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  1. There are at least 4 separate "traveling" walls and many replicas throughout the country. Most are around 1/2 size but there's one permanent structure in Utah that is 80%, as is one of the traveling walls.
  2. Became a shellback on the USS Pharris (FF1094) back in '77. Pretty typical for those days - King Neptune's court, garbage chute, truth serum, doused with fire hoses, raw knees from crawling on the non-skid, and of course the darling Royal Baby. Nothing compared to my Chief initiation though. Heard they've significantly toned down both now-a-days. Also a Blue Nose, but we didn't have any type of initiation. Just remember very rough, freezing seas.
  3. Definitely more extravagant than the old canvas racks we had on the Newport News. But still 100 times better than sleeping in the mud like some of those poor ground pounders.
  4. While you're doing that keep you eye out for the mail buoy, and grab an A.S.H. holder.
  5. Also a Lone Sailor Award Recipient. Believe he was in the Navy during WW2 as a Gunner Mate 1st Class. Quit a man, as they all were.
  6. Have you seen Blind Man's Bluff - History Channel Documentary? Might be up your alley. Discusses the types of missions you may have been on.
  7. That's why we're called spooks.....🕵️‍♂️
  8. Spent time on your sister ship USS Pharris (FF 1094)
  9. U.S. Navy Cryptologic Technician 1973 - 1995. Been there, done that, got the tee shirts to prove it ⛴️🌎.
  10. Same here - called RCI and they moved the redeemed points ($400 OBC) to my Oct 20 cruise.
  11. During this crisis being laid off may actually be better for those in the service industry where they depend on tips or commissions as a primary component of their compensation. Even if the company keeps them on the payroll they may lose a significant part of their income. By being laid off they are eligible for unemployment benefits which takes total taxable income into consideration. As such, they MAY actually take in more $$ unemployed then if they received only their 'base' hourly wage. That said, it of course assumes they weren't receiving benefits such as medical insurance, but sadly most in the service industry don't receive such benefits.
  12. Travel Insured is offering refunds or voucher for future trip insurance. We just requested a voucher for our Oct Harmony cruise.
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