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  1. Just to further confuse things, here is a quote from Twangster's most excellent photo review of Navigator Amplified in Photos from March: Perhaps a hint of the way things will be... dp Here is a link to the entire review:
  2. Solarium is also a nice spot as the bridge wings are likely to be full if you are not there way early. But we were in early march so Outside was quite cool, in the summer, the North Star bar is probably a Nice spot. dp
  3. Best of luck to you, but for the first time we booked an Interior so we need this upgrade to a balcony more than you πŸ˜‰ Actually, we are fine either way as our last cruises, we spent so little time in our room that we figured we would put the difference on bev packages and excursions πŸ™‚ dp
  4. Congrats. I also cruise on 8/11 but 12 night Baltic... I am still waiting for a response 🀞 Sold Out cruise so I'm not holding my breath. dp
  5. Experimenting with G&Ts and Old Fashioneds... I believe we would get along great on a cruise πŸ˜‰ πŸ₯ƒ All hail the Drink packages πŸ˜‰ Domain de Canton also a rare find around here. I have usually been lucky to find at least one bartender on every cruise that is good at making the classics and also willing to "Bend" the recipes. A few $$ cash tips here and there also helps. I'll be on Brilliance for 12 nights in less than month, I'll surely have time to find one there. dp
  6. We only discovered ST-Germain a few years ago... It's been a staple in our bar ever since. Asides from a great addition to a G&T, my wife also loves an Elderflower Spritz. I like ApΓ©rol Spritz, but my wife prefers it with St-Germain. dp
  7. I would not assume that. Royal has already proven that their tolerance for ineptitude and incompetence is formidable. Especially in their IT dept. dp
  8. Thanks for confirming. Glad to here they are still offering "Value Added" coffees πŸ˜‰ dp
  9. On our Anthem cruise, La Patisserie even kept a few of the coffee favorite mixers on hand so you did not have to find a bar to add it... Stuff like Bailey's, Kahlua, Tia Maria and the like. Not sure if they still do. dp
  10. Maybe not 100% identical, but for me, they would be similar enough to make preliminary plans. dp
  11. I suppose moving CATS to the Aquatheatre is out of the question then? 😁 Also ALW would probably not approve... dp
  12. Congrats on your 20th. We are doing a Baltic next month for our 25th. Consider the time of year you wish to cruise. Our original plan was to do a Mediterranean, but we were advised against this if we wanted to cruise in August. Very hot and extremely busy at that time of year. So we decided on a Baltic. It is 12 nights with 6 ports. Several port days are separated by a Sea day. This should make it a much more relaxing cruise than a Mediterranean. We will look at a Mediterranean later-on when my wife can get time off in May or October. dp
  13. Q: Do the prices for the drink packages change for the entire fleet at the same time or is each cruise priced individually and has lower prices at different times? A: Short answer is: All of the above πŸ˜‰ Q: Maybe there is a website or Twitter account which sends out alerts when prices go down? A: Royal does send out emails to advise you that there is a sale. One week they will tell you that drink packages are 25% Off, then when that sale is over, they will say there is an even better sale of Buy one get one Half off...😡 The pricing is somewhat unpredictable but their sales rhetoric is TOTALLY predictable πŸ˜‰ dp
  14. Interesting... I hope you find out why that is. Best of luck for your cruise anyway πŸ™‚ I would be so interested to join up on that Cayamo Cruise or a Blues Cruise, but my wife being in schools, never had the opportunity to take the time off when these types of cruises generally happen. But now she just got a School district position and can take time when she wants so we will take a closer look for the next seasons 😁 dp
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