions & answers. If you booked through a TA you may need to go via them. You need to decide if you want FCCs Future cruise credit 1
  5. Sounds an excellent package for these times - not a lot of ports to worry about. We choose a cruise based on destination and like to make our own arrangements for tours and there is not a lot of known facts on that though "bubble" tours seem the current plan. If that is the case we may have to put Greenland on hold for a while. Hope it works out for you, more and more vaccine outlets seem to be coming on line Pharmacies and Large Stores. We live 3 minutes walk from the hospital - maybe at some point they will have a list for locals to get the jab at short not
  6. As I understand it The CDC rules are currently only up to 4 Nov 21 so expect no-one knows had it been before 4 Nov 21 and the QM2 leg is more than 7 days it would not (as it stands now) be allowed. Similarly if the Anthem leg is more than 7 days that would not be allowed. Are these both TAs? Yes that was why I asked @lindalulabel for Ship & Date
  7. We live across the road from Preston hospital 3 minutes walk - our docs surgery is maybe 10 minutes walk unfortunately they are in a group centre of which is 2 miles away - bus say 15 minutes. They dont have facilities for -80 deg storage so have teamed up with other surgeries/centres 4/5 miles away 2 bus rides 45 minutes nearest new big centre is Blackburn Cathedral 10miles 2 buses and the even bigger centre Manchester 35 miles 1.5hours . I know its not a big deal but what chance of getting in at the hospital. I believe that already they have
  8. Dont understand the question - the CDC rule affects ships only to and from US ports. Any ships Any line.
  9. Which ship what date would be useful Voyages departing onboard the Queen Mary 2 up to and including May 28, 2021 and onboard the Queen Elizabeth up to and including June 4, 2021 are now cancelled. Departures on the Queen Victoria remain unaffected and are scheduled to resume May 17, 2021.
  10. We book any line solely on destinations, normally inside cabins as we only sleep there. Once we got spoiled ; booked an inside on Oceania and got upgraded to balcony which had a full bathroom. We only booked as it was one of the very few ways to get to Easter Island and we were really lucky as we were able to get ashore for both days we were there. Often they cant get ashore at all and many lines only do a sailpast. There were quite a few who hadnt booked a shore excursion and its some way to see the sites so the captain did a sailpast as well and I
  11. Hey up riffraff - stumbled across this thought it was going to be a joke but the OP and some responders are being serious. But I had a good laugh. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2769371-does-anyone-else-find-the-tone-of-other-forums-puts-them-off-sailing-on-those-lines/?tab=comments#comment-60687829 Mental note for self - do not stray into threads on cruises you would maybe not want to afford. EDIT actually I suppose they maybe right - would put me off a chrystal cruise if I could spell it
  12. Doesnt sound right to me - what happens to the FCD OBC have you lost that?
  13. I think the problem may be that when they do the calculation they take the port taxes first and anything you pay above that is off the Cruise total. The FCD probably doesnt come into the calculation as they just refund that as suggested above. So you paid cash 1757.70 of which 195 is taken as tax. ........................................195.00 so paid 15 62 70 off the cruise they then calC 25% OF that ie 390.68 Doesnt quite work out but maybe there is some small thing not mentioned You shou
  14. Do you mean FCC or is that for FCD My understanding is that FCCs just expire if not used by the end date, FCDs the "cash" element is returned to where it was paid from the OBC element is lost. However I have read of some exceptions to this basic rule if it was used for a cruise that was later cancelled.
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